Hollywood executive David Neuman has been hit with a new sexual abuse lawsuit days after Michael Egan dropped the first case against him.

Former Disney Tv president Neuman and two other men - Tv boss Garth Ancier and Broadway producer Gary Goddard - were named in Egan's sexual assault lawsuit in April (14). Egan alleged they assaulted him in 1999, when he was a teenager.

All three men later spoke out to deny Egan's claims they abused him at parties in Hawaii and Los Angeles, and last week (ends08Jun14), Egan voluntarily removed Neuman's name from the complaint after his lawyer filed documents including a sworn declaration from Egan, made in 2003, in which he stated he never had any sexual contact with Neuman and he had "never acted inappropriately".

In the new legal papers, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Egan only lists the alleged abuses that took place in Los Angeles and does not name Neuman in the suit, instead referring to him as John Doe.

However, he does name the alleged offender as the president of the now-defunct Digital Entertainment Network, Den, which Neuman was.

He also alludes to the 2003 declaration, stating he signed it "under fear, threats, and duress."

Egan's case against X-Men director Bryan Singer is still pending, but last month (May14) the filmmaker filed a motion to have the sexual assault lawsuit against him dismissed.