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John 5 Records New Album With David Lee Roth

23rd July 2014

Former Marilyn Manson guitarist John 5 and Van Halen's David Lee Roth have teamed up to record a new album.The heavy rocker, real name John William Lowery, landed his big break when Lee Roth hired...

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David Lee Roth Appears In Japanese Movie Clip

27th May 2013

Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth has stunned fans by showing up in a Japanese film as a hitman.The rocker has posted a five-minute clip of the movie on his page. In it,...

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Van Halen Confused Over European Tour Plans

13th March 2013

David Lee Roth is making plans to return to Britain with Van Halen for the first time since 1984 - but it appears he hasn't let his bandmates in on the deal.The rocker claims he...

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Eddie Van Halen Undergoes Emergency Surgery

30th August 2012

Eddie Van Halen is recovering after undergoing emergency surgery. The Van Halen guitarist went under The Knife for a ''severe bout of Diverticulitis'' - small pouches formed in the wall of the intestine that can...

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The Things They Say 25667

9th July 2012

"That honour has not been bestowed upon us at this time, though it is one we would accept in a NY minute... Van Halen's collective memories are - and with all due respect to each...

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Van Halen Stars Quell Rumors Of David Lee Roth Feud

13th June 2012

Eddie Van Halen and his son Wolfgang have sought to quell rumors that the reunited Van Halen have cut their tour of North America short because of a backstage feud with lead singer David Lee...

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David Lee Roth: 'We're Exhausted'

21st May 2012

David Lee Roth has broken his silence about Van Halen's summer concert cancellations, insisting the scrapped dates have nothing to do with fights and squabbles.The Jump singer posted a video online on Sunday (20May12) explaining...

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Van Halen Postpone Entire Tour Over Band Conflict?

18th May 2012

Californian hard rock band Van Halen has cancelled over thirty live shows for reasons so far unknown.The tour included performances in Milwaukee, Detroit, Cleveland, Salt Lake City and El Paso but so far no explanation...

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Roth Breaks Up Fight At Van Halen Show

14th March 2012

David Lee Roth stopped Van Halen's show in New Hampshire on Tuesday night (13Mar12) to break up a fight in the audience.The newly-reunited band was playing at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester when violence...

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Van Halen Return To Rock Madison Square Garden

1st March 2012

Van Halen returned to one of the most iconic concert and events venues in the world last night, rocking up to New York's Madison Square Garden only eight weeks after they'd played the tiny Cafe...

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Kool & The Gang Surprised To Get Call To Support Van Halen

9th February 2012

It was Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth's idea to book disco band Kool & The Gang as the rock group's support act on its upcoming North American tour after he saw them perform at...

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Van Halen Accused Of Ripping Off...Van Halen

11th January 2012

It was supposed to be a moment of rejoice for Van Halen fans, when the band premiered their comeback single 'Tattoo' on Tuesday afternoon (January 10, 2012). However, reception was decidedly muted, with some supporters...

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Van Halen And David Lee Roth Reveal New Single 'Tattoo'

10th January 2012

Van Halen 's reunion with David Lee Roth at the helm is officially gathering pace, after it was revealed that the much-loved hair metal band have revealed the new single from their forthcoming comeback album...

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Van Halen Return With Intimate New York Club Show

6th January 2012

Van Halen, one of the biggest selling rock bands in history, made a return to live action last night (January 5th 2012) for the first time in four years. The occasion was made all the...

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Van Halen Reunite In Cramped New York Basement Club

6th January 2012

Seminal rock band Van Halen played a cramped basement club in Greenwich Village on Thursday (January 5, 2012), leaving hundreds of fans huddled around the venue's back door listening out for their biggest hits, according...

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Van Halen Announce 40th Anniversary Tour In 2012

28th December 2011

The rock group Van Halen, fronted by EDDIE Van Halen have announced a 2012 tour. The group announced the upcoming tour via a series of 30 second clips on their official website. The dates of...

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Van Halen Touring With David Lee Roth

27th December 2011

Van Halen are going back on tour with original vocalist David Lee Roth. The 'Jump' rockers posted a video on their official website yesterday (26.12.11) which shows guitarist Eddie Van Halen, brother Alex and son...

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Sammy Hagar's Claims He Abducted By Aliens

22nd March 2011

Ex-Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar claims he was abducted by aliens. The former vocalist with the 'Jump' group claims an extraterrestrial life form had "plugged into" him in order to see what was in his...

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Sammy Hagar: 'Van Halen Comeback Is A Surety'

4th March 2011

Rocker Sammy Hagar is convinced he'll return as Van Halen's singer, despite waging a war of words with his former bandmates since they reformed with original vocalist David Lee Roth and blasting band leader EDDIE...

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Van Halen Recording With Roth

25th January 2011

Van Halen are recording with David Lee Roth for the first time since 1984. The lead singer with the 'Jump' rockers had originally been replaced almost 27 years ago, after a bitter split. An attempted...

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Van Halen Back In The Studio With Lee Roth

25th January 2011

Rock supergroup VAN HALEN is back in the studio with frontman DAVID LEE ROTH.New tracks the Jump hitmakers are recording will be part of their first album with Lee Roth in 27 years. The singer...

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Ke$ha Defends Wild Image

3rd September 2010

KE$HA is proud of her wild pop persona - insisting she is the female version of VAN HALEN hellraiser DAVID LEE ROTH.The 23 year old hit the charts last year with TiK ToK, a track...

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New Van Halen Album And Tour Due In 2011

7th August 2010

Rockers VAN HALEN are back in the studio with original frontman DAVID LEE ROTH and will release their first studio album in more than two decades next year (11).The group completed its reunion tour with...

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Van Halen Plans New Material

3rd February 2009

EDDIE VAN HALEN has given VAN HALEN fans cause to celebrate after revealing he's planning to regroup with his son, brother and frontman DAVID LEE ROTH to record new material. The Van Halens and Lee Roth...

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Lee Roth Puzzled By Allergic Reaction Story

11th July 2008

VAN HALEN star DAVID LEE ROTH is puzzled about reports he suffered a near-fatal allergic reaction to nuts recently - because the incident didn't happen. Two Canadian police officers claimed they helped to save the...

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Roth Suffers Near Fatal Reaction

8th July 2008

Two Canadian police officers have been credited with saving the life of VAN HALEN singer DAVID LEE ROTH - after he suffered a severe allergic reaction. The rocker was pulled over on a stretch of...

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Michaels Partied With Fake Roth

13th April 2008

BRET MICHAELS was overjoyed to find himself partying with his rock hero DAVID LEE ROTH when he first moved to Los Angeles - until someone told him he was actually hanging out with an impersonator....

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Roth Named Bad Tipper

4th February 2008

Rocker DAVID LEE ROTH has landed himself on a list of penny-pinching celebrity diners who leave stingy tips - after giving a waiter a 10 per cent bonus. The former Van Halen frontman reportedly racked...

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Roth Rocks On His Birthday

12th October 2007

VAN HALEN frontman DAVID LEE ROTH celebrated his 53rd birthday on the road on Wednesday (10Oct07), as the reunited VAN HALEN performed in Cleveland, Ohio. The Jump singer was treated to a guitar rendition of...

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Van Halen Play First Gig With Roth Since 1985

29th September 2007

Legendary rockers VAN HALEN kicked off their reunion tour with original singer DAVID LEE ROTH to an ecstatic reception from more than 18,000 fans in Charlotte, North Carolina on Thursday (27Sep07). Roth, who hasn't performed...

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