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Dave Stewart Releases Limited-edition Wine

18th April 2012

Former Eurythmics star Dave Stewart has become the latest celebrity vintner after teaming up with award-winning winemakers Mollydooker to create a new Shiraz.The 2010 Ringmaster General MCLaren Vale Shiraz - named after the title of...

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Mick Jagger Has Dance-off With Dave Stewart

9th March 2012

Sir Mick Jagger enjoyed a dance off with ex-Eurhythmics star Dave Stewart on Wednesday night (07.03.12). The Rolling Stones rocker showed off his dancing prowess while on a night out at the Double Seven nightclub...

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Superheavy Snubbed Massive Olympics Gig

21st February 2012

Supergroup Superheavy turned down the chance to perform at the London Olympics this summer (12) because they wanted their first proper gig to be in a more intimate setting, according to bandmember Dave Stewart.Stewart and...

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Superheavy Want Low Key Performance

20th February 2012

SuperHeavy want their first performance to be low key.While the supergroup - made up of Sir Mick Jagger, Damian Marley, Joss Stone, Dave Stewart and A.R. Rahman - have been offered the chance to play...

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The Things They Tweet 2276

26th January 2012

"Arrived home my kids are watching American Idol Hey Jude please Paul do something!! And John must be turning in his grave." Rocker Dave Stewart was appalled to discover the classic Beatles track being used...

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Joss Stone & Dave Stewart Recreate Alice Adventure To Promote New Tour

11th January 2012

Joss Stone and Dave Stewart have teamed up to reimagine the Mad Hatter's tea party from Alice's Adventures In Wonderland to promote their upcoming tour.The two Brits, who make up two-fifths of Mick Jagger's supergroup...

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Mccarty's Son Pleads Guilty To Child Pornography Charge

11th January 2012

Yardbirds drummer Jim Mccarty's son Simon has pleaded guilty to one count of producing child pornography.Airport police in Hawaii allegedly found photos of naked children in the 39 year old's luggage during a safety check...

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Ringo Starr And Stewart Write New Stage Show

3rd January 2012

Ringo Starr has teamed up with former Eurythmics rocker Dave Stewart to write a musical - and they're hoping to stage the show on Broadway.The Beatles legend called on his fellow British musician for help...

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The Things They Say 23443

11th November 2011

"It's an exciting project but it is so hard to get everybody together in one place. But the Olympics would be great, the perfect idea." Soul singer Joss Stone is keen to reunite her Superheavy...

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Joss Stone Wants Jagger At Olympics

11th November 2011

Joss Stone is trying to persuade Sir Mick Jagger to perform with her at next year's Olympics.The singer - whose latest project SuperHeavy features the Rolling Stones legend as well as Dave Stewart, Damian Marley...

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Stone Debuted Superheavy Songs At Mum's Club

21st October 2011

Dave Stewart and Joss Stone debuted Superheavy's material to an unsuspecting audience at a gig venue belonging to the soul star's mother just days after they had written the tracks.The stars have been quietly developing...

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Mick Jagger Goes Clubbing To Stay In Shape

23rd September 2011

Sir Mick Jagger, the British musician and frontman of The Rolling Stones, has discussed how he manages to defy his 68-years. Despite the Stones' current hiatus, Jagger shows no signs of slowing up and is...

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Mick Jagger Finds Joss Stone's Constant Singing 'Annoying'

20th September 2011

Sir Mick Jagger finds Joss Stone "annoying" because she never stops singing. The Rolling Stone rocker and the 'Fell In Love With A Boy' hitmaker have joined forces with Dave Stewart, Damian Marley and A...

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The Things They Say 22818

13th September 2011

"I've never written a song with anybody in my life. I was always very selfish with my songwriting; it was always just me at the piano, tears... and I never really wanted to share that...

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Superheavy 'Easier' Than The Rolling Stones

13th September 2011

Mick Jagger finds being in SuperHeavy "a lot easier" than The Rolling Stones.The singer enjoyed making a record as part of the 'Miracle Worker' super group - which also features Dave Stewart, Joss Stone, Damian...

