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Derren Brown Balcony Fall Man Saved By Doctor After "Terrifying" Hang From Lighting Rig

By Lauren James | 6th August 2013

Described as a "hero," the doctor who helped save the man hanging from a lighting rig during one of illusionist/hypnotist Derren Brown's live shows at London's Palace Theatre, has spoken about his experiences to the...

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Derren Brown Tweets Terror After Near-death Fan Fall

By Jack de Aguilar | 5th August 2013

Derren Brown has seen many things, so he’s a pretty difficult guy to shock. He’s also convinced someone that they were in the middle of a zombie apocalypse – and this was supposed to be...

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Hypnotism And Rooftop Leaps: What To Expect From 'Sherlock' Series 3 (Photos)

By Holly Williams | 15th April 2013

Benedict Cumberbatch looking deadly serious on the set of 'Sherlock'Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman began filming series 3 of 'Sherlock' in the most dramatic way with hypnotism and leaping of buildings on Friday (April 12th...

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