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Tom Morello Headlines Occupy Gig

17th September 2012

Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello celebrated the first anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement over the weekend (15-16Sep12) with a stirring rally gig at a concert organised by former Dead Kennedys frontman...

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Chris Daughtry Sued By Band Mates: 3 Other Rock Feuds

10th April 2012

The American Idol contestant Chris Daughtry is being sued by his former band mates, who claim that they are owed royalties for four songs that they helped to write. Ryan Andrews, Scott Crawford and Mark...

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Dead Kennedys' Too Drunk Ad Pulled From Europe

6th July 2011

A European beer ad featuring a cover of the Dead Kennedys' punk anthem Too Drunk To F**K has been recalled by Heineken bosses after watchdogs complained it promoted teenage binge drinking.French band Nouvelle Vague recorded...

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Dave Grohl Not Guilty For Success

29th March 2011

Dave Grohl has never felt guilty about his success. The Foo Fighters frontman started off as a punk rock drummer before rising to superstardom in grunge band Nirvana, and said he dislikes the purist attitude...

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Medical Issues Force Flouride Out Of The Dead Kennedys

8th August 2008

DEAD KENNEDYS punk icon KLAUS FLOURIDE has quit the group due to medical issues. The rocker has announced he will no longer perform with the U.S. music veterans, ending a 30-year tenure with the band....

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The Dead Kennedys Search For Another Frontman

22nd March 2008

U.S. rockers the DEAD KENNEDYS are searching for a new frontman - after their new lead singer quit. Original frontman Jello Biafra failed to rejoin the group when they reformed in 2001, with the band...

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Dead Kennedys Hit Back At Biafra

22nd March 2007

DEAD KENNEDYS have challenged former frontman JELLO BIAFRA to "put his money where his mouth is" after criticising his ex-bandmates for allowing their song TOO DRUNK TO F**K be used in a graphic rape scene...

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Punk Music Impresario Dirksen Dies

27th November 2006

DIRK DIRKSEN, a punk music impresario who ran San Francisco's Mabuhay Gardens nightclub during its heyday in the 1970s, has died. He was 69. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Dirksen died last Monday (20NOV06)...

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Dead Kennedys Pull Out Of La Show

7th October 2005

Punk rockers DEAD KENNEDYS have pulled out of a Los Angeles gig after learning the event was sponsored by beer label Coors. The HOLIDAY IN CAMBODIA hitmakers cited political reasons for cancelling their appearance...

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Punk Stars Salute Germs

3rd October 2005

US punk icons MARKY RAMONE, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES and the DEAD KENNEDYS are to team up to pay tribute to the reunited GERMS on the group's 25th anniversary. The new-look Germs, without late singer DARBY...

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Dead Kennedy Frontman Drops Lawsuit

13th July 2004

Former DEAD KENNEDYS frontman JELLO BIAFRA has ended his legal battle with his ex-bandmates. Four years ago (MAY00) Biafra and his record label were convicted of breach of contract and fraud, and last year...

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