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Mick Jagger Wants Rolling Stones Anniversary Without Keith

12th September 2011

Sir Mick Jagger wants to celebrate The Rolling Stones' 50th anniversary next year without Keith Richards.The frontman fell out with the band's guitarist when Keith ridiculed him in his autobiography 'Life' ruining plans for an...

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The Things They Say 22796

11th September 2011

"It was essential to keep it secret. We had a code name for recording studios - Dd Jam... We recorded all over the place: L.A., Jamaica, Turkey, Italy, Greece, India, Miami... Mick would check in...

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Joss Stone Tells Gaga To Ease Up On Fashion

19th August 2011

Joss Stone believes Lady Gaga's crazy clothes overshadow her talent.The 24-year-old singer is a fan of the eccentric pop superstar but thinks her outrageous outfits and unique look actually detract from her musical abilities rather...

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Fascinating Fact 11894

8th August 2011

Former Eurythmics star Dave Stewart's son Sam fronts a new band called Nightmare & The Cat.

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Sir Mick Jagger Supergroup's Hour-long Songs

1st August 2011

Sir Mick Jagger's supergroup has been forced to trim the length of their tracks after recording "hour-long" jamming sessions, according to singer Dave Stewart.The pair has been creating new material with singer Joss Stone, Oscar-winning...

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Mick Jagger Asked Joss Stone To Hit The Clubs

26th July 2011

Mick Jagger, the British singer-songwriter best known as the frontman of The Rolling Stones, is celebrating his 68th birthday today (26th July 2011). Despite his age, Jagger is showing no signs of slowing down and...

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Joss Stone 'Baffled' By Kidnap Plot

25th July 2011

Joss Stone is still "baffled" by a foiled plot to kidnap her.The singer was targeted by two men who were arrested near her home in Devon, South West England, in June and charged with planning...

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Joss Stone Becomes Sherlock Holmes After Kidnap Plot

20th July 2011

Joss Stone has turned into "Sherlock Holmes" in the aftermath of the foiled plot to kidnap her.The singer was targeted by two men who were arrested near her home in Devon, South West England, in...

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Mick Jagger Supergroup Announce Debut Single

6th July 2011

Sir Mick Jagger's SuperHeavy project will release their debut single 'Miracle Worker' tomorrow (07.07.11). The Rolling Stones frontman's supergroup - which also includes Eurhythmics' Dave Stewart, soul singer Joss Stone, reggae artist Damian Marley and...

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Mick Jagger Loved Arguing With Supergroup

30th June 2011

Sir Mick Jagger loved arguing with his new supergroup. The Rolling Stones frontman collaborated with Joss Stone, Damian Marley, Eurythmics' Dave Stewart and Indian musician A.R. Rahman in new band SuperHeavy, and Mick enjoyed the...

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'Selfish' Stevie Nicks

25th June 2011

Stevie Nicks was a "selfish songwriter" before working alongside Dave Stewart.The former Fleetwood Mac singer - who collaborated with the ex-Eurythmics star on 'In Your Dreams', her first solo album in a decade - admitted...

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Mick Jagger's Supergroup To Release New Material In September

24th June 2011

Mick Jagger and Dave Stewart's supergroup collaboration will hit stores in September (11).The duo, who worked together on the Alfie soundtrack in 2003, has quietly been recording new material with singer Joss Stone, Oscar-winning composer...

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Joss Stone Took Less Than A Week On New Album

22nd June 2011

Joss Stone took less than week to record her new album.The 24-year-old singer - who was recently the subject of an alleged kidnap plot - recorded 'Lp1' in six days with former Eurythmics star Dave...

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Joss Stone Blasts 'Crazy People' After Murder Plot

16th June 2011

Joss Stone has assured fans "all is well" after it transpired she was the intended victim of a murder plot this week. Two men from Manchester appeared in court today (16th June 2011) after being...

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Stars Auction Plectrums For Charity

31st May 2011

Paul Weller, Dave Stewart, Ronnie Wood, Coldplay and Mark Ronson are among the rockers auctioning off their guitar plectrums for charity.Hanson, Emmylou Harris, Depeche Mode, Weezer, Duran Duran and Toploader have also offered up their...

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