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Moore Dismisses Pregnancy Reports

18th March 2007

Hollywood actress DEMI MOORE has rubbished reports she is expecting her first child with husband ASHTON KUTCHER, issuing a brash statement to deny the claims. The 44-year-old married Kutcher, 29, in 2005 and reacted furiously...

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The Things They Say 4214

3rd March 2007

"If someone would have pitched this idea and said, `Y'know, I've got this great idea - it's a love story with a dead guy,' anybody in their right mind would have said, `Thanks, but no...

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Demi Teaches Pilates

22nd February 2007

DEMI MOORE can add Pilates instructor to her impressive resume after becoming such an expert she's staging sessions at her home. The actress, a longtime yoga and fitness fanatic, has been studying the stretching workout...

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Thornton Thrilled With Sporting Successes

6th February 2007

BILLY BOB THORNTON's living the sporting life after watching his two favourite teams become world champions in the past five months. The FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS star was at the Super Bowl on Sunday (04FEB07) to...

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Moore Ditches Punishing Exercise Regime

30th January 2007

Hollywood actress DEMI MOORE has turned her back on her rigorous exercise regime, because her body can't take the punishment anymore. The 44-year-old used to train six times every week and perform hundreds of stomach...

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Moore And Kutcher Won't Do Graduate

22nd January 2007

DEMI MOORE and her husband ASHTON KUTCHER have decided not to go ahead with a planned remake of the 1967 hit film THE GRADUATE, because couples who are together in real life never work well...

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De Niro Tops 'Shameless' List

22nd January 2007

ROBERT DE NIRO has been named and shamed in a US magazine after topping a new poll to find the 25 Most Shameless Paycheck Grabbing Roles In History. The revered actor's odd role in critically-panned...

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Stone Has High Praise For Extras

20th January 2007

Hollywood actress SHARON STONE has praised the talented extras in her latest movie BOBBY - and wishes there was an accolade equivalent of an Academy Award for the budding stars. The BASIC INSTINCT beauty appears...

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Stars Ditch Globe Bashes To Party With Prince

17th January 2007

Celebrity couples TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES, JENNIFER LOPEZ and MARC ANTHONY and DEMI MOORE and ASHTON KUTCHER joined POSH SPICE VICTORIA BECKHAM at the glitzy party PRINCE threw after the Golden Globe Awards on...

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The Things They Say 3761

12th January 2007

"At first he kissed like a camel - like camel tongue! Oh, it was terrible! Then DEMI MOORE got ahold of him and must have taught him something." CYBILL SHEPHERD on her former MOONLIGHTING co-star...

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Moore Based Alcoholic Character On Her Mother

10th January 2007

Hollywood actress DEMI MOORE based her role as an alcoholic in new movie BOBBY on her mother. Writer/director EMILIO ESTEVEZ asked Moore to play alcoholic lounge singer VIRGINIA FALLON because he knew her mother and...

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Moore Returns To Vanity Fair

4th January 2007

Actress DEMI MOORE has once again made the cover of Vanity Fair magazine, this time posing in a sexy, white bathrobe. The 43-year-old STRIPTEASE star has appeared on several historic covers for the publication. She...

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Moore Kids For Demi And Ashton?

3rd January 2007

Hollywood royalty Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are not ruling out the possibility of kids in the future. Despite many cynics placing bets on the shelf life of the couple when they married in a...

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The Things They Say 3680

3rd January 2007

"We've teased each other recently about doing THE GRADUATE on Broadway." DEMI MOORE admits she and toyboy husband ASHTON KUTCHER have considered recreating the parts of ageing seductress MRS ROBINSON and BENJAMIN BRADDOCK in the...

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Moore: 'Kutcher Romance Was A Surprise'

3rd January 2007

Actress DEMI MOORE has confessed she was as surprised as family, friends and fans when she found herself falling in love with her husband ASHTON KUTCHER after meeting him at a dinner party. Moore spoke...

