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Denis Lawson Snubbed Star Wars Prequel Offer

20th March 2014

Actor Denis Lawson turned down an invitation to feature in one of the Star Wars prequels as the franchise "bores" him.The Scottish star played ace pilot Wedge Antilles in George Lucas' original trilogy and was...

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Ewan Mcgregor's 'Lovely' Scenes With Uncle Denis Lawson

20th June 2011

Ewan Mcgregor was ecstatic to have finally landed an acting part opposite his uncle Denis Lawson, because the thespian has "inspired" the Scottish star throughout his career.Lawson has enjoyed a varied stage, TV and film...

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Carey Mulligan's Age Confusion

13th March 2010

Carey Mulligan feels old.The 'An Education' actress - who is dating actor Shia LaBeouf - admits her work and life experiences make her seem much older than her 24 years, though she is still a...

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Bleak House Leads Bafta Tv Nominations

27th March 2006

Hollywood stars GILLIAN ANDERSON, BERNARD HILL and RUFUS SEWELL are among the top nominees for this year's (06) BAFTA Television Awards - Britain's answer to the Emmys. THE X-FILES actress Anderson is nominated in the...

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Sharif Set For British Tv?

26th July 2005

Producers on a British TV show HOLBY CITY are trying to persuade acting legend OMAR SHARIF to star in the hospital drama, after a bet with a cast member. Actress TINA HOBLEY asked BBC...

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Mcgregor's First Star Wars Experience

28th April 2005

STAR WARS star EWAN McGREGOR was never a fan of the epic sci-fi series, he only watched the original movie because his uncle appeared in it. The actor - who plays OBI WAN KENOBI...

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Mcgregor's Star Wars Uncle Told Him To Avoid Sci-fi Series

15th January 2004

Scottish star EWAN McGREGOR agreed to appear in the STAR WARS prequels - even though his Star Wars actor uncle warned him off the project. DENIS LAWSON played rebel fighter pilot WEDGE ANTILLES in...

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