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Rodman: 'Madonna Wanted My Child'

21st October 2005

Former basketball player DENNIS RODMAN claims MADONNA ordered him to fly from Las Vegas to New York City to impregnate her during their short-lived relationship. Rodman, who dated the LIKE A VIRGIN singer in...

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Electra The New Face Of Max Factor

17th September 2005

Sexy actress CARMEN ELECTRA has been chosen as the new face of cosmetics giant Max Factor. The former BAYWATCH beauty, ex-wife of DENNIS RODMAN, has taken over from British actress CAMILLA RUTHERFORD as a...

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Arrest Warrant Issued For Rodman

17th September 2005

An arrest warrant for DENNIS RODMAN has been issued by a judge in Breckenridge, Colorodo, after the basketball star missed a court appearance on two alleged traffic violations. Rodman was charged with speeding and...

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Longoria And Electra Bond Over Basketball Boyfriends

29th August 2005

EVA LONGORIA and CARMEN ELECTRA became firm friends yesterday afternoon (28AUG05), after realising their romantic histories share common ground on the basketball court. The sexy actresses visited Miami Beach's Oribe salon ahead of the...

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Generous Fan Helps Rodman Escape Unpaid Bill Charges

15th August 2005

LATEST: Basketball legend DENNIS RODMAN has escaped charges over an unpaid garage bill, after an anonymous female fan stepped in to help keep the star out of trouble. Rodman allegedly failed to pay the...

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Rodman Caught Up In Controversy During Charity Race

27th July 2005

Former basketball star DENNIS RODMAN's efforts to take part in a charity rally race in Colorado yesterday (26JUL05) faced a major stumbling block - police pulled him over twice for speeding. In between the...

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Madonna 'Wasn't All That' During Rodman Romance

12th July 2005

MADONNA failed to impress basketball legend DENNIS RODMAN when the pair dated - and not even her raunchy bedroom antics were enough to spark his enthusiasm. The RAY OF LIGHT star had a year-long...

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Rodman Runs With The Bulls

8th July 2005

Colourful former basketball star-turned-actor DENNIS RODMAN ran with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain yesterday (07JUL05). The former boyfriend of MADONNA and husband of CARMEN ELECTRA risked life and limb at the annual event, where...

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Navarro Not Jealous

17th June 2005

Model CARMEN ELECTRA wishes her rock star husband DAVE NAVARRO would get jealous over the attention she receives from her fans, because it makes her feel loved. The PLAYBOY cover girl claims the JANE'S...

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Rodman Pulls Out Of Wife Carrying Challenge

9th June 2005

LATEST: Colourful former basketball star DENNIS RODMAN has been forced to pull out of next month's (JUL05) Wife Carrying World Championships in Finland after his spouse suffered motorcycle injuries. Rodman, who counts MADONNA and...

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Rodman Dons Lingerie For Football Game

8th June 2005

Basketball bad boy-turned-movie star DENNIS RODMAN will don bras and panties to play in next year's (06) Lingerie Bowl. The pay-per-view event, staged during the half-time celebrations of the annual American football SUPER BOWL,...

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Rodman To Take Part In Wife Carrying Competition

3rd June 2005

Legendary basketball star DENNIS RODMAN has caused a stir with his determination to compete in the 2005 WIFE-CARRYING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS in Finland this July (05). The bizarre sport sees the "wife" hauled upside down...

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Anderson Shuns Fur Fans

23rd February 2005

Former BAYWATCH babe PAMELA ANDERSON is so staunchly opposed to the fur trade, she refuses to interact with anyone she spots wearing animal skin. The busty blonde - who is an ardent campaigner for...

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Dennis Rodman Naked In Fashion Week Blitz

6th February 2005

Basketball star-turned-actor DENNIS RODMAN is set to shock at next week's (07FEB05) New York Fashion Week, by revealing all. The tattooed wildman will front a new PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS anti-fur...

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Rodman Settles Music Dispute

31st January 2005

Former basketball star DENNIS RODMAN has settled a dispute with the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF COMPOSERS, AUTHORS AND PUBLISHERS (ASCAB) over unpaid royalties for music played in his Los Angeles restaurant. Rodman has agreed to...

