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Drug Enforcement Agents Unhappy With American Gangster

27th November 2007

DENZEL WASHINGTON and RUSSELL CROWE's hit new movie AMERICAN GANGSTER is at the centre of a new legal row, after upsetting a retired Drug Enforcement agent in New York. The narcotics detectives are far from...

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The Things They Say 6248

22nd November 2007

"I knew he'd play it like a big tuna, but I also knew DENZEL had nothing better in front of him." Director RIDLEY SCOTT knew DENZEL WASHINGTON wouldn't turn down a starring role in his...

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Gangster Slays UK Box Office

20th November 2007

Sir Ridley Scott's new Oscar-hopeful American Gangster has shot to the top of the UK and Ireland box office after its opening weekend.The crime epic, starring Academy award-winners Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe, took 2.5...

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Bee Stings Gangster At Us Cinema

12th November 2007

Family film Bee Movie buzzed to the top spot at the US box office this week, ahead of crime drama American Gangster.The animated comedy about the adventures of the honey-making insects grossed $26 million (12.51...

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Jay-z Not Looking To Impress Washington

9th November 2007

Rapper SHAWN 'JAY-Z' CARTER is not bothered by what actor DENZEL WASHINGTON makes of his new album AMERICAN GANGSTER - it is the actor's 23-year-old son he cares about. The 37-year-old was so inspired by...

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Fascinating Fact 4258

8th November 2007

JULIA ROBERTS presented her friend and THE PELICAN BRIEF co-star DENZEL WASHINGTON with an award for Excellence In Film at the BAFTA/LA Cunard Britannia Awards in Los Angeles on 1 November (07).

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Julia Roberts Desperate To Work With Washington

7th November 2007

Oscar-winning actress JULIA ROBERTS is desperate to work with DENZEL WASHINGTON because it's been "too long" since they last teamed up on screen. The Pretty Woman star collaborated with Washington for legal thriller The Pelican...

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T.i. Learned Perfect Pitch For Washington Film

7th November 2007

Rapper T.I. picked up a new skill on the set of DENZEL WASHINGTON's new movie hit AMERICAN GANGSTER - he learned how to throw a baseball. The young star - real name Clifford Harris -...

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Gangster Kills At Us Box Office

5th November 2007

Ridley Scott's new film America Gangster has stormed to the top of the US box office after its first three days on release.The Universal Studios crime thriller - starring Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington -...

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Jay-z Recognises Denzel's Drug Dealer From The Mean Streets

5th November 2007

Rap mogul JAY-Z connected with DENZEL WASHINGTON's real-life heroin dealer character in hit new film AMERICAN GANGSTER because drug lords were the only successful people in his neighbourhood when he was growing up. The rapper...

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The Things They Say 6048

5th November 2007

"Somebody suggested we should do a remake of THE ODD COUPLE. It could be kind of fun." RUSSELL CROWE is considering reteaming with AMERICAN GANGSTER co-star DENZEL WASHINGTON for a remake of JACK LEMMON and...

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The Things They Say 6040

3rd November 2007

"The (St. Louis) Rams are 0 and 8, they're 0 and 8. Now, I'm not saying my boy should play, I'm not saying he could turn things around." DENZEL WASHINGTON feels his American footballer son...

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Whitaker To Star In American Gangster Tv Offshoot

2nd November 2007

DENZEL WASHINGTON and RUSSELL CROWE's new movie AMERICAN GANGSTER already has a TV spin-off, which will star another Oscar winner, FORREST WHITAKER. As American Gangster hits U.S. cinemas, cable network Showtime has announced Whitaker will...

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Movie Reviews: American Gangster

2nd November 2007

Reviews of American Gangster, starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe, are split between love and hate. On the love side is Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun Times who awards it a four-star ranking. "This...

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Onlookers Make Fun Of Crowe, Worship Washington

30th October 2007

RUSSELL CROWE endured a lesson in humility on the New York set of new film AMERICAN GANGSTER, when onlookers poked fun at his appearance, while his co-star, DENZEL WASHINGTON, was treated like a hero. Crowe...

