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Motley Crue Movie Delay

13th October 2005

The movie based on MOTLEY CRUE biography THE DIRT has been left in limbo after director DAVID FINCHER was forced to pull out. The band have been considering other directors for the "gritty" tale...

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Fincher Passed On Silly Se7en Sequel

26th April 2005

Cult movie maker DAVID FINCHER has passed on a possible sequel to seminal movie SE7EN because he found the premise of the follow-up laughable. Ficher tells website HOLLYWOODNEWS.COM he has been presented with a...

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Gyllenhaal + Downey Jr On The Trail Of The Zodiac Killer

19th April 2005

JAKE GYLLENHAAL and ROBERT DOWNEY JR are to team up as real-life reporters on the trail of a San Francisco, California, serial killer. The actors will play SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE news men ROBERT GRAYSMITH...

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Stefani's Fight Club Snub

4th November 2004

NO DOUBT singer GWEN STEFANI is still bitter over losing the role of MARLA in cult hit FIGHT CLUB to HELENA BONHAM CARTER. The sexy singer is now making her big screen debut, five...

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Stipe Turned Down Se7en

13th November 2003

REM frontman MICHAEL STIPE turned down the chance to become an actor, by refusing a lead role in 1995 DAVID FINCHER movie SE7EN. The rocker had to turn down the terrifying part of the...

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Weaver Wants To Kill Off Ripley

27th October 2003

SIGOURNEY WEAVER is trying to convince movie maker RIDLEY SCOTT to make a fifth ALIEN film - so she can kill off her character ELLEN RIPLEY. The British director made ALIEN with Weaver in...

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James Cameron's Aliens Battles With Sigourney

14th October 2003

Director JAMES CAMERON turned down star SIGOURNEY WEAVER's demands on the set of ALIENS - only to see them materialise on the big screen in ALIEN 3. The TITANIC filmmaker resisted the WORKING GIRL's...

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Fincher Eyes Lookout Project

12th August 2003

FIGHT CLUB filmmaker DAVID FINCHER is in negotiations to direct new thriller LOOKOUT. The project, which has been in development for a while, has caught the attention of 'A' list stars BRAD PITT, TOM...

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