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Fascinating Fact 5621

11th July 2008

Rockers DEEP PURPLE are to play 12 stadium shows in Russia this autumn (08). The SMOKE ON THE WATER hitmakers are among the biggest-selling acts in the former Soviet Union....

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Deep Purple Star Glover Mourns Mother

12th June 2008

DEEP PURPLE bassist ROGER GLOVER is in mourning for his mother, who lost her battle with cancer on Tuesday (10Jun08). The star took an extended hiatus from the reformed rock group after his mother Brenda...

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Deep Purple To Play For Next Russian President

6th February 2008

Veteran band DEEP PURPLE is set to rock DMITRY MEDVEDEV into power as Russia's next president after learning they're the premier-to-be's favourite group. Medvedev has asked the British stars to play at a party to...

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The Things They Say 6611

21st December 2007

"Hello and welcome to the LED ZEPPELIN reunion." DEEP PURPLE rocker IAN GILLAN jokes with fans at a private concert in Zurich, Switzerland on Tuesday (18Dec07).

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Fascinating Fact 4249

6th November 2007

DEEP PURPLE star IAN GILLAN has donated a sketch to the Dorset Wildlife Trust in England. The charity's bosses plan to auction off the drawing on website to raise funds. The auction ends on...

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Lord Celebrates University Birthday

22nd October 2007

Former DEEP PURPLE rocker JON LORD helped to celebrate the 175th birthday of a prestigious English University - by writing a new classical work. The veteran star - and former member of Whitesnake - composed...

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Gillan Blasts 'Death Sentence' Of Classic Rock Radio

16th August 2007

DEEP PURPLE frontman IAN GILLAN believes U.S. radio stations that play nothing but classic rock are a "death sentence" for veteran bands. The British singer claims that because such radio stations play nothing but chart...

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Fascinating Fact 3462

26th June 2007

Guitarists in Germany set a new world record on Saturday (23Jun07) by performing a mass rendition of DEEP PURPLE's rock anthem SMOKE ON THE WATER. Some 1,800 musicians gathered for the attempt to beat a...

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Guitar Record Set To Smoke On The Water

4th June 2007

More than 1,680 guitarists broke a world record by playing DEEP PURPLE classic SMOKE ON THE WATER simultaneously yesterday (03Jun07). Guitar players from around the world flocked to Kansas City, Kansas to play the 1972...

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Deep Purple Live Album Withdrawn

28th February 2007

Deep Purple's latest album has been withdrawn after the group told fans not to buy it.Sony BMG made the decision after lead singer Ian Gillian commented on the poor quality of the record.Entitled NEC 1993,...

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Deep Purple Live Album Withdrawn

27th February 2007

LATEST: DEEP PURPLE's pleas that fans stop buying their latest album have worked - the record giant responsible for its release has withdrawn copies from shop shelves. The veteran rockers were furious when they heard...

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Deep Purple Urge Fans To Avoid Latest Release

26th February 2007

Veteran rockers DEEP PURPLE are pleading with fans to not buy their latest album - a recording of their worst ever concert. The SMOKE ON THE WATER band are incensed record label Sony BMG has...

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Bassist Appleby Shot By Neighbour

1st December 2006

IAN GILLIAN's bassist RODNEY APPLEBY is being treated for a facial gunshot wound after allegedly being attacked by a neighbour in Buffalo, New York. The 49-year-old, who played on former DEEP PURPLE frontman Gillian's...

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Hendrix Visited Brother In His Dreams

9th November 2006

JIMI HENDRIX's little brother LEON has revealed the late guitar legend came to him in a dream and urged him to keep the Hendrix legacy going. Leon Hendrix has just completed work on his second...

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The Things They Say 3295

8th November 2006

"I've got to keep it long as I've got such huge ears." DEEP PURPLE singer DAVID COVERDALE on his shaggy rock hairstyle.

