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Whoopi Goldberg Defends Polanski

30th September 2009

Whoopi Goldberg has defended Roman Polanski, saying he did not commit "rape-rape".The 'Rosemary's Baby' filmmaker was arrested in Zurich, Switzerland, on Saturday (26.09.09) and faces being extradited to the US after he fled the country...

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Polanski Lawyers Seek His Release

29th September 2009

Lawyers for Roman Polanski have filed a motion with the Swiss Criminal Court asking that he be released. Early today (Tuesday), the court said that it will issue a decision within the next few weeks....

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The Things They Say 12726

25th June 2009

"Musicians are, generally speaking, like children - they love to sleep late, they're happier than most people, they get along well, unless they’re in a band then they start fighting. They're very special people, and...

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Lynch Records Tribute To Dead Songwriting Partner

19th June 2009

Cult moviemaker DAVID LYNCH has been exposed as the brains behind a quirky new tribute album to a little-known singer/songwriter who died three years ago.The Blue Velvet director secretly co-wrote tracks with Dave Jaurequi during...

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The Things They Say 11986

22nd April 2009

"You can't believe that anyone serious would pick someone like this. It's almost as if you could do better if you blindfolded yourself and went into a high school or a middle school and picked...

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Mccartney Pays Tribute To Lennon

6th April 2009

SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY remembered late BEATLE JOHN LENNON at DAVID LYNCH's Foundation Benefit gala on Saturday (04Apr09) by revealing he wrote HERE TODAY as a tribute to his former bandmate and songwriting partner. MCCartney headlined the...

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Simmons Teaches Daughters To Meditate

3rd April 2009

Hip-hop mogul RUSSELL SIMMONS jumped at the chance to get involved with director DAVID LYNCH's charity drive to promote meditation in schools - because he has seen the difference the spiritual practice has had on...

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Lynch Benefit Sparks Beatles Reunion Talk

5th March 2009

Filmmaker DAVID LYNCH's upcoming meditation benefit has become a mini-BEATLES reunion with RINGO STARR joining SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY for the show. MCCartney and Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder were among the first stars to sign up for...

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Former Beatles Paul And Ringo To Reunite At Charity Show

5th March 2009

Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are to set to perform together at a New York charity concert next month.The only two surviving members of the Beatles are both on the bill for a show...

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Mccartney & Vedder To Raise Meditation Money

27th January 2009

SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY and EDDIE VEDDER are to share the stage at an upcoming New York concert to benefit moviemaker DAVID LYNCH's meditation charity. The rockers will join Sheryl Crow, Donovan and Moby at the David...

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Lynch Makes Harring A Goodwill Ambassador

1st October 2008

Director DAVID LYNCH has named his MULHOLLAND DRIVE star LAURA HARRING a Goodwill Ambassador for his charitable foundation. The David Lynch Foundation provides funds for transcendental meditation in schools around the world, and for research...

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Fascinating Fact 5418

7th June 2008

Cult TV series TWIN PEAKS started out life as NORTH WEST PASSAGE as co-creators DAVID LYNCH and MARK FROST attempted to craft a drama set in North Dakota over meals at Studio City restaurant Dupar's...

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Fascinating Fact 5030

15th March 2008

Maverick moviemaker DAVID LYNCH is to donate $1 million (GBP500,000) in scholarships for students who want to learn how to meditate at the Maharishi University of Management in Iowa. Lynch is a fervent advocate of...

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Lynch Launches Meditation Campaign

23rd October 2007

MULHOLLAND DRIVE director DAVID LYNCH has joined forces with Sixties popstar DONOVAN to launch a campaign to teach London children to meditate in classrooms. The 61-year-old has donated millions to the David Lynch Foundation for...

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Lynch Meets With Israeli President

16th October 2007

Cult filmmaker DAVID LYNCH met Israeli President SHIMON PERES on Monday (15Oct07) as part of a five-day visit to the Middle East, where the BLUE VELVET director is promoting transcendental meditation. Lynch, who has been...

