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Denis Leary's New Rock Band Reunion Comedy Gets Picked Up

1st July 2014

Funnyman Denis Leary is returning to Tv as a fallen rock star.The Ice Age regular's new series Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll has been picked up by executives at U.S. cable network Fx, who aired his acclaimed firefighter drama...

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Denis Leary Donates New Equipment To Detroit Firefighters

23rd May 2014

Actor Denis Leary has donated more than $260,000 (£162,500)-worth of much-needed new equipment to firefighters in the bankrupt city of Detroit, Michigan.The Amazing Spider-Man star offered up the state-of-the-art items through his Leary Firefighters Foundation...

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Denis Leary's 'Sirens' Fails To Lure The Critics - Reviews Roundup

By Jack de Aguilar | 6th March 2014

Loosly based upon the British series of the same name, Sirens follows three narcissistic, self-destructive paramedics with difficult interpersonal relationships as they try to save everyday Americans’ lives. The premise has been set in stone...

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Denis Leary Returning To Small Screen As Ageing Rocker

8th January 2014

Denis Leary is heading back to Tv in a self-penned comedy about an ageing rock star.The actor, who was a regular fixture on the small screen in firefighter drama Rescue Me between 2004 and 2011,...

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'Sandlot' Actor Arrested For Cop Headbutt, But Let's Remember The Movie

By Michael West | 8th August 2013

Sandlot actor Tom Guiry, who played Smalls in the hit movie of the 1990s, has been arrested for headbutting a cop and trying to kick him in the face.In one of the more bizarre stories...

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Vanessa Hudgens To Star In Kitchen Sink

31st July 2013

Vanessa Hudgens is in talks for 'The Kitchen Sink'.'The Frozen Ground' star is in early negotiations to join the cast of Sony's zombie comedy, while Denis Leary - who recently starred in 'The Amazing Spider-Man'...

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Seinfeld And Rescue Me Homes Destroyed By Storm

30th October 2012

New York City homes featured in hit U.S. Tv shows Seinfeld and Denis Leary's Rescue Me have been destroyed by the U.S. superstorm.The Big Apple was bashed by winds and torrential rain on Monday (29Oct12)...

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Denis Leary Terrifies The Kardashians During Sleepwalking Drama

18th July 2012

The Amazing Spider-man star Denis Leary almost sparked a mid-air emergency onboard a recent flight with the Kardashians when he started attacking a federal marshall during a sleepwalking drama.The comedian has revealed he often wanders...

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Ice Age: Continental Drift: Not Quite As Cool As Expected

13th July 2012

Ice Age: Continental Drift is the fourth instalment of the prehistoric children's animated adventures, and as it drifts up to the box office, the critical reception thus far have hardly been enough to warm people...

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Ice Age: Continental Drift: Lukewarm Reviews For Icy Adventure

12th July 2012

Ice Age: Continental Drift may have had a personnel boost from the likes of Denis Leary and Queen Latifah but as far as the critics are concerned, the latest instalment in the Ice Age animated...

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Denis Leary Planted Secret Prop In The Amazing Spider-man Set

4th July 2012

Actor Denis Leary used his star turn in The Amazing Spider-man to promote his favourite charity, by secretly planting a placard for the organisation in the background of a scene.The comedian, who plays New York...

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Spider-man Star Emma Stone Eyes Journalism Career?

26th June 2012

Emma Stone has risen to become one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood over the past couple of years, thanks to solid performances in the likes of 'The Help', 'Easy A' and 'Crazy Stupid...

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Denis Leary: 'Ice Age Tiger Was Supposed To Die In First Film'

15th June 2012

Actor/comedian Denis Leary had to fight to keep his animated sabre-toothed tiger from death in the first Ice Age movie.The star of the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man has revealed his character Diego was supposed to...

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Andrew Garfield: The Moment I Fell For Emma Stone

13th June 2012

Andrew Garfield has revealed how he fell for his Spider-Man co-star Emma Stone, before they'd even started filming the movie. The couple kept their relationship under wraps to start with but it's thought that they...

