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Beyonce's Father, Matthew Knowles, Claims Solange/jay-z Elevator Fight Was Publicity Stunt

By Elinor Cosgrave | 31st August 2014

Everyone was talking about Jay-Z and Solange's elevator fight at the Standard Hotel after the Met Gala in May. And that was exactly what they were aiming for, claims Solange and Beyoncé's dad Matthew Knowles....

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A Short History Of Forgotten Destiny’S Child Member Farrah Franklin

By Stephanie Chase | 22nd July 2014

Farrah Franklin, the forgotten fourth member of Destiny’s Child, found herself back in the spotlight on Sunday (July 20th) after being arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. If Franklin’s name doesn't sound too familiar that’s...

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Where's The Fourth Destiny's Child Member? In Sc, Getting Arrested, Apparently

By Victoria Pavlova | 21st July 2014

For a decade now, one question has plagued the internet. Our collective mind has been occupied with the thought – where is the fourth member of Destiny’s Child? The answer – this week at least...

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The Ladies Of "Destiny's Child" Back Together In Summery "Say Yes" Video

By Victoria Pavlova | 19th June 2014

Are we all sufficiently in love with Destiny’s Child still? For those fans, who still live for the trio’s reunion, Michelle Williams just dropped the video to her latest, Jesus-praising song, Say Yes!Michelle's new album,...

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Solange Knowles Talks Creativity, Co-parenting And Cajun County In Stunning Harper's Bazaar Spread

By Lauren James | 19th March 2014

Solange Knowles has become the star of her own magazine spread after Harper's Bazaar featured the R&B singer in their latest issue. Constantly touted as the edgier Knowles sister, Solange is finally shaking off the...

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A New Destiny's Child? Gary Barlow Reckons He's Found 'Em

By Lauren James | 17th September 2013

Gary Barlow is truly ambitious for the new series of UK singing talent contest, The X Factor. The Take That singer is a judge on the show that filters through the country's best singing talent...

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Kelly Rowland Will 'Talk A Good Game' When She Re-releases Her Album

By Elinor Cosgrave | 20th August 2013

Kelly Rowland is re-releasing her fourth studio album Talk A Good Game. Lonny Bereal, the album's songwriter and producer, revealed the 32-year-old singer had been working in the studio on the album once again.Kelly Rowland...

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Kelly Rowland Lost At Sea For 12 Hours Before Coast Guard Rescue

By Michael West | 22nd July 2013

In one of the most bizarre stories coming out of the music world this year, former Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland had to be saved by Massachusetts coast guards on Friday (July 19, 2013) when...

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Kelly Rowland Stranded At Sea Whilst Whale Watching

By Lauren James | 22nd July 2013

Kelly Rowland was almost lost at sea after the private vessel she'd rented to go whale watching at Cape Cod became disorientated and had to be escorted back to shore. It's the dream of many...

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Blue Ivy Carter Is Beyonce Knowles's Princess Whilst Her Grandfather Matthew Sues 'The Sun'

By Elinor Cosgrave | 28th June 2013

Beyoncé posted a picture of her baby Blue Ivy Carter on her Tumblr showing her 18 month old daughter wearing a tiny crown. Blue Ivy wears the purple crown at a jaunty angle, probably inspired...

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Kelly Rowland Breaks Down In Tears Over Beyonce Jealously [Video]

By Michael West | 29th May 2013

Kelly Rowland broke down in tears while performing her new track 'Dirty Laundry' - a song about her previous jealously of best pal Beyonce - during a show in Washington this week. The crowd cheered...

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Has Kelly Rowland Revealed A New Destiny's Child Song?

By Contributor | 28th May 2013

Kelly Rowland looks to have revealed a new track that has been credited to all three members of Destiny's Child. 'You've Changed' features on Rowland's forthcoming studio album Talk A Good Game but has been...

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Mommy's Girl: Beyonce Owes Everything To Tina Knowles

By Michael West | 8th April 2013

Beyonce has paid tribute to her mother Tina Knowles in a new video for Chime for Change, Gucci's global campaign for women's empowerment. The 31-year-old R&B superstar cited her mother as the most influential female...

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Beyonce Dons Eli Saab Gown To 'Life Is But A Dream' Premiere (Pictures)

By Michael West | 13th February 2013

Beyonce In Elie Saab At The Life Is But A Dream PremiereBeyonce has had arguably the most hectic month of her entire career, though she looked in tip-top condition at the New York premiere of...

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Beyonce's Bucket List: World Tour, New Album, More Babies

By Michael West | 12th February 2013

Beyonce has a sold-out world tour on the horizon, a new album in the works, and a potential reunion with her old group Destiny's Child, though it appears the R&B superstar has another ambition for...

