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Day Of The Dead Remake For 2014

11th July 2013

'Day of the Dead' will be remade in 2014.The brains behind the recently released 'Texas Chainsaw 3D', Christa Campbell and Lati Grobman, have attained the rights to remake George A. Romero's 1985 classic zombie horror...

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Polley Is Pregnant And Married

7th September 2011

Actress Sarah Polley secretly wed her boyfriend last month (Aug11) and the couple is already planning a family - the Dawn Of The Dead star is pregnant.Polley and David Sandomierski tied the knot during an...

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Legal Row Over Zombie Movie

27th February 2008

A Japanese electronics company is facing legal action from the makers of 1978 film DAWN OF THE DEAD - who accuse the firm of infringing copyright in a new videogame. The MKR Group contends that...

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Gerard Butler's Coffee Shop Striptease

28th September 2006

Scottish actor GERARD BUTLER stripped in public to prove to a Hollywood director that British men can look good topless. The hunky actor performed the impromptu strip to show-off his physique, after DAWN OF THE...

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Romero Desperate For Bruiser Recognition

17th February 2006

Horror veteran GEORGE A ROMERO is disappointed one his proudest efforts remains largely ignored. The DAWN OF THE DEAD creator insists BRUISER, a film he made in 1998 after several failed Hollywood deals, is...

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Pegg To Star In Mi:3

11th October 2005

British actor SIMON PEGG has been handed a leading role opposite Hollywood giant TOM CRUISE in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE III after director JJ ABRAMS fell in love with his hit movie SHAUN OF THE DEAD....

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Romero A Huge Shaun Of The Dead Fan

26th August 2005

Film horror maestro GEORGE A ROMERO was left in fits of laughter when he watched a British satire of his cult movie DAWN OF THE DEAD. The 65-year-old director was pleasantly surprised by the...

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Leguizamo Sick Of Zombie Film's Extras

4th July 2005

MOULIN ROUGE! star JOHN LEGUIZAMO will think twice about signing up for another zombie movie, because he can't stomach gore. Leguizamo admits working on GEORGE A ROMERO's LAND OF THE DEAD was a challenge...

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Malakian: 'Horror Movies Are Vital For Society'

22nd April 2005

SYSTEM OF A DOWN guitarist DARON MALAKIAN is obsessed with horror movies - because they provide important social commentary. The MESMERISE rocker has been catching up with his collection of chillers while...

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King Names Maria Full Of Grace 2004'S Best Film

20th December 2004

Horror writer STEPHEN KING has given critically-acclaimed movie MARIA FULL OF GRACE the ultimate seal of approval - by naming it the best film of 2004. The drug-fuelled movie has beaten films including THE...

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Godfather Ii Is Top Sequel

8th November 2004

Gangster sequel GODFATHER: PART II has been named the top movie sequel in history, in a new poll. Users of website MOVIES.COM voted the 1974 FRANCIS FORD COPPOLA crime classic the number one follow-up...

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Romero Resurrects The Dead

16th July 2004

GEORGE ROMERO is to direct the fourth film in the franchise that began with 1968 horror classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. The American film-maker has inked a deal to make IN LAND OF...

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Bowie + Ozzy To Play Zombie Rockers?

7th May 2004

DAVID BOWIE, OZZY OSBOURNE and MARILYN MANSON are in negotiations to play the undead in a new horror musical. The project, DIAMOND DEAD - about a rock band that comes back from the grave...

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Hellboy On Top

5th April 2004

Hollywood's latest comic book hero has beaten THE ROCK to the top of the American box office charts and toppled SCOOBY-DOO. HELLBOY scored an impressive $23.5 million (GBP13 million) in its first weekend of...

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Scooby-doo 2 Scores Box Office Winner

29th March 2004

SCOOBY-DOO 2: MONSTERS UNLEASHED has leaped to the top of the American box office, after taking in $30.7 million (GBP17 million) on its opening weekend (26-29MAR04). While the movie, starring Hollywood couple SARAH MICHELLE...

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Zombie Film Takes Over From Christ Epic In America

22nd March 2004

Zombies have ended JESUS CHRIST's reign at the top of America's box office as the remake of classic horror film DAWN OF THE DEAD crashes in at number one. The movie, starring VING RHAMES...

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Phifer And Rhames In Dawn Of The Dead Remake

18th June 2003

Actors MEKHI PHIFER and VING RHAMES have teamed up to appear in a remake of horror classic DAWN OF THE DEAD. Production has begun in Canada on the movie, which UNIVERSAL PICTURES bills as...

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