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Jackie Collins Blasts Boring Young Stars

18th October 2004

Novelist JACKIE COLLINS fears Hollywood is running out of true stars because actresses like KIRSTEN DUNST and REESE WITHERSPOON are "boring". The writer, who bases the storylines in her bestsellers on real movie stars...

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Washington And Del Toro's Film Off?

17th October 2004

DENZEL WASHINGTON and BENICIO DEL TORO's hot new movie has reportedly been cancelled because it's too expensive to complete. The pair were set to team up in TRU BLU, the real-life story of infamous...

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Fuqua 'Fired' From Tru Blu

3rd October 2004

Director ANTOINE FUQUA has reportedly been fired from the forthcoming DENZEL WASHINGTON film TRU BLU. According to American gossip site PAGESIX.COM, the TRAINING DAY movie maker was "unceremoniously let go" from the crime thriller,...

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Washington Thanks Good Looks For Movie Success

1st October 2004

Hunky actor DENZEL WASHINGTON credits his good looks with his Hollywood success. The TRAINING DAY star finds it difficult to accept his sex symbol status, but admits movie directors would never have given him...

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Washington Made Man On Fire A Christian

10th September 2004

DENZEL WASHINGTON insisted on making his violent character in new movie MAN ON FIRE a Christian, to give the role more depth. The OSCAR-winning actor - who can quote most of the Bible verbatim...

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Fuqua Slams Academy Board

7th September 2004

Black movie-maker ANTOINE FUQUA has blasted OSCAR bosses for failing to recognise his directing talents on TRAINING DAY. The hard-hitting 2001 police drama earned actor DENZEL WASHINGTON an ACADEMY AWARD for his brutal portrayal...

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Washington Detests Hollywood Lifestyle

7th September 2004

Hunky actor DENZEL WASHINGTON refuses to go to movie premieres because he detests the "superficial" Hollywood lifestyle. The TRAINING DAY star proudly regards himself as a New York actor, and only went to the...

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Denzel's Guardian Angel

1st September 2004

Hollywood star DENZEL WASHINGTON has been guided since his childhood by a guardian angel. The OSCAR winner, who is currently in Britain promoting two new movies MAN OF FIRE and THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, says...

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A Final Tribute To Ray Charles

30th August 2004

Late soul great RAY CHARLES is set for one final send-off when STEVIE WONDER, MICHAEL McDONALD and JAMES INGRAM perform at a tribute to the hitmaker. Stars will attend the BEVERLY HILTON HOTEL gala...

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Will Smith Envies Washington's Pulling Power

16th August 2004

I, ROBOT star WILL SMITH wishes he had the female pulling power of OSCAR-winning actor DENZEL WASHINGTON. Smith, although happily married to wife JADA PINKETT SMITH, especially admires the TRAINING DAY star's incredulous talent...

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Denzel Buys Himself Rolls Royce

15th August 2004

Hollywood hunk DENZEL WASHINGTON is marking his 50th birthday this year (04) by buying himself a $315,000 (GBP175,000) Rolls Royce Phantom. The Oscar-winning actor does not celebrate his half-century birthday until 28 December (04),...

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Washington Urges Actors To Focus On Skills

2nd August 2004

TRAINING DAY star DENZEL WASHINGTON has slammed aspiring actors who spend more of their time trying to advance their careers through socialising than through sharpening their skills. The OSCAR-winning actor refuses to acknowledge himself...

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The Village Rules Box Office

2nd August 2004

Director M NIGHT SHYAMALAN has hit box office gold with his latest film THE VILLAGE, which has taken the number one spot in the American and Canadian cinema chart. The supernatural thriller -...

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Denzel Ditching Good Guy Roles

2nd August 2004

OSCAR-winning star DENZEL WASHINGTON has expressed a desire to ditch good guy roles in favour of playing villains and starring in comedies. Washington, who won the Best Actor ACADEMY AWARD in 2002 for his...

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Film Fans Flock To The Village

2nd August 2004

Director M NIGHT SHYAMALAN has scored success with his latest movie THE VILLAGE, after it topped America's box office with a $50.8 million (GBP28.2 million) opening weekend. The Village, starring SIGOURNEY WEAVER, ADRIEN BRODY,...

