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Eva Longoria Followed Divine Path

3rd December 2009

Eva Longoria-Parker believes God guided her into acting.The 'Desperate Housewives' star never dreamed about being an actress when she was at college and is convinced a higher force steered her onto the successful career path.She...

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De Matteo Dropped From Housewives?

24th November 2009

Former THE SOPRANOS star DREA DE MATTEO has been fired from DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES after just five episodes, according to reports.The actress joined Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross and Felicity Huffman on the programme as the matriarch...

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Eva Longoria's Desperate Sex Life

20th November 2009

'Desperate Housewives' is affecting Eva Longoria Parker's sex life.The actress admits she and husband Tony Parker can only get steamy between the sheets at weekends because of her filming schedule in Hollywood and his commitments...

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Delany Bought Closet-less Penthouse

10th November 2009

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star DANA DELANY has been forced to call in builders to renovate her brand new New York penthouse after failing to spot the pad has no closets.The actress, 53, recently closed a deal...

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The Things They Say 13988

3rd November 2009

"I'm always doing little things, leaving notes and messages. He's a bigger romantic, sending flowers all the time. Or he'll surprise me and just show up somewhere." DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star EVA LONGORIA PARKER is continually...

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Longoria Parker Struggles To Win Film Roles

3rd November 2009

EVA LONGORIA PARKER refuses to let fame go to her head because she still struggles to land movie roles in between shooting for DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.The actress landed her big break in 2004 when she scored...

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Housewife Hatcher Is Swine Flu Free

29th October 2009

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star TERI HATCHER has brushed off reports she's suffering from swine flu.Cast and crew on the set of her hit drama were said to have been put on high alert after Hatcher notified...

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Hatcher Diagnosed With Swine Flu?

28th October 2009

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star TERI HATCHER has brought production on the hit TV show to a standstill after becoming the latest celebrity struck down by swine flu, according to reports.Cast and crew on the set of...

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Ncis On Top For Fifth Straight Week

28th October 2009

CBS's NCIS reaffirmed its status as the top hit of the current season as it headed Nielsen's ratings list for the fifth consecutive week, attracting 21.3 million viewers. Its spinoff, NCIS Los Angeles also reestablished...

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Hatcher's Ex To Play Field's Toyboy Lover

23rd October 2009

TERI HATCHER's ex-husband has landed a leading role on the DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star's rival show.Jon Tenney, who was married to Hatcher from 1994 to 2003 and is the father of the actress' daughter Emerson Rose,...

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Jesse Metcalfe's Desperate Arousal

16th October 2009

Jesse Metcalfe got so aroused during sex scenes with Eva Longoria, he was too embarrassed to get out of bed.The actor got turned on by his 'Desperate Housewives' co-star, when they rehearsed steamy scenes for...

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Longoria Parker's Sex Scene Struggle

14th October 2009

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star EVA LONGORIA PARKER's sex scenes with TV husband RICARDO CHAVIRA have become awkward for the actress - because her co-star has become like a brother.The actress, who is married to basketball star...

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Metcalfe Sets His Sights On Longoria Parker

13th October 2009

Actor JESSE METCALFE has set his sights on his married DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES co-star EVA LONGORIA PARKER.The pair played lovers in the hit show - and Metcalfe admits he'd love to carry on their affair in...

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Nbc Thrown For A Loss In New Season

7th October 2009

NBC, which showed off some muscle during the summer and then made a grand entrance into the new season with its new Jay Leno Show, Sunday Night Football, and the wind-up of America's Got Talent,...

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Joosten Recovering After Lung Surgery

6th October 2009

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star KATHRYN JOOSTEN is recovering after undergoing cancer surgery in Los Angeles.The Emmy Award-winning actress, 69, had a cancerous growth on her lung removed on Monday (05Oct09). A representative for Joosten says, "She's...

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Delaney Suffers Eye Infection Trying Eyelash Cream

25th September 2009

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star DANA DELANEY suffered an eye infection recently after trying to compete with her co-stars' bushy eyelashes.The actress has revealed that she was among the cast members who agreed to try a new...

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The Things They Say 13585

24th September 2009

"BRYAN CRANSTON won, which is great, but I really wanted JON HAMM to win, so I could kiss him." DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star DANA DELANEY was hoping to smooch the Mad Men star at the 2009...

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Eva Longoria Wants Posh Life

23rd September 2009

Eva Longoria Parker wants Victoria Beckham's life.The 'Desperate Housewives' actress became close friends with the former Spice Girl when she and her soccer star husband David moved to Los Angeles in 2007 with their three...

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Hatcher's Child Molester Uncle Died Behind Bars

16th September 2009

The uncle DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star TERI HATCHER helped put behind bars for molesting two girls has died in prison.The actress, 44, helped police convict pervert Richard Hayes Stone after coming forward with her own harrowing...

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Desperate Housewives Star Joosten Battling Lung Cancer

14th September 2009

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES actress KATHRYN JOOSTEN has been diagnosed with lung cancer.The two-time Emmy winner, who plays grumpy neighbour Mrs. MCCluskey in the hit TV series, discovered she had the disease after a routine check with...

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Teri Hatcher's 'Bucket List'

9th September 2009

Teri Hatcher keeps a list of things to do before she dies. The 'Desperate Housewives' actress has a "bucket list" of ambitions - which takes its name from the film of the same name starring...

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Parker Lands Spanish Role

20th August 2009

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star EVA LONGORIA PARKER is to celebrate her Latina roots with her first Spanish speaking film role.The actress, who was born in Texas to Mexican-American parents, will star in new Mexican movie Day...

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Longoria Parker's Restaurant Business Takes Off

17th August 2009

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star EVA LONGORIA PARKER is determined to carve out a career as a successful businesswoman - she plans to expand her restaurant chain into America's airports.The actress opened her first eaterie, Beso, in...

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Netflix To Stream Abc Series

3rd August 2009

Netflix subscribers may now begin to watch the first five seasons of ABC's Lost free as part of a deal announced today (Monday) between the online movie rental service and the TV network. Previous seasons...

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Pyfrom Moving On From Desperate Housewives

29th July 2009

Actor SHAWN PYFROM is stepping down from hit TV show DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES as a regular castmember to pursue other projects.The 22 year old has been portraying Andrew Van De Kamp, the gay son of actress...

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Mcdonough To Be A Dad Of Three

28th July 2009

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star NEAL MCDONOUGH is preparing to be a dad again - his wife is pregnant with the couple's third child.The actor let slip the news as he walked the red carpet at the...

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Metcalfe Returning To Desperate Housewives

28th July 2009

Actor JESSE METCALFE is returning to Wisteria Lane - he's reportedly signed up to reprise his role on hit TV show DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.The star landed the role of hunky gardener John Rowland when the series...

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The Things They Say 12881

13th July 2009

"I’m not averse to being tied up with silk scarves, I like a man to take charge. There’s something very sexy about being submissive.” DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star EVA LONGORIA is a fan of bondage.

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Abc Debuts On Hulu

7th July 2009

ABC shows joined those from NBC and Fox on Hulu Monday, leaving CBS as the only major network not participating in the online video joint venture. First up was Grey's Anatomy, with Desperate Housewives, Scrubs,...

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Fascinating Fact 7612

30th June 2009

Former SOPRANOS star DREA DE MATTEO is taking inspiration from the mob series for a new role in hit TV show DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. The actress will join EVA LONGORIA, MARCIA CROSS and FELICITY HUFFMAN on...

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