DEADLIEST CATCH star JUSTIN TENNISON has been found dead in a hotel room in Alaska.
DEADLIEST CATCH's JUSTIN TENNISON has been found dead at the age of 33, just one year after his cast-mate Captain Phil Harris passed away, reports Abc News.Police discovered the body of the engineer and deckhand Tennison in his hotel room in Homer, Alaska on Tuesday (22nd February 2011). The cause of death is currently unknown but an autopsy is set to be performed this afternoon (23rd February 2011). Tennison's death is the second to hit the popular Discovery Channel reality show about the dangers faced by fisherman in the waters off Alaska. Deep-sea fisherman Harris died after suffering a stroke in February 2010. Tennison worked on the 'Time Bandit', a vessel that made a regular appearance on 'Deadliest Catch'. Authorities said that beer, hard liquor and a small amount of marijuana were found close to Tennison's body and police believe a party was held in the room on Monday night after guests had complained about the noise.
JUSTIN TENNISON will now make a posthumous appearance in the show's seventh series, which is scheduled to begin in April 2011. A statement posted on the Time Bandit's official website said, "Justin was tough as a bull and was an all-around good hand".