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Denzel Becomes Champion Gardener

30th July 2004

DENZEL WASHINGTON is making the most of his life now his kids no longer need his sporting advice - he has become a champion gardener. The movie star admits he started to feel a...

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Kravitz Embarks On Nightclub Project

28th July 2004

Rocker LENNY KRAVITZ and Oscar-winning actor DENZEL WASHINGTON have joined forces to open a private club called KOS in New York. The ARE YOU GOING MY WAY singer has appointed his cousin KEVIN...

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Denzel Gives Up Weekly Church Trips

28th July 2004

DENZEL WASHINGTON has been forced to give up his family's weekly trips to church - because he's sick of being bothered by other parishioners. The movie star used to be a regular at his...

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Washington Confesses To Bed Wetting

22nd July 2004

OSCAR-winning actor DENZEL WASHINGTON has admitted he wet the bed as a child. The 50-year-old actor spoke candidly about his experiences of mistaking bathroom dreams for reality - but was keen to reiterate the...

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Denzel Fights For Soldier Celebrations

22nd July 2004

DENZEL WASHINGTON has launched a one-man campaign to celebrate American troops returning home from the conflict in Iraq. The movie star fears not enough is being done to welcome soldiers - who have risked...

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Denzel Not Interested In Theatre

15th July 2004

OSCAR-winning actor DENZEL WASHINGTON will never appear in a theatre play, because he couldn't bear to leave his Los Angeles home. The star confesses he would love to test himself on New York's Broadway...

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Denzel Takes On Sammy Davis Jnr Project

6th July 2004

OSCAR winner DENZEL WASHINGTON has signed to direct and produce a biopic of SAMMY DAVIS JNR. The TRAINING DAY star - who will not play the RAT PACK legend - has already directed 2002...

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Cruise Honours Sports Military Hero

5th July 2004

Hollywood star TOM CRUISE will pay tribute to late American football player PAT TILLMAN - who lost his life fighting in Afghanistan. Cruise will present Tillman's family with a special honour at the ESPN...

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Knowles And Jay-z Shine At Bet Awards

30th June 2004

R+B superstar BEYONCE KNOWLES and her rapper beau JAY-Z dominated the BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION (BET) AWARDS in Los Angeles yesterday (29JUN04). Knowles was named Best Female R+B Artist and Jay-Z won the award for...

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Washington's Parents Reveal Childhood Secrets

15th June 2004

Oscar-winning actor DENZEL WASHINGTON was mortified when his mother revealed intimate secrets about his childhood after he collected a Humanitarian Award on Thursday (10JUN04) night. The HURRICANE star was delighted to win the BOYS...

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Smith Envies Denzel's Romance Skills

11th June 2004

WILL SMITH would like to spend a day in DENZEL WASHINGTON's shoes, because he thinks the OSCAR winner is every woman's dream. Smith acknowledges he's a runner-up to Denzel in most black women's dream...

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Female Factor Keeps Denzil In Reality

26th May 2004

OSCAR-winner DENZEL WASHINGTON is convinced his success is down to one factor - his strong relationship with his wife. The 50-year-old star of TRAINING DAY admits his spouse PAULETTA keeps him in touch with...

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Denzel Plays It Bad Again

24th May 2004

DENZEL WASHINGTON is set to play the villain again in another ANTOINE FUQUA movie. The movie star won an OSCAR the last time he teamed up with Fuqua to play a bad guy in...

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Paltrow And Diaz Slammed For Bad Posture

18th May 2004

GWYNETH PALTROW, CAMERON DIAZ and HUGH GRANT are among a host of stars who have been criticised for having bad posture. DR PAUL DREW - who has been using his massage and personal training...

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Beyonce And Outkast Lead Bet Nominations

13th May 2004

R+B beauty BEYONCE KNOWLES and funk duo OUTKAST lead the nominations at this year's (04) BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TV (BET) AWARDS. The sexy singer and the hip-hop group have garnered five nominations each, followed closely...

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