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J.lo Looking For A Horse

4th November 2003

JENNIFER LOPEZ is on the lookout for a new stud in her life - a thoroughbred horse. The AIN'T IT FUNNY singer, engaged to DAREDEVIL hunk BEN AFFLECK, is currently searching the market for...

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J.lo And Affleck Give Diddy A Helping Hand

2nd November 2003

Rap mogul SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS' bid to run the New York City Marathon today (02NOV03) has been given an unexpected cash boost - by his ex-girlfriend JENNIFER LOPEZ and her fiance BEN AFFLECK....

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Duncan Plans To Steal Ben's Sexy Man Crown

31st October 2003

Movie star MICHAEL CLARK DUNCAN is determined to steal BEN AFFLECK's Sexiest Man Alive crown in 2004, with help from HALLE BERRY. The actor, who teamed up with Affleck in DAREDEVIL, is convinced he's...

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Clarke Duncan Eager To Work With Farrell Again

30th October 2003

Actor MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN is desperate to work with COLIN FARRELL again, after being blown away by the Irish star's professionalism when they made DAREDEVIL together . Duncan rubbishes reports Farrell is an alcohol-swilling...

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Farrell's Flashing Clarified

16th October 2003

COLIN FARRELL's representatives have spoken out about the Irish actor's flashing antics - insisting castmates are nothing but amused at his wacky behaviour. Reports emerged earlier this month (OCT03) that the DAREDEVIL hunk had...

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Garner Speaks Out About Split

9th October 2003

DAREDEVIL beauty JENNIFER GARNER has blamed her shock break up with husband SCOTT FOLEY on the "frenzy" of Hollywood. Garner, who is now happily dating her ALIAS co-star MICHAEL VARTAN, admits she was as...

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Lopez And Affleck 'Working Things Out'

25th September 2003

JENNIFER LOPEZ is "working things out" with fiance BEN AFFLECK, but her publicist says the pair could just as easily take a break as get married. Following intense speculation after the cancellation of their...

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Lopez Still Holds Hope Of Wedding

19th September 2003

Sexy singer JENNIFER LOPEZ has not ruled out the prospect of marrying actor BEN AFFLECK - she's waiting to thrash out their problems with the hunk before deciding on the future. According to a...

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Affleck's Mother To Blame For Axed Wedding?

18th September 2003

Actor BEN AFFLECK's mother CHRIS has emerged as the reason her son's wedding to JENNIFER LOPEZ was cancelled - because she didn't want him living in "a fish bowl" with the actress. The allegations...

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Lopez And Affleck Still On

8th August 2003

JENNIFER LOPEZ and BEN AFFLECK have proved they're still very much an item - following reports the DAREDEVIL actor's alleged frolics with a stripper had caused the pair to split. The sexy Hollywood couple...

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Jennifer Garner Set To Profit From New Alias Deal

1st August 2003

ALIAS actress JENNIFER GARNER is planning to stay with her sc-fi TV series ALIAS for the next five years - and her bank balance will dramatically profit from the agreement. The DAREDEVIL beauty plays...

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J.lo Given A Wake Up Call To Ben's Strip Club Suit

31st July 2003

LATEST: JENNIFER LOPEZ was told live on radio about fiance BEN AFFLECK's threatened lawsuit over claims he visited a strip club by sister LYNDA. The DAREDEVIL hunk is considering legal action after the American...

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J-lo + Ben Affleck Mislead Media

30th July 2003

JENNIFER LOPEZ and fiance BEN AFFLECK have intentionally been giving the media misleading information about their forthcoming wedding. The superstar couple have deliberately revealed three separate wedding dates to the press because they want...

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Ben Affleck Defends Gigli Against The Critics

29th July 2003

BEN AFFLECK has defended his new film GIGLI from the massive criticism aimed at it by claiming the movie contains "some of my best work as an actor". Ben, who met co-star and fiancee...

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Affleck + Lopez's Wedding: Location Still Uncertain

25th July 2003

LATEST: The wedding plans of superstar couple BEN AFFLECK and JENNIFER LOPEZ are far from certain - despite previous reports of a 5 October (03) ceremony on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. At the...

