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The Things They Say 13345

3rd September 2009

"I thought to myself, 'This is the craziest opportunity I've ever been given. Who of my friends do I want to make a million dollars?'" Australian singer/songwriter and ZERO 7 vocalist SIA shared producing duties...

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The Things They Say 13344

3rd September 2009

"I'm excited to hear what he thinks about it when he gets older but for now me and my husband actually slow dance to it because it's such a sweet song and it reminds me...

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Portman To Direct Oz Adaptation

2nd November 2007

NATALIE PORTMAN is set to make her feature film directorial debut by taking charge of a planned film adaptation of Israeli novelist AMOS OZ's A TALE OF LOVE + DARKNESS. The actress, who was born...

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Hawkins' Plea For Missing Cat

20th August 2007

Former DARKNESS frontman JUSTIN HAWKINS has made a desperate plea after one of his beloved pet cats went missing. The 32-year-old singer's Bengal cat has been missing since the singer went on a recent holiday...

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Hawkins' Dislike For Scooch

17th May 2007

Former DARKNESS frontman JUSTIN HAWKINS believes the UK failed to win the Eurovision Song Contest because the act was "rubbish". The singer - who competed against other acts to represent the UK's entry on the...

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Hawkins In Strop After Eurovision Loss

19th March 2007

Former DARKNESS frontman JUSTIN HAWKINS was so devastated he was not chosen to represent the UK in this year's (07) Eurovision Song Contest, he stormed off and snubbed his fellow contestants at the afterparty for...

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Scooch Beat Hawkins And Harvey To Represent UK

18th March 2007

British pop group SCOOCH have beaten former DARKNESS frontman JUSTIN HAWKINS and ex-EAST 17 singer BRIAN HARVEY to represent the UK at this year's (07) Eurovision Song Contest. The foursome, who briefly appeared in the...

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Pumpkins Start Work On Their First Album For Seven Years

17th August 2006

Reformed rockers SMASHING PUMPKINS have begun work on their first album in seven years, according to a post on the group's official website. The short message confirms the group is in the studio with producer...

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Hawkins Inspired To Write 'Realistic' Cocaine Song

15th November 2005

JUSTIN HAWKINS wrote cocaine-inspired new track ONE WAY TICKET because he is sick of inaccurate and unrealistic drug songs. The DARKNESS frontman wanted the controversial song to express the positive effects cocaine can have...

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Swinton Experiments By 'Aerial Bombing' Movie Sets

21st October 2005

British actress TILDA SWINTON feels like an aerial bomber on movie sets - because she is there so briefly before being flown out to another project. THE BEACH star admits her acting schedule has...

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Poullain: 'I Was Sacked By The Darkness'

7th June 2005

LATEST: Former DARKNESS bassist FRANKIE POULLAIN has slammed frontman JUSTIN HAWKINS' claims he left the band in March (05) because of musical differences - by insisting he was sacked. The aggrieved rocker claims he...

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Hawkins Tackles Bluegrass And Reggae

28th April 2005

DARKNESS frontman JUSTIN HAWKINS is planning to shock fans with his first ever solo album - by taking a radical new musical direction. While fans of the glam rockers are anxiously anticipating the band's...

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Hawkins Nurses Horrific Doughnut Injuries

19th April 2005

The DARKNESS frontman JUSTIN HAWKINS has been left red-faced after breaking his ribs, tearing leg muscles and sustaining severe head injuries - after falling off a giant inflatable doughnut. The GROWING ON ME star...

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Meet The Fockers Scores A Christmas Hit

27th December 2004

BEN STILLER's all-star comedy sequel to MEET THE PARENTS has enjoyed a very merry Christmas, grossing more at the US box office than the rest of the top five films put together. MEET THE...

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James Brown Joins The Peas

15th December 2004

JAMES BROWN is hoping to beat his prostrate cancer problems with a healthy helping of BLACK EYED PEAS. The ailing soul great has announced he'll appear on the group's ELEPHUNK follow-up, MONKEY BUSINESS....

