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David Morrissey Says Working Class People Are Priced Out Of Acting

By Michael West | 16th September 2014

The actor David Morrissey, who most recently starred in the U.S smash hit series 'The Walking Dead', says young working class people are being priced out of acting owing to the "intern culture" in Britain....

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'The Walking Dead' Producer Explains What's Ahead Following Explosive Midseason Finale

By Joe Wilde | 4th December 2013

The Walking Dead came to a temporary close on Sunday, 1 December, night when the midseason finale aired. There was tension, excitement and bloodshed aplenty, as [SPOILER] The Governor met his grizzly end at Michonne's...

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Rick & The Governor Face Off For The Midseason Finale: 'The Walking Dead' Season 4, Episode 8 Recap – ‘Too Far Gone’

By Joe Wilde | 2nd December 2013

The Walking Dead has reached the midway point of season four and after being reunited with old foes and faced with new threats from within and outside the prison walls, the midseason finale did hold...

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'The Walking Dead' Episode Recap: 'Dead Weight,' Episode Seven, Season Four

By Joe Wilde | 25th November 2013

Much like the previous episode of The Walking Dead, 'Dead Weight' was particularly concerned with The Governor more than it was our flu-battling prison-based main contenders, and really that didn't bother us one bit, as...

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The Governor Back On 'The Walking Dead,' But What Can We Expect From His Return?

By Joe Wilde | 18th November 2013

David Morrissey has won more than his fair share of fans for playing everyone's favorite character to hate on AMC's The Walking Dead. Last week, in the dying seconds of episode five (season four), we...

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The Governor's Got A New Gang: 'The Walking Dead' Season 4, Episode 6 Recap

By Joe Wilde | 18th November 2013

As we found out last week, with our parting glance at the episode, The Governor is back! The Walking Dead was a flashback episode this week though, so we don't know what he might be...

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Where Next For 'The Walking Dead' Now That He's Back?

By Jack de Aguilar | 13th November 2013

The latest episode of Walking Dead – Internment – was a dark, and hopefully season-defining moment for the already deeply disturbing zombie drama. With the fever spreading to deathly consequences, two-fold given the after-life state...

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Zombies & The Flu Ravage Through 'The Walking Dead' In 'Internment' - Season 4, Episode 5 Recap

By Joe Wilde | 11th November 2013

In the latest episode of The Walking Dead, titled 'Internment,' it wasn't just the zombies threatening harmony within the prison walls as a deadly outbreak of influenza was seriously affecting much of the group and...

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'Internment' Intensifies Life In The Prison Even More: 'The Walking Dead' Season 4, Episode 5 Recap

By Joe Wilde | 11th November 2013

'Internment' is the latest episode of the Walking Dead and in a season where thrills and shocks were becoming more scarce in favour of pretty depressing story lines, episode five of the latest season was...

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Morrissey's Autobiography To Become Audiobook, Read By...Morrissey

By Joe Wilde | 5th November 2013

Morrissey sparked ample conversation last month when he finally released his long-awaited memoirs, titled Autobiography, through Penguin Classics. Over the weekend (on 3 Nov.) we learned that the book will be turned into an audiobook,...

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Fascinating Fact: 3935465

4th November 2013

An audio version of singer Morrissey's controversial memoir Autobiography will be read by his namesake - British actor DAVID Morrissey. The audiobook is due for release next month (Dec13).

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Richard Curtis: 'I Love Wet Weddings'

14th October 2013

Director/screenwriter Richard Curtis loves to include soggy weddings in his movies because he once had an inspiring time at actor pal David Morrissey's rain-soaked nuptials.Wet ceremonies have become a common theme in Curtis' movies beginning...

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The Walking Dead Returns: '30 Days Without An Accident' Episode Recap

By Joe Wilde | 14th October 2013

The Walking Dead season four premiered on AMC on Sunday, 13 October, night and with this return there was an eerie calm over the people, as a sense of togetherness has developed over the period...

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Sienna Miller Supports Bfi's Luminous Gala

9th October 2013

Stars including Sienna Miller and Damian Lewis supported the BFI's first ever Luminous gala in London last night (08.10.13).The star-studded event served as a prelude to the 57th annual BFI London Film Festival and a...

