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Tributes Flood In After The Death Of Sir David Frost, Aged 74

By Michael West | 2nd September 2013

Sir David Frost who recently lost his life to a fatal heart attack left a legacy to be remembered, with his memorable career getting the fitting tributes it deserves since the announcement of his death...

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Tv Mourns A Lost Legend - David Frost "Loved Broadcasting" And Broadcasting Loved Him

By Jack de Aguilar | 2nd September 2013

It’s not often that someone deserves the mantle of ‘legend’; it’s an overused adjective and is rarely applied accurately. David Frost, however, was fully deserved his legendary status, and, following his tragic passing from a...

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Broadcasting Icon Sir David Frost Passes Away, Aged 74

By Joe Wilde | 2nd September 2013

The revered British broadcaster Sir David Frost has passed away following a suspected heart attack. Aged 74, the TV icon, perhaps best known internationally for his revealing, post-Watergate interview with former US President Richard Nixon,...

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Broadcasting Icon David Frost Dies Following Heart Attack, Aged 74

By Joe Wilde | 1st September 2013

Sir David Frost, one of British television's most recognisable faces and most respected personalities, has passed away at the age of 74. The journalist, comedy writer, interviewer, broadcaster and all-round everyman was reported as dead...

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'You Can't Blame Yoko For Anything': Paul Mccartney Sits Down With David Frost

By Lorna Greville  | 29th October 2012

For four decades Beatles fans have blamed Yoko Ono for the band's demise. However, in a revealing interview with Sir Paul McCartney, the legendary singer has shed light on many aspects of himself and the...

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