David Spade - David Spade Recovering From Hernia Operation

Actor David Spade is recovering after undergoing surgery for a double hernia.

The Joe Dirt star was shooting the sequel to hit Adam Sandler comedy Grown Ups this summer (12) when he discovered something wrong with his abdomen.

The 48 year old went for a check-up and was admitted to hospital for emergency medical attention.

He tells U.S. Tv host Jay Leno, "It's not the sexiest story, but I had a double hernia... I was doing that Grown Ups stuff, we did a sequel this summer, and I got back and I was a little beat up, and there was something going on around wiener town (groin area). There were some sort of bumps and bruises... and I'm scared to go to the doctor because you have to take your pants off. It's a guy thing...

"But I did go in there and... he's feeling around, he's like, 'There's a hernia there,' and he's like, 'And you actually have another one over here.' And he goes, 'You got to go right in (to surgery).'"

And Spade admits he was stunned to wake up after surgery and find his nether regions had been shaved: "I don't know whose job it is (to do that). An intern?... and I go, 'Is this necessary?' They didn't tell me... So I get up and then they go, 'Do you know what a catheter is sir?... It's supposed to help with number one (peeing) after an operation... Jam it in and you go home.'

"So I put it in... It was a bad scene... But I'm fine, and that's the point of the story, I made it guys."


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