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Stars Design A Range Of Items For Charity

2nd November 2005

The BLACK EYED PEAS, HILARY DUFF, LINDSAY LOHAN and KEANU REEVES are among a host of stars who have teamed up to personally design a range of items to benefit various charities. The designs,...

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Aniston And Cox To Team Up?

14th October 2005

JENNIFER ANISTON is reportedly teaming up with her former FRIENDS co-star COURTENEY COX to start a movie production company - rivalling the one she co-founded with her ex-husband BRAD PITT. Aniston recently shed interest...

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Alexis Arquette To Televise Sex Change Decision

7th October 2005

DAVID ARQUETTE's drag queen brother ALEXIS plans to share his transition into womanhood with the world, by filming his proposed sex change operation for a new reality TV show. Alexis, 46, has hatched plans...

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Cox Considers Surgery

3rd October 2005

Former FRIENDS star COURTENEY COX is considering having plastic surgery if she starts looking too old for husband DAVID ARQUETTE. The actress, 41, met her 34-year-old spouse on the set of 1996 horror movie...

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Get Ready To Scream Again

12th September 2005

LATEST: Horror franchise SCREAM is set for another outing on the big screen, but this time NEVE CAMPBELL won't play a part. According to gossip website,, the actress was in negotiations to reprise...

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Kristin Shapes Up With New Yoga Martial Arts

11th September 2005

Former SEX AND THE CITY star KRISTIN DAVIS is hoping to toughen up her image after signing up for a hip new martial arts class. The sexy brunette has become a fan of Budokon...

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Cox Backs Campaign To Find Missing Teen

26th August 2005

Former FRIENDS star COURTENEY COX is backing a campaign to find a missing teen who hails from the star's hometown Birmingham, Alabama. NATALEE HOLLOWAY, 18, has been the subject of much media attention this...

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Cox Reveals Battle With Postpartum Depression

21st July 2005

Former FRIENDS star COURTENEY COX has spoken about her battle with postpartum depression after the birth of her daughter COCO for the first time. The former FRIENDS actress and her husband DAVID ARQUETTE welcomed...

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Cox's Mother Always Liked Arquette - Despite Clothing

21st July 2005

COURTENEY COX's mother was immediately convinced DAVID ARQUETTE was the right man for her daughter - even after seeing his eccentric wardrobe. Cox, who walked down the aisle with Arquette in 1999, was thrilled...

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Cox And Arquette Were Hungover On Their Wedding Day

20th July 2005

COURTENEY COX and DAVID ARQUETTE had a slight discomfort to deal with on their wedding day - they were both hungover from alcohol binges the night before. The couple exchanged nuptials in 1999 in...

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Cox Loves Normality

13th July 2005

FRIENDS star COURTENEY COX has slammed claims she and film star husband DAVID ARQUETTE enjoy a lavish celebrity lifestyle - she insists they strive for normality. Since the birth of their daughter COCO last...

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Arquette Keeps Celebrations Low-key For Coco

17th June 2005

SCREAM star DAVID ARQUETTE has refused to throw a huge first birthday party for his daughter COCO - because she'll never remember it. The actor, whose wife COURTENEY COX gave birth to the baby...

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Arquette To Dress As A Squirrel

23rd May 2005

LATEST: DAVID ARQUETTE has announced he'll not only provide the voice of a squirrel in his new TV show DIRT SQUIRREL, he'll also dress up as one. In the proposed animated series, which Arquette...

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Pitt + Aniston To Become Neighbours?

19th April 2005

Former couple BRAD PITT and JENNIFER ANISTON might not live together anymore - but they can still be neighbours. Aniston is reportedly looking at a Malibu, California beach house right next door to pal...

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Aniston Becomes Coco's Godmother

11th April 2005

JENNIFER ANISTON was named godmother to her FRIENDS co-star COURTENEY COX ARQUETTE's daughter COCO at a ceremony on Saturday (09APR05). Aniston took on her responsibility to the 10-month-old child, whose father is actor DAVID...