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Us Director Lynch Given Top French Honour

1st October 2007

US film-maker David Lynch has been awarded the Legion d'Honneur, the highest civilian honour in France.David Martinon, spokesman for the French presidential palace, confirmed the award for the director of cinematic classics such as The...

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Lynch To Direct Gucci Ad

15th June 2007

MULHOLLAND DR. director DAVID LYNCH is set to direct the latest fragrance advertisement for Italian fashion house Gucci. Lynch is following in the footsteps of Baz Luhrmann, who directed an epic ad for Chanel No....

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Lynch Calls For Schools To Adopt Meditation

2nd May 2007

Director DAVID LYNCH has urged American schools to adopt meditation techniques to avoid a repeat of last month's (Apr07) American university shooting. Thirty-three people died in the Virginia Tech University massacre when Seung-Hui Cho went...

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Dern Defends Director/mentor Lynch

7th March 2007

Actress LAURA DERN has defended DAVID LYNCH against accusations the director makes his surreal movies deliberately difficult to understand - and then refuses to explain them. Dern, who has starred in four Lynch movies including...

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Lynch Holds Ghoulish Exhibition

2nd March 2007

Acclaimed film maker DAVID LYNCH will this weekend (3MAR07) open a macabre new art exhibition in Paris, France, which features erotic photographs and paintings of decomposing bodies. Called Air Is On Fire, the display, featuring...

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Fascinating Fact 2941

28th February 2007

Acclaimed film director DAVID LYNCH provides daily weather forecasts for the Los Angeles radio station indie 103.1....

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Lynch Hates Cooking

28th February 2007

US film maker DAVID LYNCH has banned cooking in his house - as he can't bear the greasy vapours caused by culinary capers. The BLUE VELVET star insists kitchens are an unnecessary requirement in the...

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The Things They Say 4176

27th February 2007

"I'll never do TV again. Why would I want to? The internet is the new television, without the ad breaks." Acclaimed director DAVID LYNCH hates the interruption of advertisements when his films are shown on...

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The Things They Say 4135

25th February 2007

"At the core of every DAVID LYNCH film is a fundamental mystery that's best summed up this way: `What the f**k was that about?'" Actor DENNIS HOPPER pokes fun at his BLUE VELVET director at...

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Sunshine Beams On Spirit Awards

25th February 2007

LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE got a pre-Oscars boost yesterday (24FEB07) after claiming four honours at the Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica, California, including the ceremony's Best Film prize. The movie, which is up for a...

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Prolific Polish Actor Niemczyk Dies

7th December 2006

Polish actor LEON NIEMCZYK, who starred in director ROMAN POLANSKI's KNIFE IN THE WATER and hundreds of other films, has died. He was 82. Niemczyk died on 29 November (06) of lung cancer at his...

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Lynch Sells Coffee To Fund Odd Promotional Campaign

5th December 2006

Cult filmmaker DAVID LYNCH is selling coffee to fund the promotional campaign for his new movie INLAND EMPIRE. The TWIN PEAKS director has developed the David Lynch Signature Cup and is selling tubes of espresso,...

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Lynch Defends New Movie

16th October 2006

TWIN PEAKS director DAVID LYNCH has defended his new movie's three hour running time, insisting, "This is the length that feels correct." INLAND EMPIRE has been blasted by film critics since its world premiere at...

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Lynch Honoured With Lifetime Achievement Award

7th September 2006

Cult director DAVID LYNCH was honoured with the prestigious lifetime achievement award at the Venice Film Festival yesterday (06SEP06), and he used the opportunity to reassure the press about his quirky new movie INLAND EMPIRE....

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Lynch Receives Golden Lion

9th July 2006

American director DAVID LYNCH is to receive the prestigious Golden Lion award for lifetime achievement at the Venice film festival. Lynch, who is behind hit movies ERASERHEAD, THE ELEPHANT MAN and BLUE VELVET, will collect...

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