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Dennis Rodman's Odd Relationship With North Korea Hitting The Big Screen

By Jack de Aguilar | 25th February 2014

It was considered the world’s oddest diplomatic mission, Dennis Rodman’s trip to North Korea to facilitate a brand of basketball diplomacy considering the controversial dictator, Kim Jong Un’s fondness for The Chicago Bulls. And, like...

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Miley Cyrus, Dennis Rodman And Barack Obama All Have Something In Common...They Feature On Gq's Least Influence List

By Nick Hill | 25th November 2013

GQ's least influential celebrities of 2013 list has just been released and there might be a few surprises as well as some obvious names that are highly featured.Obama was GQs 17th least influential celebrity of...

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Miley Cyrus & Barack Obama Among Gq's 'Least Influential' List

By Joe Wilde | 24th November 2013

Dennis Rodman topped one of the least desirable end of year lists going, as GQ placed the North Korea-infatuated former NBA star at the top of their annual 'Least Influential People' list. Rodman took home...

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Rodman, Nobel Prize? Seems Like A Good Idea To Us!

By Jack de Aguilar | 3rd July 2013

The Nobel Peace Prize 2012 was a bit of a cop out – giving it to an organization? What is that? No no no. We need something else, so how about a 6ft 7 former...

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Rodman Fbi Informant? Basketball Star Heading Back To North Korea In August

By Contributor | 16th April 2013

While we all cower in terror awaiting North Korea to unleash merry hell on us all and American to subsequently unleash their own brand of crater-making carnage, one of the lighter stories of the whole...

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Dennis Rodman Fired From The Apprentice After Spelling Mistake Fiasco

By Joe Wilde | 9th April 2013

Dennis Rodman fired. Former NBA bad boy and apparently the USA's only direct link to North Korea Dennis Rodman has been given the boot from this season's Celebrity Apprentice: All Stars after his team mis-spelled...

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Dennis Rodman Booted From Celebrity Apprentice

By Contributor | 8th April 2013

Dennis Rodman found himself ousted from Celebrity Apprentice after he managed to spell the name of Donald Trump’s wife Melania wrong. A rookie mistake really, Dennis.Indeed, while he’s recently been living the high life in,...

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Dennis Rodman's New Bff Is North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un

By Michael West | 4th March 2013

Dennis Rodman has a new best friend. In many ways, it's the most bizarre friendship in the history of bromances. In other ways, it makes perfect sense. The retired NBA Player has become close pals...

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