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Lane Auditioned For Mother-in-law's Movie

5th September 2006

DIANE LANE once auditioned for a part in the film YENTL - which would have seen her kissing with her future mother-in-law BARBRA STREISAND. The UNFAITHFUL star auditioned for the part in 1983, with husband...

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Lane Loves Shorn Locks

4th September 2006

DIANE LANE has no regrets about chopping off her hair on live television and insists she loves her sleek new look. The UNFAITHFUL star cut her hair earlier this summer (06) live on US morning...

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Lane Refused To Dine With Affleck

17th August 2006

DIANE LANE kept her distance from BEN AFFLECK offscreen when the pair played lovers in new movie HOLLYWOODLAND, because she didn't want to be linked romantically to the actor. The UNFAITHFUL star feared that even...

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Lane Lops Off Locks For Charity

13th July 2006

UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN star DIANE LANE chopped off all of her hair on live TV Thursday (13JUL06) to help make a wig for a women's cancer charity. The star was supporting the Pantene Beautiful...

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Lane Goes For The Chop To Help Cancer Victims

17th March 2006

Actress DIANE LANE is set for a severe shearing after agreeing to have her long locks cut off to help cancer sufferers. The UNFAITHFUL star will have her hair chopped off on live TV in...

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Fascinating Fact 1081

25th February 2006

UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN star DIANE LANE will cut her hair on live TV in July (06) on the Today Show to help cancer patients. The actress is the spokesperson for Beautiful Lengths, an organisation...

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Affleck's Superman Film Renamed After Studio Clash

14th February 2006

BEN AFFLECK's forthcoming film on the death of TV SUPERMAN actor GEORGE REEVES has been renamed, following legal threats by the producer of the Superman movies. Affleck plays late actor Reeves in the TRUTH,...

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Stallone Picks Stone As Hottest Woman

9th January 2006

SYLVESTER STALLONE has named SHARON STONE as the sexiest over-40 celebrity in a poll featured in the latest issue of his health and fitness magazine Sly. Stallone's THE SPECIALIST co-star beat Aussie supermodel...

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Lipnicki Returns In Jetsons Movie

7th January 2006

Former child star JONATHAN LIPNICKI is making his movie comeback in the upcoming THE JETSONS film. The JERRY MAGUIRE star, 15, has signed on to play ELROY in the live-action version of the space...

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Stars Come Out For Peace Vigil

5th January 2006

DANNY DeVITO and his wife RHEA PERLMAN, NIA VARDALOS and DIANE LANE were among the celebrities who got the New Year's Eve celebrations off to an early start with a peace vigil on Saturday (31DEC05)....

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Wedding Crashers Tops Us Box Office

1st August 2005

OWEN WILSON and VINCE VAUGHN have become the new kings of the US box office, after WEDDING CRASHERS hauled a staggering $20.5 million (GBP11.3 million). JOHNNY DEPP's hit CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, which...

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Lane Enjoys A Year Of Birthdays

25th July 2005

Movie star DIANE LANE is stretching her 40th birthday out across the entire year, rewarding herself with monthly treats. The UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN star turned 40 in January (05) and admits her best...

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Coppola To Release Extended Cut Of The Outsiders

15th June 2005

Acclaimed film-maker FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA is set to re-release his movie THE OUTSIDERS - 22 years after its debut. The director has recut the 1983 film, adding 22 minutes in an effort to be...

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Ben Affleck To Play George Reeves

22nd February 2005

BEN AFFLECK and DIANE LANE are teaming up to star in a movie about the investigation into the mysterious death of actor GEORGE REEVES. In TRUTH, JUSTICE AND THE AMERICAN WAY Affleck will play...

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Josh Brolin Arrested For Spousal Battery

20th December 2004

Actor JOSH BROLIN was arrested at his Los Angeles home yesterday (19DEC04) on charges of hitting his wife of four months, DIANE LANE. The HOLLOW MAN star, 36, was charged with spousal battery and...

