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Caine And Moore To Co-star Again

16th March 2006

MICHAEL CAINE and DEMI MOORE will team up for the first time in 12 years when shooting for new heist movie FLAWLESS gets underway. Caine and Moore, who co-starred in 1984's BLAME IT ON RIO,...

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Fascinating Fact 1232

15th March 2006

NIP/TUCK star JULIAN MCMAHON and ex-wife BROOKE BURNS were so inspired by how BRUCE WILLIS and DEMI MOORE raised their kids together after a divorce, they now take their daughter BROOKE to school together each...

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Moore And Willis Team Up For Kutcher's Birthday Party

16th February 2006

DEMI MOORE gave her new husband, ASHTON KUTCHER, a birthday party to remember on 4 February (06) by inviting the best speaker she knows to toast the PUNK'D star - her ex-husband. BRUCE WILLIS...

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Willis Dreams Of More Kids

14th February 2006

Movie star BRUCE WILLIS is considering becoming a father again in his fifties - but he doesn't want to wed. The DIE HARD star has three daughters with ex-wife DEMI MOORE and he's thinking...

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Kutcher Stripped Of Kabbalah Icon

1st February 2006

THAT 70'S SHOW star ASHTON KUTCHER was furious when asked to remove his Kabbalah red-string bracelet during the filming of his latest movie THE GUARDIAN. The PUNK'D host has worn the red-string adornment for...

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Fascinating Fact 901

26th January 2006

Actress JORDANA BREWSTER isn't surprised people are comparing her hot new Navy official character in ANNAPOLIS with DEMI MOORE's LT CDR JOANNE GALLOWAY in A FEW GOOD MEN - she worked with the same costume...

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Farrell's Irresistible Smell

24th January 2006

Irish heart-throb COLIN FARRELL has revealed the secret behind success with women - his natural smell. The ALEXANDER star has been linked to a number of A-list beauties, including BRITNEY SPEARS, ROSARIO DAWSON and...

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Estevez Calls On Unknown To Play Bobby Kennedy

6th January 2006

Actor-turned-movie maker EMILIO ESTEVEZ has picked a little known US TV actor to play the lead role of ROBERT KENNEDY in his allstar movie BOBBY. Former soap star MARK VALLEY, who played SIENNA MILLER's...

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Versace Praises Berry's Work Ethic

5th January 2006

Fashion designer DONATELLA VERSACE has hailed HALLE BERRY's strong work ethic, after the stunning actress went straight from the X-MEN 3 film set to pose for Versace's latest ad campaign. The Oscar-winning beauty follows...

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Moore's Daughters Credit Mother's Style

2nd January 2006

DEMI MOORE's daughters rarely leave the house without getting style tips from their famous mother, because she inspires them to look their best at all times. RUMER, SCOUT and TALLULAH WILLIS admit mom Moore...

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Demi Sings For Bobby

21st December 2005

DEMI MOORE has become the latest movie star to show off her singing skills on the big screen. The GHOST star will play a lounge singer in her ex-boyfriend EMILIO ESTEVEZ's upcoming movie BOBBY....

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The Things They Say 873

16th December 2005

"It looks simple but it's a technique." DEMI MOORE had to learn how to open a bottle of champagne properly for her new role as a chef in Christmas advertisements for Spanish wine company Friexenet....

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Moore And Kutcher 'Consider' Baby

13th December 2005

Newlywed DEMI MOORE has rubbished suggestions she is pregnant with husband ASHTON KUTCHER's child, although she admits the couple will probably start trying soon. Moore, who married Kutcher in September (05), already has three...

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Lohan Linked To Cannon

7th December 2005

LINDSAY LOHAN has been romantically linked to a new man - rapper/actor NICK CANNON. FREAKY FRIDAY star Lohan has kept her love life under tight wraps following her split from WILMER VALDERRAMA last year...

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Basinger New Face For Prada

1st December 2005

Academy award-winning actress KIM BASINGER has been enlisted by Italian fashion designer MUICCIA PRADA to model her new spring/summer (06) Mui Mui collection. Basinger, 51, who was a successful model before turning to acting,...

