David Chase has returned with his first work since the hugely popular Sopranos, and it would appear that fans of the director's work are in for a treat after his debut film Not Fade Away premiered at the New York Film Festival on Friday (October 5th). The Washington Post reports that the film is set around a suburban teenager in New Jersey whose garage band has aspirations of being the next Rolling Stones, a dream that's at odds with his traditional Italian father's views ( played by former Sopranos star James Gandolfini).

Speaking to the press about his new project, Chase described his new work as "a compilation album". He told the press pack "In 'The Sopranos,' one of my favorite parts of that - or maybe my favorite part of that whole thing - was putting the picture and the sound together, putting the music in. I wanted to continue that. I missed that once I was gone." The soundtrack is, given the nature of the film, meaty and filled with rock anthems.

Chase was keen to focus on the advent of rock and roll from those inspired by it, the kids in the streets rather than the musicians who made, and he said "I don't want to get into this thing, like I'm bragging about the '60s. But the one thing I have to say: The music was great. ... Music was, at the time, a way into everything, at least for me and for a lot of people I knew, too. That's the way I first learned about art and poetry and fashion, humor, film. It all came from there."