David Dimbleby, the presenter of BBC's Question Time, has decided to get tattooed for the first time at the age of 75. He apparently decided to get the permanent body marking after exploring tattoo artistry as part of his latest programme Britain and the Sea.

David DimblebyDavid Dimbleby in 'Britain and the Sea'

Although Dimbleby presents a serious political programme where current affairs are debated, he has always shown that he has a sense of humor through the cartoon ties he wears. A tattoo is just the next step for the TV host who is far from conservative.

David was first offered a tattoo when filming for his new programme looking at the introduction of tattoos into the UK and their maritime roots. However, at the time he declined and opted for a body marking in non-permanent black pencil instead because he thought he was too old. He then had second thoughts which pushed him to go under the needle for a permanent inking.

"When I saw it in a preview of the film I thought, 'That's a bit feeble.' I thought it was wimpish having it just drawn on and I needed to man up," he said to the Radio Times.

Dimbleby headed to the Vagabond tattoo studio in east London and took a cameraman with him to document the 30 minute procedure. He opted for a stylised image of a scorpion, all in black and perched on his right shoulder.

Afterwards, he explained the surreal experience: "I thought of Winston Churchill having his done while mine was being done. It wasn't painful at all, it just zings a bit."

It looks like the BBC presenter won't be doing a "Cheryl Cole" though: David vowed that he'd never be "tempted to have any private parts decorated," but he revealed that he was happy that he'd made the decision. "I'm rather fond of it actually, this little scorpion sitting on my shoulder ready to attack my enemies. It's beautifully done, actually. It's a work of art. They have these 3D tattoos now that are done using photographs, which are just astonishing, but I wasn't about to have one myself."

Two of the studio's tattooists, Paul Hill and Rebecca Morris, described the moment they realised that the political commentator was headed their way for some ink. "When the BBC first approached us in regards to a presenter wanting a tattoo, David was the last person we imagined!" they said. "We thought it was brilliant - why not! He's not the oddest client we have ever tattooed, but probably the most unlikely. He was very easy going considering his profile and proved that tattooing is accessible to all walks of life."

Looking to the future, David revealed that his wife Belinda may be Vagabond's next client: "I believe she wanted a tattoo once, but has never got around to it."