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Fascinating Fact 496

15th November 2005

Actress HALLE BERRY has followed in the footsteps of MADONNA and DEMI MOORE by becoming the new face of fashion house Versace. She was photographed for the latest advertising campaign by acclaimed celebrity snapper MARIO...

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Myers Asks Stewart To Play His Brother

7th November 2005

Funnyman MIKE MYERS is reportedly in negotiations to cast ROD STEWART for a role in his fourth AUSTIN POWERS movie - as the spoof spy's brother. After landing MICHAEL CAINE as Powers' father in...

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Kutcher And Grace To Return To That '70s Show?

2nd November 2005

ASHTON KUTCHER and TOPHER GRACE are missing their old sitcom THAT '70S SHOW so much, they're considering making a return - just months after walking away. Grace and Kutcher left the long-running show earlier...

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Willis Reveals Berry Attraction

29th October 2005

Hollywood actor BRUCE WILLIS has declared he has a crush on his former neighbour HALLE BERRY. The ex-husband of DEMI MOORE admits he was thrilled when the Oscar-winning beauty made her way over to...

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Estevez Lands Lohan For Bobby

27th October 2005

LATEST: LINDSAY LOHAN has been added to the star-studded cast of EMILIO ESTEVEZ's new politically-charged movie about former US presidential hopeful ROBERT F KENNEDY. THE BREAKFAST CLUB star, who will direct and act in...

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Fascinating Fact 424

26th October 2005

DEMI MOORE and BRUCE WILLIS' three daughters RUMER, SCOUT and TALLULAH are embarking on modelling careers after teaming up for a quirky spread in Teen Vogue....

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Has Cruise Converted The Beckhams?

24th October 2005

Former SPICE GIRL VICTORIA BECKHAM has fuelled reports she and husband DAVID BECKHAM are converting to Scientology, after she was spotted reading a book from the controversial religion. The Beckhams struck up an unusual...

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Catherine Zeta-jones Loses Her Voice

19th October 2005

CHICAGO star CATHERINE ZETA-JONES is battling to regain her voice, after losing it while promoting her new movie THE LEGEND OF ZORRO. The Welsh actress has been travelling tirelessly to promote the movie, and...

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Kutcher's Brother Missed Wedding As A 'Favour'

19th October 2005

LATEST: ASHTON KUTCHER's twin brother MICHAEL stayed away from the star's wedding to DEMI MOORE, because he couldn't trust his estranged wife not to leak details to the press. According to the pair's mother...

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Art Imitates Life In Kutcher's New Comedy

18th October 2005

ASHTON KUTCHER is transporting elements of his real life into the sitcom world, after signing up to produce a new show about a young man who marries an older woman. TV programme 30 YEAR...

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Kutcher Bids For Poker Lesson At Auction

18th October 2005

Newlywed ASHTON KUTCHER treated himself to a poker lesson with top player ANNIE DUKE as he and his new bride DEMI MOORE made their first official public appearance since their marriage (24SEP05) at a Las...

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Lennon/ono Shot Tops Magazine Covers List

17th October 2005

Iconic photos taken of JOHN LENNON on what would be the last day of his life have topped a new list of the best magazine covers of all time. Lennon posed for photographs with...

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Moore Keeps Quiet Over Magazine Donation

17th October 2005

Newlyweds DEMI MOORE and ASHTON KUTCHER have lashed out at reports they failed to fulfil a donation promise to a charity, insisting where they choose to give their wedding photo fee is no one's business....

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Budget Designer Copies Demi's Dress

16th October 2005

Copycat designer ALLEN SCHWARTZ is working overtime to create budget versions of DEMI MOORE's one-of-a-kind wedding dress because he's convinced the actress has started a new nuptials fashion trend. Moore wed ASHTON KUTCHER on...

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Unknown Singer Stars At Moore + Kutcher's Wedding

14th October 2005

Singer/songwriter DAVID ALDO was given the chance to sing at DEMI MOORE and ASHTON KUTCHER's wedding last month (SEP05), after Moore booked him to perform at her then-boyfriend's birthday party in February (05). The...

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