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Crowe Caught Out By Son At Junket

23rd October 2007

RUSSELL CROWE's young son almost brought the Oscar winner's latest press junket with DENZEL WASHINGTON to a halt - when he insisted on telling the gathered journalists jokes. Young Charles was sitting on Crowe's lap...

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Washington And Grazer Buy Drug Lord A Home

20th October 2007

DENZEL WASHINGTON and Hollywood producer BRIAN GRAZER have joined forces to buy a home for a former New York drug kingpin. The movie heavyweights were so impressed with wheelchair-bound Frank Lucas when he offered advice...

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Roberts Receives Hollywood Recognition

13th October 2007

Julia Roberts was awarded the 2007 America Cinematheque (AC) award at a dazzling ceremony in Hollywood last night.The Notting Hill star was presented with her gong by former winner Denzel Washington at the Beverly Hilton...

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Fascinating Fact 3995

25th September 2007

DENZEL WASHINGTON and director TONY SCOTT are teaming up for a fourth time to remake 1974 classic THE TAKING OF PELHAM ONE TWO THREE....

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Fascinating Fact 3876

5th September 2007

KATE WINSLET, DENZEL WASHINGTON and director MARTIN CAMPBELL will all be honoured at BAFTA/LA's 16th Britannia Awards in Los Angeles on 1 November (07)....

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Denzel's Son Plays Football In Germany

17th August 2007

DENZEL WASHINGTON's son J.D. has spent the summer (07) perfecting his footballing skills with NFL Europa team the Hamburg Sea Devils. The 23-year-old running back was drafted by the St. Louis Rams in May 2006...

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Fascinating Fact 3500

3rd July 2007

This is gonna be like THE SOPRANOS for black people." Rapper T.I. on his new movie AMERICAN GANGSTER, which also stars DENZEL WASHINGTON and RUSSELL CROWE....

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Washington Set For Bafta/la Honour

27th June 2007

Oscar winner DENZEL WASHINGTON is set to pick up the Stanley Kubrick Britannia Award for Excellence in Film at the BAFTA/LA Cunard Britannia Awards later this year (07). The Training Day star will be honoured...

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Whitaker + Washington A Dream Team In Debate Drama

12th April 2007

Oscar winners FOREST WHITAKER and DENZEL WASHINGTON are to team up in a new fact-based drama about a group of college debaters from a small Texas school who challenged the brains of Harvard University. Washington...

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The Things They Say 4262

12th March 2007

"My new favourite movie... is MAN ON FIRE with DENZEL WASHINGTON... I love that movie, I stop anytime it's on. Denzel putting a bomb in a guy's ass - you can't beat it." Funnyman CHRIS...

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The Things They Say 3971

7th February 2007

"I am not a very advanced knitter. The only things I can make are scarves. I made scarves for all my leading men, for Tom and Bob and Denzel. I am pretty good at them...

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Denzel Washington: America's Favorite Star

18th January 2007

Denzel Washington has dethroned Tom Hanks as the nation's favorite movie star, according to results of a Harris poll. Hanks had held the top spot for two years in a row but fell to second...

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Franklin Asks Washington For Help With Film Roles

9th January 2007

Music legend ARETHA FRANKLIN is so desperate to land another film role she is asking DENZEL WASHINGTON to use his influence in Hollywood on her behalf. The THINK singer hasn't been offered a role on...

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Washington's Racial Quest

3rd January 2007

DENZEL WASHINGTON has turned down film roles and forced directors to alter scenes in a bid to promote racial equality in Hollywood. The African-American actor confesses he turned down a love scene with JULIA ROBERTS...

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Washington Saved From Drugs By His Mother.

14th December 2006

DENZEL WASHINGTON rescued himself from a life of crime and drug-taking when he realised his bad behaviour was hurting his mother. The Oscar-winning star was heavily involved with drug-taking street gangs in his youth, and...

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