Well, everyone’s having a go at Dead Man Down apparently.

It’s a classic tale of “boy meets girl”, “girl threatens to out boy as sadistic killer unless boy kills the people who disfigured her” and, as far as blood-soaked thrillers go, this one is clearly no masterpiece. What the critics can’t seem to agree on, though, is whether it could fall under “delightfully campy” or “takes itself too seriously to work”. The New York Times' Manohla Dargis calls the flick “ too innocuous to qualify as either actually good or delectably bad”, however Collin Farrel’s performance as Victor earns generally positive reviews all round. Then again, most of us would probably go watch Collin Farrell eat cereal for two hours, so that’s probably no indication of the film’s worth.

USA Today’s review also doesn’t offer any glowing praise: it looks good, but falls flat when it comes to substance. Still, without giving away too many spoilers, there is certainly a scene or two sprinkled in throughout this, which makes it worth seeing, maybe even in the cinema. If you feel like wasting a couple of hours. The script might be so absurd that it borders on intentionally campy, but who would go to see a believable action flick anyway? That’s right, no one. Overall, a lukewarm offering from director Niels Arden Oplev (Girl With The Dragon Tattoo). As we all know, that’s not the ideal temperature for a revenge flick. 

If you're still interested in seeing it, you can catch the trailer below.