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Denzel Washington On 'Flight' And Drink

By Jack de Aguilar | 31st January 2013

Denzel Washington's turn as a pilot with a penchant for a drink in Flight has raised many eyebrows. Most critics praised the film, while some commentators weren't sure about the film's message.Aside from that, and...

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Denzel Washington Compares Flight's Whip To Lance Armstrong

By Contributor | 31st January 2013

Denzel Washington has drawn comparisons between his character Whip in Flight, and the disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong, as he continues the promotional build for what he hopes will be a crowning moment at the Oscars...

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What Do The Lakers Have To Do To Impress Denzel Washington, Jay Z And Jack Nicholson!? (Pictures)

By Contributor | 29th January 2013

Jay Z seems bored despite the Lakers racking up an 105-96 win over ThunderWe had to go back and double check the score of the Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Los Angeles Lakers match; as we...

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Final Ballots For Screen Actors Guild Awards In Today

By Joe Wilde | 25th January 2013

We won't know who'll walk away with the top prizes on offer at this year's Screen Actors Guild until Sunday (Jan 27), but there are a few people who might know already as the deadline...

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Lincoln's Daniel-day Lewis To Outdo Brando, Penn, Hanks With Oscar Win

By Michael West | 24th January 2013

Daniel Day-Lewis will make Oscar history on February 26, 2013, when - as expected - he takes the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in Steven Spielberg's critically acclaimed Lincoln. Should Hugh Jackman,...

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A Week In Movies: Oscar Predictions For Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Lawrence, Denzel Washington, Daniel Day-lewis And Anne Hathaway While Iceman And Mud Trailers Hit The Web

By Staff Writer | 18th January 2013

Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence battle over Best Actress, Denzel Washington and Daniel Day-Lewis meet over Best Actor And Anne Hathaway favorite for Best Supporting Actress. While Iceman (James Franco, Winona Ryder) and Mud (Matthew...

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Broken City, Broken Career? Where Did It All Go Wrong For Mark Wahlberg?

By Michael West | 18th January 2013

Broken City, Mark Wahlberg's latest crime-drama hits cinemas this weekend on the back of dismal reviews. The movie, boasting a solid cast including Russell Crowe, sees Wahlberg play a police officer turned private investigator who...

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Ryan Seacrest Dodges Awkward Moment With Denzel Washington And Daughter

By Hayley Avron | 14th January 2013

Denzel Washington narrowly avoided a very awkward moment at the Golden Globes, when he hurriedly identified his date as his daughter. He was trying to avoid Ryan Seacrest introducing his 22 year-old daughter as his...

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Oscars 2013 Nominations: Best Lead Actor Category Sees Daniel Day-lewis, Denzel Washington, Hugh Jackman, Bradley Cooper & Joaquin Phoenix In Contention

By Jack de Aguilar | 10th January 2013

The Oscars 2013 nominations are in! As expected, Daniel Day Lewis is named amongst the list for Best Lead Actor, but surprise nominations for Bradley Cooper and Joaquin Phoenix shuffle the deck nicely. It all...

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The Golden Globes Nominations, No Surprises For A Great Year Of Film

By Lorna Greville  | 13th December 2012

The Golden Globes are one of the biggest film and television awards in the world. Winning an award from them will almost always top the C.V.s of anyone involved in film. 2012 has been one...

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Jennifer Lawrence And Daniel Day-lewis Are Odds-on Favourites For Sag Awards

By Lorna Greville  | 13th December 2012

To win a Screen Actors Guild Award is one of the most prestigious accolades an actor or actress can receive in their career. 2012 has given us some fantastic films, so the competition is even...

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007 Shoots Twilight Down To Third In The U.s Box Office Chart

By Jack de Aguilar | 10th December 2012

It's been a two way battle between the latest Bond film, Skyfall, and the final instalment of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, for the top spot of the U.S Box Office chart. However,...

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Forget Best Paid Actor; Is Being The Most Overpaid Actor Is Where It's At?

By Jack de Aguilar | 4th December 2012

The mantle of most overpaid actor sounds good, doesn't it? It suggests that Eddie Murphy, who has been awarded the title by Forbes, is just sitting around in his huge mansion and getting paid for...

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Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Takes The Thanksgiving Weekend: Box Office Roundup

By Jack de Aguilar | 27th November 2012

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 wasn't only the longest film title vying for hard earned dollars this weekend, it was also the biggest, as it claimed the top spot on Thanksgiving weekend....

