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Is Kate Dating Jackass Star?

28th May 2004

Aides for KATE MOSS are playing down reports the British supermodel has dumped boyfriend DANIEL CRAIG to date JACKASS star JOHNNY KNOXVILLE. The new couple were spotted smooching during a party to launch new...

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Debbie Harry's Lesbian Affairs

10th May 2004

BLONDIE star DEBBIE HARRY has confessed to a series of steamy lesbian affairs - but concedes she still prefers sex with men. The ATOMIC singer, 58 - who recently announced her plans to adopt...

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Harry Approves Of Britney And Christina

6th May 2004

BLONDIE star DEBBIE HARRY has given her approval to BRITNEY SPEARS and CHRISTINA AGUILERA's sexy stage acts. The 58-year-old singer was noted for her overtly sexy style when she became a musical superstar in...

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Aniston And Loos For Ab Fab

3rd May 2004

Hollywood actress JENNIFER ANISTON and kiss-and-tell star REBECCA LOOS have been approached to star in a new episode of British comedy ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. The FRIENDS beauty and Loos - who claims she had an...

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Harry Happy Sleeping With Friends

27th April 2004

BLONDIE star DEBBIE HARRY would love to find a special man she could settle down with - but is happy to rely on sleeping with friends until that happens. The pop icon, 58, who...

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Blondie's Baby Dreams

22nd April 2004

BLONDIE star DEBBIE HARRY is planning to become a mum at 58. The punk icon has been encouraged to look into adopting by ANGELINA JOLIE and DIANE KEATON. She says, "I think I...

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Stone's Divas Style Shock

20th April 2004

Rising soul star JOSS STONE found her appearance at Sunday's (18APR04) VH1 DIVAS show "hilarious" - because of the outlandish costumes. British singer Stone, 17, performed with stars including DEBBIE HARRY and ASHANTI at...

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Lauper Looking Forward To Singing With Labelle

15th April 2004

Veteran singer CYNDI LAUPER is hoping to land a duet with her pal PATTI LaBELLE when they perform at the upcoming VH1 DIVAS concert in Las Vegas. Lauper will be joining JESSICA SIMPSON, ASHANTI,...

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Blondie: I'm No Reality Tv Contestant

14th April 2004

BLONDIE frontwoman DEBBIE HARRY is convinced she'd by shunned by talent judges on reality TV show AMERICAN IDOL, because her voice isn't technically good enough. The ATOMIC singer, 58, accepts her talents lie more...

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Pink Rules The Fashion Charts For Debbie Harry

12th April 2004

BLONDIE star DEBBIE HARRY has picked out PINK as her pop punk predecessor because she likes the way the TROUBLE star dresses. The ATOMIC singer admits she's a big fan, and feels sure Pink...

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Debbie Harry Looking For True Love

11th April 2004

BLONDIE frontwoman DEBBIE HARRY is looking for love, and has been embarking on a string of dates. The punk scene sex symbol, 58, has been enjoying dates in a bid to find happiness -...

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Debbie Harry Slams Courtney Love

7th April 2004

Eighties pop hellraiser DEBBIE HARRY has hit out at contemporary copycat COURTNEY LOVE, insisting her band HOLE offered "nothing musically". The former BLONDIE star admires Love's impressive stage presence - but insists she has...

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Blondie's Three Year Wait For Album Release

6th April 2004

BLONDIE's new album is appropriately titled THE CURSE OF BLONDIE, because the group feared it would never get released. The album was completed three years ago (01), but production and record company wrangles led...

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Blondie Star Hits Out At Celebrity Scandals

6th April 2004

BLONDIE star DEBBIE HARRY is convinced today's stars are "raping" the public's interest with scandalous tales of nervous breakdowns and wardrobe malfunctions. The CALL ME rocker has become increasingly more aware of superstar stories...

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Harry And Blondie On The Road Again

16th March 2004

Veteran rock chick DEBBIE HARRY is hitting the road again with her band BLONDIE, to promote their first album in five years. The pin-up singer, 58, returned to the charts in 1999 with NO...

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Debbie Harry To Duet With Jose Carreras

8th January 2004

BLONDIE legend DEBBIE HARRY and opera singer JOSE CARRERAS are set to perform a stage duet together - to launch a new anti-impotence tablet. The unlikely duo will hit the stage in Monte Carlo next...

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Blondie's Debbie Pens Ramone Tribute Song

7th January 2004

DEBBIE HARRY has paid tribute to late punk icon JOEY RAMONE on BLONDIE's new album THE CURSE OF BLONDIE. The sexy signer was a contemporary of THE RAMONES star on seventies New York's New...

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Debbie Harry Warms To Kelly Osbourne

9th October 2003

BLONDIE legend DEBBIE HARRY was shocked when she filmed an MTV special with KELLY OSBOURNE - because she really liked the SHUT UP! singer. Harry happily admits she had not expected to forge a...

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Debbie Harry's A Christina Fan

22nd September 2003

Pop legend DEBBIE HARRY is a big supporter of raunchy star CHRISTINA AGUILERA, because she understands the young singer's need to rebel. BLONDIE siren Debbie, who also names SHIRLEY MANSON, MISSY ELLIOTT and GWEN...

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Debbie Harry Confesses Facelift

9th September 2003

Rock vixen DEBBIE HARRY had a face-lift to try and preserve her famous good looks. The BLONDIE frontwoman's stunning features made her one of pop's most desirable women, but at 58 she confesses she...

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Harry: Marilyn Inspired Me To Go Blondie

26th August 2003

Legendary rocker DEBBIE HARRY admits movie icon MARILYN MONROE inspired her to dye her hair blonde. And the adopted BLONDIE singer says she used to imagine herself as the GENTLEMAN PREFER BLONDES star's daughter....

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Madonna: Music Needs More Irony

12th May 2003

MADONNA fears for the future of pop, because modern music has got too serious. The pop matriarch insists the charts are lacking a sense of irony that made music great when she was starting...

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Debbie Harry.s Female Fantasies

17th April 2003

BLONDIE star DEBBIE HARRY has spent much of her life enjoying secret crushes - on women. The RAPTURE singer admits members of her own sex have often captured her romantic attention. She says,...

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