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Scary Movie 5 Director: Lindsay Is 'Troubled'

12th April 2013

Lindsay Lohan is a ''troubled human'', according to 'Scary Movie 5' director David Zucker.The 26-year-old star has the potential to be a ''really good'' actress if she puts her wild antics behind after completing her...

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Lindsay Lohan And Charlie Sheen To Be 'World's Hottest Couple' In Scary Movie 5

15th August 2012

Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen will star as ''the world's hottest new couple'' in 'Scary Movie 5'. The brunette beauty and the former 'Two and a Half Men' actor - whose character Tom Logan was...

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Lindsay Lohan For Scary Movie 5

6th August 2012

Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen have joined the cast of 'Scary Movie 5'. The 'Mean Girls' actress is set to make her first appearance in the spoof horror franchise while Charlie will return for the...

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Films By Recently Deceased Directors Selected For Posterity

28th December 2010

Less than two weeks after the deaths of directors Irvin Kershner and Blake Edwards, two of their films, Kershner's Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back , produced by George Lucas, and Edwards's The Pink Panther,...

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Director Zucker Remembers 'Chronic Prankster' Nielsen

30th November 2010

LESLIE NIELSEN's longtime collaborator DAVID ZUCKER has written a moving tribute piece dedicated to his late friend, honouring the actor's professionalism, dedication and his famous practical jokes.Zucker, along with his filmmaking partner brother Jerry and...

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Scary Movie 3 Smashes Records

26th October 2003

Horror spoof SCARY MOVIE 3 has charged to the top of the American box office this weekend (24-26OCT03) with a record haul both for an October release and for its distributor MIRAMAX FILMS. The...

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