Demi Lovato wears skimpy onstage outfits to empower her fans.

The 23-year-old singer has overcome an eating disorder and is now happier than ever with her body, which she likes to show off in racy outfits while performing.

She explained to heat magazine: ''I wanted to show you can survive an eating disorder and have the confidence to show yourself. For me to say all that, then go onstage in layers and sweat - I was miserable. I was hot, but I didn't want to show my arms.''

Demi admitted that her previous stage costumes, which were decidedly more covered up, meant she was not being true to herself.

She said: ''For someone who's preached about body image, to go onstage [on tour last September] in head-to-toe clothing, that was a sign of somebody that was not totally secure with their body.

''I wasn't happy with my body image and part of me preaching was me trying to convince myself.''

Demi, who also sought treatment in rehab for self-harming, alcohol and drug abuse a few years ago, recently revealed she loves working out, but used to worry about becoming addicted to it.

She said: ''I used it as an excuse not to work out. Like, 'I don't want to get too obsessed with it.' Everyone around me was like, 'Demi, you're lazy - you're not going to get obsessed.' But I monitor myself.

''I have always been an extreme person with everything I do. My workouts can't be easy or else I don't feel like I'm doing anything.''