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Amy Adams Collects Wooden Birds

9th January 2015

Amy Adams collects ''carved wooden birds''.The 40-year-old actress loves ''kitsch'' things and has a special penchant for souvenir statues of her favourite feathered friends.Discussing her role as American artist Margaret Keane - whose husband Walter...

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Amy Adams Is 'Addicted' To Her Phone

10th January 2014

Amy Adams is ''addicted'' to her cell phone. The 39-year-old actress is well aware that relying on technology can be damaging for relationships due to lack of face-to-face communication, but she admits she can't part...

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Amy Adams Wants Daughter To Have Self-confidence

15th December 2013

Amy Adams wants her daughter to have a ''strong sense of self''.The 'American Hustle' star has three year old Aviana Olea Le Gallo with her fiancé Darren Le Gallo and hopes their daughter will have...

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Amy Adams' Fiance Sang St. Elmo's Fire Theme Song Before Sex Scene

3rd December 2013

Amy Adams' fiance Darren Le Gallo once serenaded her with the theme song to St. Elmo's Fire before she was due to shoot a sex scene with the film's star Rob Lowe.The Fighter star had...

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Amy Adams: I Wanted To Kiss Jennifer Lawrence

25th November 2013

Amy Adams takes credit for her kiss with ''cute'' Jennifer Lawrence in 'American Hustle'.The talented actresses play feuding wives in the new 70s crime drama - which also stars Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper -...

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Amy Adams' Daughter Obsessed With Superman

22nd June 2013

Amy Adams' daughter was obsessed with Henry Cavill's Superman costume.Three-year-old Aviana loved visiting her mother on the set of 'Man of Steel' - in which Amy plays his love interest Lois Lane - and was...

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Amy Adams: 'I Allow My Flaws'

11th June 2013

Amy Adams isn't bothered about gaining the perfect body. The 38-year-old actress - who has three-year-old daughter Aviana with her fiance Darren Le Gallo - admits she didn't go on a strict diet or...

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Amy Adams Wants To Be A Diva

8th June 2013

Amy Adams would ''love to be a ''diva''.The well-mannered actress often wishes she could assert her authority and throw tantrums on film sets like other A-list stars, but refrains from acting up because she'd feel...

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Amy Adams Relaxes With Daughter

7th April 2013

Amy Adams' daughter makes her feel ''relaxed''.The 38-year-old actress claims spending time with three-year-old Aviana - who she has with her fiancé Darren Le Gallo - makes her feel her happiest because becoming a mother...

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Amy Adams Forgets About Fame

23rd November 2012

Amy Adams forgets she is famous.The 'Trouble with the Curve' star - who has two-year-old daughter Aviana with fiance Darren Le Gallo - says finding fame relatively late in life means she still views herself...

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Amy Adams Has Few Friends

29th October 2012

Amy Adams doesn't have many friends.The 'Trouble With the Curve' actress - who is engaged to long-term partner Darren Le Gallo - spends so much time working away from her home in Los Angeles that...

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Amy Adams: Weddings Waste Money

30th September 2012

Amy Adams thinks weddings are a waste of money.The 'Master' actress is engaged to Darren Le Gallo and while she wants to get married, she can't help but think it's a lot of money to...

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Amy Adams Loves Motherhood Balancing Act

27th September 2012

Amy Adams enjoys the challenges that come with being a mother and an actress. The 'Enchanted' star has a two-year-old daughter, Aviana, with her fiance, actor-and-artist Darren Le Gallo, and although it can be stressful...

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The Things They Say 26152

13th September 2012

"I have a thing about weddings, and one (is that) they are not a good value, so I have this dream that I really could do it all myself. And then I don't have any...

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Amy Adams' Daughter Upset With Her Work

6th September 2012

Amy Adams' daughter gets upset when she goes to work.The 'Master' actress wants to cut down on the amount of roles she takes on in order to spend time with her Aviana, two, her daughter...

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