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Band Aid Rules Charts For Second Week

13th December 2004

BAND AID 20's charity hit DO THEY KNOW IT'S CHRISTMAS? has fought off competition from KYLIE MINOGUE and ROBBIE WILLIAMS to rule the British singles chart for a second week running. The cover of...

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Walsh: 'Hawkins Isn't Worthy To Tie Bono's Shoes'

18th November 2004

WESTLIFE svengali LOUIS WALSH has launched a scathing attack at THE DARKNESS frontman JUSTIN HAWKINS for trying to steal BONO's famous BAND AID line in the 20th anniversary version of the charity single. The...

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Bono And Hawkins Battle For Band Aid Line

15th November 2004

U2 frontman BONO has demanded permission to re-record his original line in the charity re-recording of DO THEY KNOW IT'S CHRISTMAS? - over fears DARKNESS star JUSTIN HAWKINS' version will be used on the single...

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Sugababe Buchanan's Crush On Bono

12th November 2004

SUGABABES singer KEISHA BUCHANAN is excited about filming the video to the forthcoming BAND AID III video, because she hopes to stand next to her celebrity crush BONO. The ROUND ROUND star, 20, and...

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Live Aid Tax Boost

8th November 2004

LIVE AID organisers have been given a $7.2 million (GBP4 million) financial boost by the British Government. Rockers SIR BOB GELDOF and MIDGE URE, who planned LIVE AID and the original and...

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Bono And Hawkins Fight Over Band Aid Lyric

22nd October 2004

U2 frontman BONO and DARKNESS rocker JUSTIN HAWKINS are fighting for the right to sing the lyric 'Tonight, Thank God it's them instead of you' in the star-studded re-release of DO THEY KNOW IT'S CHRISTMAS?...

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Stalkers Ambush The Darkness

2nd September 2004

The DARKNESS are in shock after two obsessed stalkers posed as their relatives to gatecrash the rockers' private backstage family party. The cheeky German women forged access-all-areas security passes and lied to three lots...

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Hawkins' Bulimia Battle

16th August 2004

DARKNESS guitarist DAN HAWKINS suffers from bulimia and is determined to help other men overcome their eating disorders. Hawkins has finally revealed his battle with the disease because he's furious society regards it as...

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Sharon Osbourne: The Most Important Person In Rock

21st June 2004

Music manager SHARON OSBOURNE has been named the Most Important Person in rock by Britain's KERRANG! magazine. The wife of former BLACK SABBATH singer OZZY beat out competition from tragic NIRVANA frontman KURT COBAIN...

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Church Hits Back At Hawkins

28th May 2004

Teen soprano CHARLOTTE CHURCH has flaunted boyfriend KYLE JOHNSON in front of JUSTIN HAWKINS - after the DARKNESS frontman viscously denounced her. The 18-year-old Welsh singer was publicly humiliated at London's IVOR NOVELLO AWARDS...

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Doctors Save Hawkins's Voice

21st May 2004

Doctors have saved the voice of DARKNESS rocker JUSTIN HAWKINS - by using his stomach acid. The flamboyant frontman feared he'd be unable to sing again, after a medical condition forced him to cancel...

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Tarantino Slammed By Darkness Singer

28th April 2004

Maverick filmmaker QUENTIN TARANTINO has been blasted by DARKNESS frontman JUSTIN HAWKINS - for not letting the band perform on a TV show he guest directed last week (20APR04). The KILL BILL auteur decided...

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Mtv Star Wants Darkness Role

27th April 2004

Sexy blonde American MTV presenter HILARIE (corr) BURTON is desperate to land a role in the next DARKNESS video. Burton, who also stars in teenage TV soap ONE TREE HILL, is a huge fan...

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Mad World Gets The Gondry Treatment For America

23rd April 2004

GARY JULES's version of TEARS FOR FEARS classic MAD WORLD is finally getting an American release - and maverick video director MICHAEL GONDRY is in charge of the promo. The track - taken from...

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Darkness Star Inspired By Parents

18th April 2004

DARKNESS frontman JUSTIN HAWKINS credits his parents with helping him develop his passion for rock music and eccentric stage performances. The I BELIEVE IN A THING CALLED LOVE star, 27, insists his parents SANDY...

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