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Debi Mazar Dreams Of Hospitality Life In Tuscany

6th July 2014

Actress Debi Mazar is keen to retire from showbusiness and set up her own cooking school and bed and breakfast near her farm in Tuscany, Italy.The Goodfellas star and her husband, Italian musician Gabriele Corcos,...

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Debi Mazar Enjoyed 'Making Love' To Her Husband In New Lovelace Biopic

3rd September 2013

Actress Debi Mazar can't watch herself having sex onscreen - unless it's with her husband.The Goodfellas star requested her real-life spouse as a sex scene partner in new movie Lovelace and admits it was one...

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Debi Mazar: 'Madonna Tried To Steal My Boyfriend'

1st August 2013

Actress Debi Mazar has opened up about the ups and downs of her friendship with Madonna, accusing her longtime pal of once trying to steal her boyfriend.The Entourage star befriended the singer before either one...

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Debi Mazar Lands Husband Acting Debut In Sex Scene

10th July 2013

Actress Debi Mazar won her husband his first movie role when she suggested he should be the one performing fake oral sex on her porn star character in the new Linda Lovelace biopic.The Goodfellas star...

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Mazar Renews Her Wedding Vows As Part Of Cookery Show

20th January 2011

Actress DEBI MAZAR has renewed her wedding vows to Italian musician GABRIELE CORCOS for an episode of the pair's new cooking show.The romantic couple, who have been together for 10 years, filmed portions of the...

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Mazar Brought Reubens Back From Depression

1st September 2010

Actor PAUL REUBENS has publicly thanked ENTOURAGE star DEBI MAZAR for giving him the strength he needed to overcome the sex scandals that wrecked his career in the early 1990s.The Pee-wee Herman creator pleaded no...

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Fascinating Fact 8107

7th October 2009

MADONNA's best pal DEBI MAZAR is the latest celebrity to be voted off U.S. TV competition DANCING WITH THE STARS on Tuesday night (06Oct09). U.S. politician Tom DeLay also hung up his dancing shoes after...

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Mazar In Hospital After Dancing Debut

24th September 2009

MADONNA's best pal DEBI MAZAR has joined the list of DANCING WITH THE STARS casualties after tearing a muscle in her neck.The actress was taken to hospital after the U.S. TV show's premiere on Tuesday...

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Fascinating Fact 7989

14th September 2009

MADONNA's best pal, actress DEBI MAZAR, has a secret olive empire - she and her husband GABRIELE CORCOS are writing a cookbook and planning a skincare line inspired by olives they grow at their home...

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Madonna Thrilled About Pal's Dancing Job

26th August 2009

MADONNA will be hooked on the upcoming season of U.S. reality show DANCING WITH THE STARS after learning her pal DEBI MAZAR will be among the contestants.The actress admits Madonna was one of the first...

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The Things They Say 10606

24th December 2008

"Worst present I ever got? A producer gave all of us in his crew nose hair trimmers. I was like, 'Oh God, do I really need it?'" Actress DEBI MAZAR remembers a disappointing holiday gift....

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Mazar Speaks Out About Insomnia

12th November 2008

MADONNA's longtime pal DEBI MAZAR has become a crusader for the sleep deprived after suffering insomnia for years. The Entourage actress is using her celebrity to urge others who suffer from sleeplessness to check out...

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Mazar Gives Birth To Baby Girl

22nd March 2006

ENTOURAGE star DEBI MAZAR gave birth to a baby girl on Friday (17MAR06). The 41-year-old actress and her husband, Italian jazz musician and producer GABRIELE CORCOS, already have a 3-year-old daughter, EVELYN MARIA. According...

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Madonna Ignores Family Over Kabbalah

4th February 2005

MADONNA's religious devotion has estranged her from her brothers and sisters, because they have refused to convert to Kabbalah. The MATERIAL GIRL recently stopped speaking to close friend DEBI MAZAR when she questioned the...

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Mazar's Italian Treat

12th May 2004

BATMAN FOREVER star DEBI MAZAR was left speechless when she wed Italian boyfriend GABRIELE CORCOS - because her new parents-in-law gave them the keys to a 13th century farmhouse. Mazar fell in love with...

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