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Green-eyed J.lo?

21st July 2003

Singing superstar JENNIFER LOPEZ is reportedly insecure about fiance BEN AFFLECK's new friendship with sexy actress UMA THURMAN. According to American newspaper the NEW YORK POST, J.LO has become a regular visitor to the...

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Affleck Thanks Kutcher And Farrell For Taking Over

18th July 2003

BEN AFFLECK was hoping DAREDEVIL co-star COLIN FARRELL would stretch out his one-night stand with BRITNEY SPEARS - because it deflected attention from his romance with JENNIFER LOPEZ. The movie star is grateful to...

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Farrell's Latest Lady

14th July 2003

Hollywood hunk COLIN FARRELL has been proving his womanising reputation once again on a trip to London. The DAREDEVIL actor was spotted last week (8JUL03) getting friendly with an exotic lapdancer named BELLA....

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Lopez 'Explodes' At Affleck

8th July 2003

Superstar JENNIFER LOPEZ is reportedly furious with fiance BEN AFFLECK after catching a make-up girl on her new movie flirting with him. The DAREDEVIL hunk is keeping J.LO company on the Vancouver, Canada, set...

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Lopez And Affleck Still Not Married

6th July 2003

Engaged couple JENNIFER LOPEZ and BEN AFFLECK sparked a media frenzy this weekend (5/6JUL03) - with hordes of reporters descending on the American town of Manchester, Vermont ready to capture the pair's marriage....

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Is Jennifer Garner Pregnant?

30th June 2003

DAREDEVIL beauty JENNIFER GARNER is the subject of much speculation on the set of her new movie 13 GOING ON 30 - the cast and crew believe she may be pregnant. Jennifer, who is...

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J.lo And Ben Start Nesting?

17th June 2003

Pop babe JENNIFER LOPEZ is already preparing to start a family with fiance BEN AFFLECK, as their new home reveals. As well as boasting astounding views, luxury amenities and pricey interiors, the home comes...

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Garner Parts Company With Dogs

13th June 2003

DAREDEVIL beauty JENNIFER GARNER has lost more than a husband after splitting with actor SCOTT FOLEY - she's also had to separate from her dogs. Garner filed for divorce from Foley a month ago...

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Diddy: I Started Celebrity Dating Trend

13th June 2003

Rap mogul SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS claims he started today's trend of celebrities dating each other. The New York native, 32, romanced Latina stunner JENNIFER LOPEZ for three years before their relationship ended in...

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Ben Happy With Homemaker J.lo

12th June 2003

BEN AFFLECK is convinced JENNIFER LOPEZ will make the ideal wife because her homemaking skills are superb. The DAREDEVIL movie hunk will wed J.LO later this summer (03) and he's already enjoying life as...

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J.lo Regrets Hurting Cris Judd

26th May 2003

Superstar JENNIFER LOPEZ has one major regret in life - that she caused second husband CRIS JUDD so much hurt. The JENNY FROM THE BLOCK singer enjoyed a whirlwind romance with dancer Judd soon...

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J.lo Eyes London For Wedding

26th May 2003

Hollywood superstar JENNIFER LOPEZ is rumoured to want to wed her actor boyfriend BEN AFFLECK in London. The star of MAID IN MANHATTAN has reportedly set her sights on ST PAUL'S CATHEDRAL - the...

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Scott Foley's Glum Week

22nd May 2003

Actor SCOTT FOLEY had a tough time last week (ends16May03) - the day after his TV show AUSA was been dropped, his wife JENNIFER GARNER filed for divorce. Foley, 30, learned of his show's...

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J.lo Prepares A Feast

15th May 2003

Actress and singer JENNIFER LOPEZ has been giving her colleagues a tasty experience on the set of her new movie AN UNFINISHED LIFE - by cooking for them. J.LO, currently engaged to DAREDEVIL hunk...

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Affleck Has To Book Time With J.lo

22nd April 2003

Actor BEN AFFLECK has gone to great lengths to see his fiancee JENNIFER LOPEZ - and after booking time with the star through her secretary. Britain's DAILY STAR newspaper claims the DAREDEVIL hunk has...

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