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I wonder what "The Rum Diary's" plot is? I am not a Thompson fan and have not seen "Fear and Loathing" even though I anxiously await a new Depp movie. I think it is so great that in this day and age, that Depp is such a loyal and devout friend. I can imagine any promise he makes is gold. I laughed so hard at the interview when Depp was talking about Jolie's 175 dog that he sat overnight and it "Tried to have his way" with Depp. I could just picture that and I laugh every time. Plus he said the dog was very smelly. [Yet he had it in bed with him.]Long live Depp- The more I see and read of him, the more I really respect him as a human being and of course as the last 15 year's best actor in the world.
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4 years 1 week ago
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