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Cain To Tackle Cruise's Kaffee

3rd January 2007

Former TV SUPERMAN DEAN CAIN has signed up to recreate one of TOM CRUISE's most famous big screen roles onstage. The actor will play ambitious lawyer DANIEL KAFFEE in a touring production of AARON SORKIN's...

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Beyonce Tops Hollywood's Best Dressed List

19th December 2006

BEYONCE KNOWLES has been crowned Hollywood's style queen in a new Best Dressed poll. Style editors at American publication Life + Style have named the singer/actress as their favourite fashion femme of 2006, ahead of...

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Moore Took Acting Break For Kids

18th December 2006

DEMI MOORE took a self-imposed hiatus from acting after deciding to raise her family instead - and is only returning because her kids became sick at the sight of her. The GHOST actress gave up...

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Estevez Planning Globe Celebration With Father

15th December 2006

EMILIO ESTEVEZ was thrilled to hear his movie BOBBY was nominated for two Golden Globe Awards yesterday (14DEC06) - and plans to celebrate the triumph with his actor father MARTIN SHEEN. Sheen is currently studying...

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Lowe Embarrassed By Big Hair

8th December 2006

ROB LOWE still can't shake his image as a 1980s heartthrob and hates being reminded of his hairdo from that era. Although it's been 25 years since he was a member of the 'Brat Pack'...

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Rodriguez Amazed To Be Part Of Star-studded Bobby

28th November 2006

SIX FEET UNDER star FREDDY RODRIGUEZ was overjoyed to land a role in political drama BOBBY after finding out about the movie's star-studded cast. Rodriguez was asked to appear in the film by director EMILIO...

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Estevez: 'Demi Moore's Boozy Singer Is Not Tee-total Clooney'

27th November 2006

Actor/director EMILIO ESTEVEZ has killed reports suggesting the boozy lounge singer played by his ex-fiance DEMI MOORE in new movie BOBBY is based on late, great ROSEMARY CLOONEY because the WHITE CHRISTMAS star didn't drink....

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The Things They Say 3417

22nd November 2006

"There are many ways to find happiness, but I think the only true way is to know yourself, although it helps to have millions in the bank and a good-looking 28-year-old boyfriend!" DEMI MOORE reveals...

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Estevez Went Broke Writing Bobby

17th November 2006

EMILIO ESTEVEZ was so broke while he was writing and selling the script for his new movie BOBBY he was reduced to signing 'trading cards' to save his Hollywood home. The BREAKFAST CLUB star was...

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The Things They Say 3293

8th November 2006

"It was no reflection on what our relationship was like when we were engaged." EMILIO ESTEVEZ insists playing ex-fiancee DEMI MOORE's abused husband in BOBBY was not inspired by their real-life romance.

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Blige + Franklin Duet For Bobby

7th November 2006

Soul queens MARY J BLIGE and ARETHA FRANKLIN have teamed up for the soundtrack of EMILIO ESTEVEZ's much-anticipated new movie BOBBY. The singers have recorded BRYAN ADAMS tune NEVER GONNA BREAK MY FAITH. The soundtrack...

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Krumholtz Hails Moore For Oscar

7th November 2006

American actor DAVID KRUMHOLTZ has hailed his BOBBY co-star DEMI MOORE as a possible contender at the 2007 Academy Awards. The 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU star, 28, insists critics and fans will be...

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The Things They Say 3291

7th November 2006

"My first immediate thought was, 'She's a singer. No!' And I actually started to spend my time on the phone with him coming up with other suggestions of other people." DEMI MOORE felt so sure...

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The Things They Say 3237

1st November 2006

"The 20-year-old is just adorable. I saw DEMI MOORE the other night and I just said, 'I think I can do better.'" COURTNEY LOVE jokes with DEMI MOORE about becoming romantically involved with a younger...

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Kutcher And Moore Protect Themselves With Guns

30th October 2006

Hollywood couple ASHTON KUTCHER and DEMI MOORE keep guns in their Idaho home to protect themselves and the actress' three daughters. PUNK'D star Kutcher owns a Springfield handgun while INDECENT PROPOSAL actress Moore has been...

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