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Bousman Spooked On Horror Film Set

23rd May 2011

Horror director Darren Lynn Bousman was spooked on the set of his new film 11-11-11 after sensing a bad "energy" following a series of ghostly goings-on.The Saw director helms the upcoming movie about a haunting...

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Hilton's Film Savaged By Critics

8th November 2008

PARIS HILTON's new movie has been savaged by critics, who fear director DARREN LYNN BOUSMAN's toughest job was editing the socialite out of his film. The Saw films director had admitted he had reservations about...

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Bousman Upset His Mother With Hilton Casting

4th November 2008

Horror moviemaker DARREN LYNN BOUSMAN's mother was so distraught when the director first cast PARIS HILTON in his new movie REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA she threatened to disown him. Like many friends, fans and critics...

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Pranks Rife On Saw Iv Set

22nd October 2007

SAW IV director DARREN LYNN BOUSMAN fears his cast's pranks on the set of the horror film are too extreme to ever air - even as a DVD extra. The filmmaker admits the intensity of...

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Saw Director Set For More Gore

22nd February 2007

The director of the first two SAW horror sequels has signed on for the film's next installment, SAW IV. DARREN LYNN BOUSMAN will shoot the next chapter in the lucrative franchise in Toronto, Canada in...

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