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Is Sacha Gervasi's 'Hitchcock' Really Generating Oscars Buzz?

By Michael West | 26th November 2012

Read anything on Sacha Gervasi's new movie Hitchcock, starring Sir Anthony Hopkins as the legendary Hollywood director, and you'll probably come across the phrases "Oscars buzz" and "Oscar tipped." The movie has enjoyed decent reviews...

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Daniel Day-lewis A Fan Of The Hangover, Says Bradley Cooper

By Joe Wilde | 23rd November 2012

They may be potential Oscar rivals, but that doesn't mean that Daniel Day-Lewis and Bradley Cooper don't respect each others work as Cooper admitted that the double Oscar winner told him that he is a...

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Has Budweiser Derailed Denzel Washington And Flight Oscar Chances?

By Michael West | 8th November 2012

Has Budweiser Derailed Denzel Washington and Flight Oscar Chances?The industry buzz for Denzel Washington's new movie Flight is beginning to grow as awards' season approaches, though a dispute over product placement is threatening to derail...

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Denzel Washington's Flight Marred By Product Placement Issue As Budweiser Want Images Of Their Beer Removed.

By Jack de Aguilar | 6th November 2012

Budweiser have requested that Paramount remove all images of their beer in Denzel Washington's warmly received new film, Flight, which tells the tale of an aeroplane polite with a penchant with boozing. "We would never...

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Budweiser Ask 'Flight' Film Makers To Remove Their Brand From The Film

By Contributor | 6th November 2012

The makers of the new Denzel Washington film Flight have come under fire from Budweiser after they featured the drink in the movie. The story line follows Washington as an airline captain who saves his...

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Us Box Office Roundup: Wreck It Ralph Is This Weekend's Hero

By Jack de Aguilar | 5th November 2012

A turbulent week for U.S cinemas, for the East coast anyway, ended with the reopening of many theatres. What better way to dry off those Hurricane Sandy soaked souls than a trip to the movies?...

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Denzel Washington's Flight Specifically Targeted At The Oscars? (Video)

By Michael West | 5th November 2012

Denzel Washington's Flight has all the hallmarks of an Oscar winner, epic story, suspense, drama, an American hero, and, uh, Denzel Washington. Now, it appears as though the movie was made with a couple of...

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Wreck-it Ralph Destroys Competition To Top Us Box Office

By Contributor | 5th November 2012

Disney were back on top of the pile at the US Box Office over the weekend with their new animation film Wreck-It Ralph scoring the highest grossing opening weekend in Disney animation history. The film,...

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Is Denzel Washington An Oscar Contender, Once Again?

By Michael West | 2nd November 2012

Three times Oscar winner Denzel Washington could be in the minds of the Academy once more, after his nuanced performance as an alcoholic hero in Flight won almost unanimous praise from critics. Though the movie...

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Denzel Washington Set For Oscar Success With ‘Flight’?

By Joe Wilde | 2nd November 2012

Denzel Washington’s latest film, Flight, has garnered much praise already – and for all the right reasons too – with Washington already tipped for Oscar glory for his staring role.The film itself, directed by Robert...

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Hot Tickets! This Weekend's Us Cinema Releases: Flight, Wreck It Ralph, The Man With The Iron Fists, Vamps

By Hayley Avron | 2nd November 2012

All eyes are on Flight and Wreck It Ralph this weekend as the main contenders for box office glory. Denzel Washington’s performance in Flight has already sparked whispers of an Oscar nomination from insiders, something...

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Denzel Washington Soars In New Movie 'Flight'

By Lorna Greville  | 2nd November 2012

Denzel Washington's latest flick 'Flight', sees him star as pilot Whip Whitacker, a quintessential anti hero, who crash lands a plane, managing to save almost everyone on board, but is later discovered to have been...

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There's A Storm Coming: Jimmy Kimmel Shuts Down 'Live'

By Michael West | 30th October 2012

Jimmy Kimmel has shut down production of his 'Live' show ahead of Hurricane Sandy's predicted appearance in New York this week. The television star was set to go ahead with a first evening of a...

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Robert Zemeckis' 'Flight' Premieres At The New York Film Festival

By Michael West | 15th October 2012

Director Robert Zemeckis's newest live-action film, Flight took crowds and critics by storm at the New York Film Festival. Flight, starring Denzel Washington, closed out the festival on Sunday night. The film is already attracting...

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