British musician Dave Peacock agreed to reunite with his longterm collaborator Chas Hodges after the pianist's son begged the duo to make a comeback.

The stars, who perform under the name Chas & Dave, found fame in their native U.K. in the 1970s with "singalong" songs inspired by London life.

In 2009, bassist Peacock quit the act after 37 years following the death of his wife Sue, but he returned to the fold and began performing again with Hodges the following year (10) after his former bandmate's son convinced them to reunite.

Peacock tells Britain's Q magazine, "My wife Sue died of cancer and I wanted to take a break. I really like bluegrass music and I love playing the banjo, and I kept myself busy restoring Romany caravans. But Chas' son kept geeing me up (encouraging me) to play. I hadn't picked up the bass for months, but when I did I found it was fun again. We've done a few gigs now and had a great reaction, so we'll see how it goes."