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Denis Leary Likes To Upset Academics With Doctorate

13th June 2012

Actor/comedian Denis Leary loves to flash his doctorate around at prestigious events - because it never fails to upset academics who actually had to work for it.The Ice Age star was honoured with a Doctor...

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Spider-man Videos Posted On Youtube

11th June 2012

In advance of Sony's release of The Amazing Spider-Man on July 3, the studio has posted on YouTube not only a trailer but also more than 20 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage, much of which features...

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The Things They Say 25431

11th June 2012

"Denis and I were kind of the only smokers on set. We would often find each other, me in varying degrees of reptilia and him on the other side of the law - a cop...

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Andrew Garfield Battles Nemesis In Amazing Spider-man Teaser

15th May 2012

The latest teaser for the upcoming superhero summer smash The Amazing Spider Man has surfaced online, offering a whopping 4 minutes worth of sneak peak at the franchise reboot. Andrew Garfield, who replaces Tobey Maguire...

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The Amazing Spider-man: What Does The New Trailer Reveal?

4th May 2012

The new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man has been released and gives a brief insight into the backstory of this latest instalment in the modern Spider-Man re-boot. Unlike its predecessors, The Amazing Spider-Man starts to...

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Curtis Lands Charity Honour

19th April 2012

Jamie Lee Curtis and Denis Leary will be honoured at a gala in Los Angeles on Saturday (21Apr12) in recognition of their charity work.The Freaky Friday star, who serves as a Celebrity Cabinet member for...

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Emma Stone Enlists Help Of Beau Andrew Garfield For Snl

14th November 2011

Emma Stone enlisted the help of her rumored boyfriend Andrew Garfield for her second stint as host of Saturday Night Live over the weekend. The actress took the reins of the sketch comedy show and...

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Denis Leary Craves Ashton Kutcher's Mega-trailer

13th September 2011

Funnyman Denis Leary is demanding Ashton Kutcher's state-of-the-art trailer when he starts work on his new sitcom because he's tired of having to share his personal space with writers and producers.The actor was stunned to...

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The Things They Say 22802

12th September 2011

"I think we're going to carry the Ice Ages up to Ice Age 15, which means basically they'll be in the present decade. We'll go through World War One and World War Two and then...

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Denis Leary Talks About His Role In The New Spiderman Movie

6th September 2011

Denis Leary star of hit TV show Rescue Me has been speaking about his career and role in the new Spiderman movie.Speaking to the 54-year-old actor said he was extremely impressed by, Andrew Garfield,...

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The Things They Say 22575

16th August 2011

"I was like, 'Boy, I'm strapping myself to this monster because I could get another three movies out of this deal... but every time I open my mouth about this movie I get in trouble,...

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The Things They Say 22571

15th August 2011

"Jennifer Lopez is my love interest in Ice Age 4 - how about that...? I think we're actually gonna sing a song together in the studio." Funnyman Denis Leary can't wait to start work on...

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Spider-man Sequel Commissioned

8th August 2011

'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' will be released in May, 2014. Although 'The Amazing Spider-Man' starring Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker and his superhero alter-ego and Emma Stone as his first love Gwen Stacy won't hit...

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The Amazing Spider Man Trailer Leaks Early

19th July 2011

A trailer for the upcoming 'Amazing Spider Man' movie, starring British actor Andrew Garfield, has leaked online before its intended premiere this weekend. A promo for the movie was scheduled to screen in theatres before...

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Denis Leary Surprised By Smithsonian Honour

13th July 2011

Actor/funnyman Denis Leary was stunned when bosses at America's Smithsonian Museum asked for his clothing from hit firefighter drama Rescue Me and still expects them to have second thoughts about the induction of his character.Leary...

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The Things They Say 22265

12th July 2011

"I didn't know I was gonna get Spider-Man... I got Spider-Man, so I quit Rescue Me." Funnyman/actor Denis Leary on why the new season of his firefighting drama Rescue Me will be his last. He'll...

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