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Tommy Cooper Was Not A "Vicious, Violent Alcoholic", Says Daughter

By Michael West | 21st April 2014

Comedy legend Tommy Cooper is the subject of a controversial new film about his wife - a film that his daughter Vicky says is factually "all lies". The ITV drama is expected to attract eight...

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The Murder Count Rises As 'What Remains' Comes To An End: Season Finale Recap

By Joe Wilde | 16th September 2013

What Remains concluded its first season with more murders and melodrama as the slow burning crime drama came to an end in what was an exciting, albeit a little haphazard, finale. Still, at least we...

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Channel 4 Sees Off "Shameless" In Last Ever Episode

By Victoria Pavlova | 29th May 2013

Say goodbye to “Shameless” – everyone else has, in one massive final blowout – in other words, a final episode to remember. The series is Channel 4’s longest runner, but this past season hasn’t exactly...

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