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Fascinating Fact 1213

12th March 2006

ASHLEY JUDD and racecar driver DARIO FRANCHITTI have bought a "castle" in his native Scotland, according to the actress' sister WYNONNA.

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No Kids For Judd

29th January 2006

Campaigning actress ASHLEY JUDD refuses to "breed" with her racing star husband DARIO FRANCHITTI while there are starving children in the world. The DE-LOVELY beauty was sobered by the staggering numbers of orphaned or...

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Judd And Degeneres Squaredance

11th November 2004

Hollywood actress ASHLEY JUDD gave comedienne ELLEN DeGENERES a taste of her Southern roots yesterday morning (10NOV04) - by teaching her how to square-dance. Judd made an appearance on DeGeneres' chat show, where they...

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Judd Enjoys Sex Talk

22nd October 2004

Hollywood actress ASHLEY JUDD religiously tunes into a sex talk show hosted by a veteran Canadian nurse. The DE-LOVELY beauty admits she gets great pleasure from watching TALK SEX WITH SUE JOHANSON, and she's...

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Judd Impressed With Sensible Franchitti

30th July 2004

ASHLEY JUDD is impressed with her race ace husband DARIO FRANCHITTI's anti-drink driving stance - he never gets in a car if he's had any alcohol. The DOUBLE JEOPARDY actress admits her Scottish husband...

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Judd: 'I Could Never Live Like My De-lovely Character'

5th July 2004

ASHLEY JUDD struggles to relate to her character in new COLE PORTER biopic DE-LOVELY. Judd plays Cole Porter's wife LINDA, who becomes trapped in a chaste marriage with the gay composer - something the...

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Ashley Judd Determined To Find Traffic Cop Who Fined Husband

24th June 2004

Actress ASHLEY JUDD is determined to track down the State Trooper who gave her racing-car driver husband DARIO FRANCHITTI a speeding ticket - more than two years after the incident. The HIGH CRIMES star...

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Judd Brushes Up On Car Race Etiquette

8th March 2004

HIGH CRIMES star ASHLEY JUDD has finally learned how to curb her enthusiasm at car races, after years of failing to get her spectator etiquette right. The 35-year-old actress, married to Scottish CART driver...

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