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The Walking Dead Season 4 Preview, Everything You Need To Know

By Jack de Aguilar | 9th October 2013

The Walking Dead finally returns this week (Oct13) to AMC. With the network’s keynote show, Breaking Bad, having culminated in its fantastic finale not so long ago, TV lovers will welcome the return of Robert...

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David Morrissey To Do Double-duty On Amc Network

28th August 2013

The Walking Dead star David Morrissey is proving a favourite with bosses at U.S. network Amc after they snapped him up to front another show on the channel.The Brit, who plays The Governor in the...

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David Morrissey Spearheading Amc's 'Line Of Sight,' Is This The End Of The Governor?

By Jack de Aguilar | 28th August 2013

We all thought The Governor would die at the end of season three of The Walking Dead – we just did. Then he went berserk and killed a load of people – people, not zombies...

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'The Hollow Crown': Shakespeare 4-Play Miniseries Out Soon On Dvd

By Lauren James | 9th August 2013

Shown last summer on BBC2, the spectacular, four-part, historical drama series, The Hollow Crown will be available to buy on DVD and to digitally download at the end of this month. The episodes began being...

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The Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer - "Manageable, But Not For Long"

By Jack de Aguilar | 24th July 2013

In the extended Walking Dead Season 4 trailer, let loose at Comic-Con 2013, we see a more hardened version of the survivors we’ve come to know and love. And as David Morrissey explained to io9,...

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Primetime Emmy Award Nominations: Will Netflix Triumph With 'Arrested Development'?

By Elinor Cosgrave | 17th July 2013

The Primetime Emmy Award nominations will be announced on Thursday (18th July). Speculation surrounding the awards is high, with Netflix's Arrested Development predicted to triumph. The awards will be announced by Kate Mara and Aaron...

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The Walking Dead Season Four Preview - Have They Learned From Season Three's Mistakes?

By Jack de Aguilar | 12th July 2013

For many, season three of The Walking Dead ended disappointingly. Early threats of ‘war is coming’ died down and with a damp squib, the run petered out with many of the conflicts and plot lines...

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The Things They Say: 3578442

28th March 2013

"I listened to his book, which is great... just to get into the cadence of it." Actor David Morrissey listened to former U.S. President Bill Clinton reading from his memoirs to perfect his southern accent...

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The Walking Dead Episode 2 Recap: Where The Hell Is David Morrissey?

By Michael West | 22nd October 2012

Sunday night's episode of 'The Walking Dead' was entitled 'Sick' - so we pretty much knew what we were in for. The second instalment of season three picked up after the premiere's abrupt cliff-hanger that...

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The Walking Dead Ready For Series 3

By Joe Wilde | 14th October 2012

The Walking Dead is readying itself for series 3, which will hit screens later this month, and one thing is for sure is that there wont be any shortage of gore, guts and glory. So,...

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The Things They Say 25314

30th May 2012

"It's the right show at the right time. My family will be joining me in Atlanta... and I get to go to Comic-Con." British actor David Morrissey on landing the role of graphic novel villain...

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Billie Piper, 29, Set For Baby Boy No. 2

10th January 2012

Actress and singer Billie Piper is expecting a baby boy, with her husband Laurence Fox, according to the UK's Sun newspaper. They already have a son together, three year-old Winston and after announcing the pregnancy...

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The Things They Say 15606

4th March 2010

"My son would ask, 'Dad, are you going to be the next Doctor?' and I'd say, 'Do your homework and I might tell you.' 'If you go to bed, if you turn off your Playstation,...

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Pitt To Star In Movie Adaptation Of Hit UK Tv Series

20th March 2007

BRAD PITT is to star in the US movie adaptation of hit British TV mini-series STATE OF PLAY. The London-based thriller, starring DAVID MORRISSEY, BILL NIGHY and KELLY MACDONALD, was a big hit in the...

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Thewlis Blames Basic Instinct 2 Failure On Bad Chemistry

2nd November 2006

British actor DAVID THEWLIS insists belated sequel BASIC INSTINCT 2 was "doomed" from the start, because there was no chemistry between the movie's stars. The HARRY POTTER star had little to do with leading lady...

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