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Feudin' Banjos Hitmaker Arthur Smith Dies

4th April 2014

Arthur Smith, the guitarist who created the song that inspired cult movie Deliverance's Dueling Banjos, has died, aged 93.The musician was one of the most influential country and rock 'n' roll guitarists in the 1940s...

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Burt Reynolds: 'Nude Photo Cost Deliverance Oscar Glory'

29th October 2012

Hollywood icon Burt Reynolds still regrets posing nude for a women's magazine in the 1970s as he fears the centrefold hurt his movie Deliverance's chances at the Academy Awards.The actor caused a stir and became...

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Ronny Cox Writes Deliverance Book

21st June 2012

Actor Ronny Cox is to mark the 40th anniversary of movie classic Deliverance by releasing a book about his experience making the landmark film.Cox got his big break when he was cast as businessman Drew...

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Voight Wants Emmy Celebration With Jolie And Granddaughter

9th July 2006

Actor JON VOIGHT is thrilled with his Emmy Award nomination but insists any celebration won't be complete until he's reunited with his estranged daughter ANGELINA JOLIE and met his new granddaughter. The DELIVERANCE star, who...

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Tony Adams Dies

24th October 2005

Acclaimed film and stage producer TONY ADAMS has died of a stroke in New York City. He was 52. The Irish-born film-maker passed away on Saturday (22OCT05) at Manhattan's Beth Israel Hospital, his spokesman...

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Sex Shock Scene In The Crying Game Tops New Movie Poll

27th September 2005

THE CRYING GAME's pivotal penis scene has topped a new movie poll of shocking moments. The scene in question, where STEPHEN REA's character is confronted by the naked truth that the dancer he's in...

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Reynolds Shocked By Sodomy Creek

31st May 2005

Movie veteran BURT REYNOLDS was shocked when he and DELIVERANCE co-star NED BEATTY took a trip back to the location of the disturbing 1972 film, only to find the whole area had been renamed to...

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Voight's Ex Saved Deliverance

15th November 2004

Movie star JON VOIGHT credits his ex-wife MARCHELINE BERTRAND with urging him to pursue his role in epic adventure movie DELIVERANCE because he was all set to hand the part to GENE HACKMAN. The...

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Travis Tritt Revels In Twisted Role

13th August 2004

Country star TRAVIS TRITT had so much fun filming his role in the upcoming movie 2001 MANIACS, because he got the chance to play such a twisted character. Tritt recently warped filming on the...

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Gallo Blasts Buffalo Lawmakers Over Sister's Conviction

11th December 2003

Eccentric actor VINCENT GALLO has slammed his home town of Buffalo, New York, after his sister was incarcerated by local police for helping an abused child. The BUFFALO 66 director and star is furious...

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Burton Finds Banjo Boy

25th November 2003

Movie-maker TIM BURTON tracked down a forgotten movie icon to star in his new film BIG FISH - only to find he was reluctant to leave his job as a waiter. BILLY REDDEN played...

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Deliverance Tyrants Voted Greatest Movie Villains

27th May 2003

The two evil mountain men on hit 1972 film DELIVERANCE have been voted the greatest movie villains of all time. BILL McKINNEY and HERBERT 'COWBOY' COWARD played hillbillies who terrorised a group of canoeing...

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Beatty Still Scarred By Deliverance Horrors

24th April 2003

Movie star NED BEATTY is still haunted by the memory of rape scenes he starred in 30 years ago. Beatty hated filming the sodomy scenes in 1972 thriller DELIVERANCE and he still struggles to...

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