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Vince Neil Marries After Best Man Injured

11th January 2005

MOTLEY CRUE frontman VINCE NEIL married long-term love LIA GARARDINI on Sunday (09JAN05) after a last-minute rush to replace his ailing best man. Rapper-turned-minister MC HAMMER officiated at the ceremony at Las Vegas, Nevada's...

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Rodman To Strip For Peta

22nd December 2004

Eccentric former basketball star DENNIS RODMAN is to become the first man to strip naked for animal charity PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS. The flamboyant 43-year-old agreed to peel off for the...

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Rodman Facing Legal Action From Ex-employee

7th December 2004

DENNIS RODMAN is facing legal action from a former employee who claims he's owed money by the basketball star's restaurant. Before leaving his longtime home base in Newport Beach, California, Rodman took on ownership...

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Rodman Engaged To Kiss-and-tell Queen

2nd December 2004

Flamboyant basketball star DENNIS RODMAN has announced his engagement to British model ALICIA DOUVALL after a one-year courtship. Reports surfaced in August (04) the 43-year-old sportsman was dating the 25-year-old glamour model, who been...

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Navarro 'Loves' Rodman

15th October 2004

Rocker DAVE NAVARRO believes he has to "love" DENNIS RODMAN in order to love his own wife CARMEN ELECTRA. Faded basketball star Rodman had a brief and turbulent marriage with Electra, and despite their...

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Rodman Believes His Image Is Hurting His Career

11th October 2004

Sportsman DENNIS RODMAN is keen to shake off his bad boy image, because he feels it's hindering his attempts at a professional basketball comeback. Rodman, who has endured numerous brushes with the law and...

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Electra's Exes To Battle It Out Over Blackjack

7th October 2004

CARMEN ELECTRA's husband DAVE NAVARRO and ex-spouse DENNIS RODMAN are set to face off in a televised game of CELEBRITY BLACKJACK. Navarro and Rodman will be joined by LANCE BASS, ADAM CAROLLA, JASON ALEXANDER,...

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Rodman Heads South Of The Border

30th September 2004

Colourful sportsman DENNIS RODMAN has headed south of the border and joined a Mexican team in an effort to get back into professional basketball. Monterrey-based FUERZA REGIA has announced on its website that club...

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Rodman Dates 'P Diddy Fling' Douvall

5th August 2004

Cross-dressing basketball star DENNIS RODMAN is dating notorious British partygirl ALICIA DOUVALL - who once claimed to have been pregnant with SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS' baby. The 43-year-old sportsman has been on a series...

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Insatiable Madonna Duped Rodman

21st July 2004

MADONNA duped DENNIS RODMAN into sleeping with her and then pestered him with demands for sex, according to the former basketball star. The pair enjoyed a brief affair in 1994 after Madonna faked a...

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Carmen Finds Solace In Oprah

19th July 2004

Busty beauty CARMEN ELECTRA found solace and comfort in the wise words of OPRAH WINFREY as she struggled to cope with a double tragedy in her family six years ago. The STARSKY AND HUTCH...

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Rodman Reveals All

8th July 2004

Flamboyant star DENNIS RODMAN will reveal all about his romances with MADONNA and CARMEN ELECTRA in a shocking interview on American TV tonight (8JUL04). The former CHICAGO BULLS baseball star reveals to interviewer MICHAEL...

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Rodman Sparks Marriage Questions

30th June 2004

Basketball star DENNIS RODMAN has confused his fans by hinting he's still very much happily married to his wife MICHELLE. Rodman, who was once briefly married to sexy actress CARMEN ELECTRA, has two children...

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Madonna Regrets Her Chaotic Romances

21st June 2004

MADONNA is upset to think her past actions and broken romances have left others in pain and dealing with chaos in their lives. Now happily married to British movie maker GUY RITCHIE, the pop...

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Rodman's Ex Makes Settlement Demands

16th June 2004

LATEST: DENNIS RODMAN's estranged wife MICHELLE is expecting huge payouts as part of her divorce settlement from the basketball star - including cash for Botox shots. Michelle, who has two children with Rodman, says...

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