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Ok ... So there are two spellings of the old Dutch coin; guilder or gilder. The modern form is gulden, of course. I apologise for the mistake in my post yesterday, which of course should read gild instead of guild. By any coin, however, it is obvious the British Crown has now been short changed by the shoddy actions of the heir to the throne and his manipulative partner. Here IS a very serious mistake which sadly cannot be corrected!

Posted 9 years 5 months ago by BRIGHTRAVEN


The poster of the 5th December is absolutely right ... There's a whole lot of shuddering going on all around the globe when these two murky individuals turn up with all their finery. Nothing can guild over what they did. Eventually they will get the message; The House of Windsor is doomed for allowing this horrendous outcome. The last Princess of Wales and her title have gone forever, but her dazzling legacy is everywhere, never to be extinguished ... to the painful chagrin of this unsavoury pair.

Posted 9 years 5 months ago by BRIGHTRAVEN


I can't believe that Diana wanted Charles and Camilla to marry and in the same breath wanting to get back with Charles.There is something very wrong here. It's either one or the other.I believe that Charles and Camilla deserve each other. They are both such dysfunctional manupulative deceitful people. Who would willingly allow them to ascend the throne, without fighting tooth and nail to keep them off? I am all for a democracy..we don't need the Royals.To have someone like that represent the UK in the world? I shudder at the thought.

Posted 9 years 5 months ago by internet

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Oh Dearanother American pretending to know what the British feel about their Royal family!How dare you insult the new Princess of Wales - for that is what she is!Diana is long dead - yes overall the British loved her, however, like many of us she was flawed, and not cut out to be a member of the Roayal family.We do not hate Camilla, any more than we actually adore Diana. We respect her dignity, her courage and her love for HRH The Prince of Wales. Yes, she too is flawed - but so are we all, and we in Britain forgive her those flaws and move on with our lives.

Posted 9 years 6 months ago by repalyed

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I do believe she and Charles were getting along better after the divorce, yet I don't really think she was urging him to marry "it". She hated "it", as we all did, and still do. After making her life with Charles a living hell, why would she ever become so forgiving as to make such a statement, urging Charles to make an honest whore out of her, when she really wished that locusts would tear her eyeballs out of her so-called face?Bottom line? I think everyone on the Royal Beast's side is somehow, someway, trying to make this coupling OK with the world.Well, guess what? We in the U.S.A have just experienced the Whore Tour and we still LOVE and remember DIANA and will never accept her being airbrushed out of people's lives and memories...as I'm sure many Brits feel the same.Diana wishing Charles to marry the Beast..oh, puhlease...I'm sure now that we've seen her in her XXXL sized tiara, we must know how it feels to be Diana, rolling over in her grave, over and over again...in fits of laughter.....could there be anything ANY uglier in the UK?? that's NOT a transvestite?

Posted 9 years 6 months ago by gracie

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What's new? That Late Princess Diana actually is a martyr all those years? What's next? Could we at least give peace to a dead person? The Late Princess of Wales won't give a damn if all those new articles are poppin' up..Those articles can't raise a dead person...!!!!!!!!

Posted 9 years 10 months ago by kim-mi-sun

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what a load of bulla,firsy simone says diana "urged charles to marry camilla" then says that diana believed she and charles would get back together. Make up your mined and stop feeding of the dead.

Posted 9 years 10 months ago by bulldust

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