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Cox + Arquette Pay Tribute To Pal Aniston

23rd March 2005

Hollywood couple COURTENEY COX and DAVID ARQUETTE had a special way of making sure pal JENNIFER ANISTON knew they were thinking of her as she claimed the SHOWEST Female of The Year prize last week...

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Cox And Arquette Get Behind British Comic's New Show

1st March 2005

COURTENEY COX and her husband DAVID ARQUETTE are set to give a British comedienne a boost in America by producing a new TV show all about her. The couple's COQUETTE PRODUCTIONS is the brains...

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Cox Plans For Another Baby

18th February 2005

COURTENEY COX and DAVID ARQUETTE are keen to expand their family because the former FRIENDS star can't believe how great motherhood is. The actress admits being a mum to baby daughter COCO tries her...

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Arquette Lavishes Cox On Valentine's Day

15th February 2005

DAVID ARQUETTE pulled out the stops on Valentine's Day (14FEB05) when he gave his wife COURTNEY COX personalised jewellery. The former FRIENDS actress was touched when the EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS star gave her a...

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Cox Arquette Excels At Martial Art Training

8th February 2005

COURTENEY COX ARQUETTE is excelling at martial arts in a bid to defend herself and baby daughter COCO. The 40-year-old former FRIENDS star has been excelling in her karate training since giving birth...

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Pitt And Aniston Show World Their Affection With Cuddle

4th January 2005

BRAD PITT and JENNIFER ANISTON have quashed rumours they are on the verge of separating - after being photographed publicly cuddling up to each other during a Caribbean holiday. The show of affection came...

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Portman Signs Up To Skate With Dead Demme

23rd November 2004

Actress NATALIE PORTMAN has joined a host of her peers to pay tribute to late movie maker TED DEMME - by skating with his ashes. Portman joins DAVID ARQUETTE, COURTENEY COX, DON CHEADLE and...

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Alexis Arquette Finds Love

21st October 2004

DAVID ARQUETTE's cross-dressing brother ALEXIS is elated after finding love with a new boyfriend. Arquette, who has been living as a woman for quite some time, is now enjoying a romance with her Hollywood...

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Arquette Finally Tones Down His Style

5th October 2004

Hollywood actor DAVID ARQUETTE has decided to finally tone down his outlandish style, after receiving a number of complaints from his agent. Arquette, husband of SCREAM co-star COURTENEY COX, has long been noted for...

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Arquette Explains Reasons For Naming Daughter Coco

5th October 2004

COURTENEY COX and DAVID ARQUETTE decided to call their daughter COCO because it would have worked against Jewish tradition to name her after the former FRIENDS star. Cox and Arquette caused a stir when...

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Former Friends Stars To Play Struggling Actresses

20th September 2004

Former FRIENDS co-stars LISA KUDROW and COURTENEY COX ARQUETTE are heading to American cable network HBO to play troubled actresses in separate projects. Cox recently received the green light to executive produce and star...

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Banderas And Griffith 'Most Devoted' Couple

10th September 2004

ANTONIO BANDERAS and MELANIE GRIFFITH's successful romance has earned them the title of the most devoted couple in Hollywood. The screen stars have been married since 1996. And, although they hit a rough patch...

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Cox Arquette's Night Off With The Pitts

1st September 2004

New mother COURTENEY COX ARQUETTE had a much-needed night off parenting last month (AUG04) to party with celebrity pals JENNIFER ANISTON and BRAD PITT. The actress and husband DAVID ARQUETTE left three-month-old daughter COCO...

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Arquette Dumps His Porn

1st September 2004

Quirky actor DAVID ARQUETTE has thrown out all his porn since becoming father to baby COCO in June (04). The SCREAM star, 32, was told to bin all his glossy top-shelf magazines by his...

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Cox Arquette Wants Second Child

25th August 2004

COURTENEY COX ARQUETTE is already planning baby number two - just months after giving birth to COCO. The former FRIENDS star, 40, is desperate to give birth to a second child with husband...

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