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Lane Wed Brolin Barefoot

20th August 2004

THE PERFECT STORM star DIANE LANE's recently wedding to JOSH BROLIN was a very relaxed affair - the actress marched down the aisle barefoot, while guests were allowed to bring their dogs. The couple...

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Lane And Brolin Wed

17th August 2004

Hollywood stars DIANE LANE and actor JOSH BROLIN have married at a secret ceremony on the west coast of America. The OSCAR nominated UNFAITHFUL actress, 39, and her 36-year-old HOLLOW MAN star beau exchanged...

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Stars Praises Fahrenheit 9/11

10th June 2004

Hollywood turned out in force to support MICHAEL MOORE at a special screening of his controversial new documentary FAHRENHEIT 9/11 on Tuesday (08JUN04). Actors MARTIN SHEEN, LEONARDO DiCAPRIO, ELLEN DEGENERES, DAVID DUCHOVNY, SHARON STONE,...

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Lane Makes Up With Film Company

11th May 2004

OSCAR-nominated actress DIANE LANE has settled her lawsuit with production/distribution company INTERMEDIA over the film ME AGAIN. The UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN star filed a suit last summer (JUL03) alleging Intermedia failed to finance...

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Lane Impressed With Fiance's Chat-up Approach

23rd April 2004

Hollywood actress DIANE LANE knew fiance JOSH BROLIN was the man for her when they first met - because he didn't back off upon learning she was a single mum. The UNDER THE TUSCAN...

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Lane Admits To Tortoise Smuggling

13th April 2004

Movie actress DIANE LANE has confessed she once illegally smuggled a tortoise into America - by stuffing it in a pouch she wore around her neck. The UNFAITHFUL star was modelling in France in...

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Vanity Fairs Brings Hollywood Belles Together

4th February 2004

Glossy magazine VANITY FAIR brought the creme de la creme of Tinseltown's leading ladies together for their annual 2004 Hollywood issue. GWYNETH PALTROW, DIANE LANE, SALMA HAYEK, JENNIFER CONNELLY, JULIANNE MOORE, NAOMI WATTS, KIRSTEN...

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Paris Hilton Tops Blackwell's 2003 List

14th January 2004

Socialite-turned-reality TV star PARIS HILTON has topped acid-tongued fashion critic MR BLACKWELL's list for committing the worst fashion crimes of the past year. The former fashion designer feels the hotel heiress - whose hit...

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Lane And Theron Tipped For Honours

13th January 2004

Actresses DIANE LANE and CHARLIZE THERON have been selected as special honourees at California's upcoming SANTA BARBARA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. Lane's tribute, dubbed SALUTE TO DIANE LANE, will take place on 6 February (04),...

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Diane Plans For The Fast Lane With A New Car

27th October 2003

UNFAITHFUL star DIANE LANE is planning to present herself with an early Christmas gift - her first new car in nine years. The actress currently owns a "mommymobile Volvo" and an ancient car with...

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Lane Refuses To Follow Her Mum Into Playboy

22nd October 2003

Sultry movie star DIANE LANE refuses to pose nude for PLAYBOY because she saw how the attention upset her mother. The UNFAITHFUL star has turned down several offers to appear in the men's magazine...

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Diane Lane's Huge Italian Portions

25th August 2003

Filming in Italy proved to be a nightmare for actress DIANE LANE's waistline - because food portions were huge. The UNFAITHFUL star struggled to cope with the ways of Italians while she was...

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Don't Cry For Meg Ryan

13th August 2003

MEG RYAN is going public with her thoughts on love, loss and life itself in a bid to prove she's making the most of things. The actress became a somewhat pitiful figure in some...

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Diane Lane Sues Movie Production Company

29th July 2003

Actress DIANE LANE has sued a movie production company, alleging it failed to finance a film she was slated to star in as well as sign up BRUCE WILLIS as her co-star. In the...

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Brolin And Lane To Wed

17th July 2003

Hollywood stars JOSH BROLIN and DIANE LANE have announced their engagement. Both have been married before - to CHRISTOPHER LAMBERT and ALICE ADAIR respectively. Brolin, stepson of powerhouse BARBRA STREISAND, also broke off...

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