David Attenborough - 'Tweet of the Day' - David Attenborough Will Bring Tweeting Back Offline With New Radio 4 Programme

Sir David Attenborough will attempt to give a new meaning to the word “tweet” – or rather, the old one – with his new Radio 4 programme “Tweet of the Day”. Each day, the 90-minute programme will begin by airing the chirping of a different bird. Then the presenter, in typical Attenborough style, will give us some backstory in the bird and even put it in context – in terms of history and references within history and culture. “Tweet of the Day” will feature a huge variety of birds, from ones the listeners are probably familiar with, to more exotic, interesting and just plain weird creatures like the storm pettel and the black-browed albatross. Curious to know exactly what that is? We are too.

Attenborough, who will present the first month's worth of programmes with other presenters to include Springwatch's Chris Packham, said: "I'm delighted to be involved in this series.

"I've seen some of the most incredible animals on my travels around the world, but Tweet of the Day is a nice reminder of the teeming world of birds on my doorstep. As a non-ornithologist, I might even learn a little too."

The programme will air every weekday from 5.58AM, so the listeners will literally be able to wake up to the sound of chirping birds – though some calls will apparently be less pleasant than others.

Sir David Attenborough, Wakefield Museum
Mornings can now start with a coffee and an actual tweet, courtesy of David Attenborough.



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