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Is Whitney Housten's Last Ever Movie Performance Memorable?

18th August 2012

The late singer and movie star, Whitney Houston enjoyed a glamorous and somewhat controversial career. Her legacy, though, does not simply live on in spirit; the multi award-winning actress performed in Sparkle shortly before her...

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Bobbi Kristina 'Proud' Of Whitney Houston

17th August 2012

Bobbi Kristina Brown is ''very proud'' of Whitney Houston's final work.The 19-year-old offspring of the late superstar and Bobby Brown is thrilled by new movie 'Sparkle', which the 'I Will Always Love You' singer worked...

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Jordin Sparks Feared Derek Luke's Wife On Sparkle Set

7th August 2012

Jordin Sparks panicked when she had to kiss her Sparkle co-star Derek Luke on film because the actor's wife was onset watching the love scene unfold.The singer-turned-actress made her feature film debut in the musical...

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Sparkle Trailer Features Whitney Houston's Final Performance

3rd April 2012

The trailer for Sparkle has just been released online, showing Whitney Houston's final movie performance before she passed away suddenly in February 2012. Sparkle is a remake of the 1976 movie of the same name....

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Whitney Houston Refuses To Buckle Belt On Atlanta Flight

13th October 2011

Whitney Houston became embroiled in a heated argument with staff on a recent Delta Airlines flight after refusing to buckle her seatbelt. The singer reportedly "got diva" on a crew member after being advised to...

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Diddy Persuaded Luke To Take Notorious Role

19th January 2009

Actor DEREK LUKE initially rejected his role as SEAN COMBS in new BIGGIE SMALLS biopic NOTORIOUS until he received a telephone call from the hip-hop mogul urging him to sign on to the project. Luke...

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Luke Threatened By Diddy Over Biggie Biopic Portrayal

8th December 2008

Actor DEREK LUKE was under immense pressure to portray SEAN COMBS correctly in new biopic NOTORIOUS - because the rap mogul threatened to harm him if he got it wrong. Luke was thrilled to land...

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Luke Stranded In Italy After His Dog Ate His Passport

23rd September 2008

Actor DEREK LUKE was left stranded on the Italian set of SPIKE LEE's new war movie MIRACLE AT ST. ANNA after his pet dog ate his passport. Luke, who was cast when Wesley Snipes' tax...

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Fascinating Fact 5223

24th April 2008

Movie star DEREK LUKE plays ALICIA KEYS' boyfriend in her new video TEENAGE LOVE AFFAIR....

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Pena Bonds With Co-star Luke Over Prayer

12th November 2007

WORLD TRADE CENTER actor MICHAEL PENA bonded with LIONS FOR LAMBS co-star DEREK LUKE by praying with him before every scene. Pena readily admits he's not "big on religion" but he happily took a moment...

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Luke Replaces Troubled Snipes

2nd October 2007

DEREK LUKE has replaced WESLEY SNIPES in director SPIKE LEE's new World War Two movie. The Antwone Fisher star will head off to Italy to star in Miracle At St. Anna, in which he'll play...

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Spielberg, Cruz And King Party With The Cruises

11th December 2006

STEVEN SPIELBERG, PENELOPE CRUZ, LARRY KING and JENNIFER LOPEZ were amongst a host of stars who gathered to celebrate the marriage of TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES on Saturday night (09DEC06). Cruise's producing partner PAULA...

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Luke + Robbins Mixed About Working With Torturer Botha

8th November 2006

CATCH A FIRE co-stars TIM ROBBINS and DEREK LUKE had mixed emotions about working with former South African Security Branch head HENTIE BOTHA - Robbins admired his efforts to redeem himself, while Luke wanted to...

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Luke Made Christmas Sparkle For South African Orphans

29th October 2006

DEREK LUKE played Santa Claus to an orphanage in a tiny South African town last year (05) when he delivered the first Christmas tree locals had ever seen. The tree gift was a thank you...

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Luke Left Scarred By South African Movie

27th October 2006

DEREK LUKE was left so scarred after playing real-life anti-apartheid activist PATRICK CHAMUSSO in new drama CATCH A FIRE he couldn't work for nine months after the film wrapped. The actor spent months researching his...

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Antwone Fisher Star To Be A Dad

25th October 2006

ANTWONE FISHER star DEREK LUKE is set to be a dad - his actress wife SOPHIA LUKE is pregnant with their first child The actor, 32, and Luke, are expecting a baby in early...

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World Trade Center Wins First Film Honour Of The Season

24th October 2006

OLIVER STONE's gripping 9/11 drama WORLD TRADE CENTER was named Best Film in the first major awards show of the 2006/2007 season, beating out PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MAN'S CHEST at the Hollywood Awards...

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Actor Luke's Research Leads To Mandela Prison Cell

10th October 2006

Hollywood actor DEREK LUKE was left shocked during a research visit to a South African prison for new movie CATCH A FIRE, when he spent time in the cell where former South African leader NELSON...

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Lohan Honoured By Hollywood Film Festival

28th September 2006

LINDSAY LOHAN seems to have patched up her strained relations with the movie industry - she's been named as one of this year's (06) Hollywood Film Festival honourees. The MEAN GIRLS came under fire from...

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Jam Master Jay Biopic Planned

3rd September 2004

Slain rap star JAM MASTER JAY is to be honoured with a new movie about his life. The RUN-DMC star's protege FREDRO STARR is looking to cast top black names like QUEEN LATIFAH, DEREK...

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Onyx Star Producing Movie On Jam Master Jay

1st September 2004

ONYX rapper FREDRO STARR is set to produce a movie based on the life story of his mentor and late RUN-DMC DJ JAM MASTER JAY. The script is being written with a cousin of...

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Holmes Fear Of Parents Seeing Orgasm

10th February 2004

KATIE HOLMES lived in fear after filming PIECES OF APRIL - because she was terrified about her parents' reaction to seeing her simulate an orgasm on the big screen. The 25-year-old actress - best...

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Julianne.s Far From Heaven Triumphs On Oscars Eve

23rd March 2003

JULIANNE MOORE enjoyed a pre-OSCAR thrill last night (22MAR03) when her movie FAR FROM HEAVEN swept the board at the INDEPENDENT SPIRIT AWARDS in Santa Monica, California. The film - about a perfect 1950s...

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Luke Leaves Wife Sobbing At Spirit Awards

23rd March 2003

Hollywood newcomer DEREK LUKE delivered the most thrilling acceptance speech at the INDEPENDENT SPIRIT AWARDS yesterday (22MAR03) - when he handed his Best Actor honour to his wife. Luke dragged his wife of four...

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