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Embarrassed Abba Star Draws Her Own Raffle Ticket

20th September 2006

Former ABBA singer ANNI-FRID LYNGSTAD was left embarrassed at a London charity auction last Thursday (14SEP06) when she drew her own winning raffle ticket. The WATERLOO star was at an event in aid of the...

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Fascinating Fact 1991

23rd August 2006

DEEP PURPLE frontman IAN GILLAN is spending free time on his Smoke This! solo tour writing a novel.

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Dulli Refuses To Pull Plug On Tel Aviv Gig

4th August 2006

Former AFGHAN WHIGS star GREG DULLI is ignoring conflict concerns in the Middle East and pressing ahead with plans to play his first show in Tel Aviv, Israel. DEPECHE MODE and DEEP PURPLE recently pulled...

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Depeche Mode Scrap Tel Aviv Show

2nd August 2006

DEPECHE MODE have scrapped their upcoming Tel Aviv, Israel concert due to the spiralling problems in the Middle East. The British trio was billed to perform at Hayarkon Park in the city on Thursday night...

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Deep Purple Refuse To Cancel Concert In Beirut

18th July 2006

Rock band DEEP PURPLE are refusing to cancel a scheduled concert near Beirut, Lebanon, even in light of the crisis in the Middle East. The band insists it will honour its commitment to perform at...

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Coverdale Slams Celebrity Marriages

22nd February 2006

Former DEEP PURPLE and WHITESNAKE rocker DAVID COVERDALE has vowed never to marry another celebrity after discovering they are usually riddled with insecurities. The British singer, once married to actress TAWNY KITAEN, blasts famous...

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Coverdale Considering Comeback

16th February 2006

Former DEEP PURPLE and WHITESNAKE rocker DAVID COVERDALE has vowed to make a second solo comeback this year - if he can get enough support for a US tour. The British singer is still...

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Gillan Promotes Drinking And Smoking Health Routine

6th February 2006

DEEP PURPLE rocker IAN GILLAN refuses to lead a traditionally healthy lifestyle, because drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes works for him. The 60-year-old SMOKE ON THE WATER singer also dismisses any suggestion he should...

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Purple Star Calls On Red Hot Chili Peppers For New Album

29th November 2005

Former DEEP PURPLE frontman GLENN HUGHES is planning a major comeback - with the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS. The rocker will team up with UNDER THE BRIDGE guitarist JOHN FRUSCIANTE and drummer CHAD SMITH...

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Metallica Fulfill Stones Dream

24th November 2005

Rock legends METALLICA fulfilled a lifetime ambition last week (ends18NOV05) when they performed alongside their music heroes THE ROLLING STONES. The band took to the stage in their hometown of San Francisco, California, on...

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Canadian Stars Confirmed For Live 8

22nd June 2005

BRYAN ADAMS and CELINE DION have been confirmed as the star attractions at the Canadian LIVE 8 concert on 2 July (05) - but organisers have scotched rumours the ROLLING STONES will also appear....

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Pavarotti Lends Voice To Deep Purple

12th March 2005

Legendary tenor LUCIANO PAVAROTTI will lend his voice to a new version of DEEP PURPLE classic SMOKE ON THE WATER, for a new retrospective album covering the 40 year career of rocker IAN GILLAN....

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Police Hunt For Ritchie Blackmore Hoaxer

17th January 2005

Former DEEP PURPLE and RAINBOW star RITCHIE BLACKMORE has become the latest rock great to be caught up in a doppelganger scandal. A man reportedly checked into a Southampton, England, hospital and sold fake...

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Osbourne Was Oblivious To Fame

5th October 2004

Rocker OZZY OSBOURNE was oblivious to how famous he really was when he sang in the band BLACK SABBATH. The PARANOID star's then-manager wanted to make him work harder and keep him hungry for...

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Iommi Releases Fabled Dep Sessions Tracks

2nd September 2004

BLACK SABBATH star TONY IOMMI and DEEP PURPLE founder GLENN HUGHES are releasing their much-bootlegged 1996 album DEP SESSIONS for the first time. The heavy rock greats joined forces eight years ago to record...

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