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Amanda Bynes Calls Jay-z "Ugly Face" On Twitter Then Backtracks

By Jack de Aguilar | 9th February 2013

So, Amanda Bynes calls Jay-Z 'ugly face'. That's fine, isn't it? It's not as if 'ugly face' is the worst thing anyone's ever been called - it sounds like an 8-year-old's insult. Although, she did...

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Can We Expect A Full Destiny's Child Reunion? What Are The Chances?

By Hayley Avron | 7th February 2013

After a show-stopping half-time show at this year’s Super Bowl, what exactly does the future hold for Destiny’s Child? They’ve admitted that their new track ‘Nuclear’ was recorded in a hurry. Will they be trying...

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Congratulations To Beyonce, But Super Bowl Show Fails To Beat Madonna Ratings

By Michael West | 5th February 2013

Beyonce fans are still shouting from the rooftops about her Super Bowl half-time show on Sunday (February 3, 2013), when the R&B queen smashed out the hits and briefly reunited with her Destiny's Child band-mates...

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Keyshia Cole: Michelle Williams F*cked Up Beyonce's Super Bowl Show!

By Michael West | 5th February 2013

It seems Keyshia Cole was one of the few people who wasn't too impressed by Beyonce's Super Bowl half-time show on Sunday (February 3, 2013). The outspoken R&B singer, 31, shared her opinion on the...

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Drake's Super Bowl Party Gets Shut Down By Cops

By Jack de Aguilar | 5th February 2013

It would appear as though Drake takes the Super Bowl seriously. The rapper let the NFL finale celebrations go a bit too far, having a party that reportedly STARTED at 5.15am and had to be...

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Did Beyonce's Half Time Show At The Super Bowl 2013 Blow The Lights?

By Jack de Aguilar | 4th February 2013

We all know Beyonce has one of the most powerful voices out there - pre-recorded or not, but was her half time show at the Super Bowl 2013 enough to cause the Superdome power outage?Well,...

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Did Beyonce's Half Time Super Bowl Performance Redeem Her Lip Sync Scandal?

By Jack de Aguilar | 4th February 2013

It took a long time, but Beyonce finally had her word on the lip syncing scandal that surrounded her after Obama's inauguration. She did it, and it was her decision. But if belting out an...

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Justin Timberlake Comes Back With A Bang At Explosive Pre-game Super Bowl Concert (Video)

By Joe Wilde | 3rd February 2013

Last night (Feb 2), Justin Timberlake returned to the stage for the first time in years to perform a one-off special for the DIRECTV Super Saturday Night charity concert. Don't worry, he didn't disappoint.His momentous...

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The Stage Is Set For Beyonce's Super Bowl Halftime Show

By Victoria Pavlova | 3rd February 2013

For those who may have forgotten about Beyonce, you should be aware that the actual game is far from the main event at the Super Bowl.What could be called the main event this year, or...

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New Beyonce Tour On The Way? Superbowl Half Time Show Announcement May Be Made

By Lorna Greville  | 31st January 2013

For anyone that has ever seen Beyonce perform live (this is not a dig at her inauguration performance) you'll know full well that it is a thing of exhilarating beauty, both to the eyes and...

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Cryptic Comment? What Was Beyonce Telling Us With 'Can I Live' Sweater?

By Hayley Avron | 28th January 2013

Is this a cryptic comment from Beyonce? The Destiny’s Child singer has made no comment since she faced a barrage of abuse for apparently lip-syncing the national anthem at the Presidential Inauguration last week. On...

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Stevie Wonder To Perform In New Orleans On Super Bowl Weekend

By Victoria Pavlova | 27th January 2013

Stevie Wonder will be performing on Super Bowl weekend in New Orleans. The entertainer will be gathering crowds at an outdoor concert on February 2 at the Wyndham Waterfront Hotel – the evening before the...

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The National Anthem At This Year's Superbowl Will Be Sung By Alicia Keys

By Victoria Pavlova | 19th January 2013

Well, it was about time. With a week left until the Super Bowl, the National Football League finally announced that this year, the national anthem at the game will be sung by none other than...

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From The Super-bowl To The Brit Awards? Will Beyoncé Perform In UK Next Month?

By Hayley Avron | 18th January 2013

In the word of pop music, there is no property hotter than Beyoncé right now. Beyoncé doesn’t really even have to make any music to be the hottest property in pop. She just has to…...

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Michelle Williams Depression Revealed Ahead Of New Material

By Jack de Aguilar | 17th January 2013

Michelle Williams - one third of Destiny's Child - is set for a whirlwind few months with a new single about to be released, a new album in the pipeline and the national tour of...

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