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Hilary Swank's Acting Love

7th September 2009

Hilary Swank loves being a Hollywood actress.The 35-year-old star - who won best actress Oscars for 1999's 'Boys Don't Cry' and 2004's 'Million Dollar Baby' - adores the film industry and is loathed to call...

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Milla Jovovich Loves Knives

3rd August 2009

Milla Jovovich collects weapons.The model-and-actress - who has a 21-month-old daughter Ever Gabo with her partner, director Paul W.S. Anderson - says she was never interested in traditional childhood toys and has carried her passion...

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Statham Considers Daredevil Re-do

10th November 2008

Tough guy JASON STATHAM wants to show BEN AFFLECK how to be a proper DAREDEVIL. The Brit was linked to a remake of Affleck's 2003 film when fans of the comicbook hero spotted him and...

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Sam Mendes To Take Legendary Comic Preacher To Screen

30th October 2008

Sam Mendes has been named as the man to take Preacher, one of the most acclaimed comic book series ever, to the big screen.The 75-issue series, created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Steve Dillon,...

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Fascinating Fact 5810

14th August 2008

The red suit worn by BEN AFFLECK in superhero movie DAREDEVIL has sold in an online auction for $60,000 (GBP30,000)....

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The Things They Say 6818

16th January 2008

"A-minus. Nah, I couldn't grade it. I was really proud of him." Actor CASEY AFFLECK marks his experience working with big brother BEN in the DAREDEVIL star's directorial debut, GONE BABY GONE.

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Evel Knievel Dead At 69

3rd December 2007

Evel Knievel, the motorcycle daredevil of the 1970s who became a television talk-show fixture, the subject of two movies about his life, and an action-toy figure, died in Clearwater, FL Friday at age 69. Death...

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Kanye Settles Knievel Suit

28th November 2007

Kanye West has settled a copyright dispute with motorbike legend Evel Knievel after a private meeting at the stuntman's Florida home.Knievel had sued the rapper and his record label last December, claiming the video for...

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Garner: No One Flirts With Me

28th September 2007

Hollywood actress Jennifer Garner has said that no one flirts with her now that she is married.In a light-hearted interview on the David Letterman Show in the US, the Daredevil star also revealed that college...

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New Mum Garner Suffered Double Heatstroke On Movie Set

28th August 2007

Actress JENNIFER GARNER passed out twice on the set of new action movie THE KINGDOM when she tried to balance new motherhood with Arizona's sweltering heat. The DAREDEVIL star was still breastfeeding her eight-month-old baby...

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Garner: 'I Had Unrealistic Romantic Expectations'

13th March 2007

Actress JENNIFER GARNER has blamed her "unrealistic expectations" of romance on her split from first husband SCOTT FOLEY. The DAREDEVIL star, whose three year marriage to Foley ended in 2003, admits she was upset when...

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Garner Blasts 'Disturbing' Press Coverage

12th March 2007

Actress JENNIFER GARNER has hit out at the media for their "disturbing" obsession with celebrity children, insisting the paparazzi should respect their privacy. The former ALIAS star, 34, tied the knot with DAREDEVIL actor BEN...

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Kanye West Sued By Evil Knievel

13th December 2006

Kanye West is being sued by former daredevil stunt man Evil Knievel for trademark infringement.In the video for Touch the Sky, West appears as 'Evel Kanyevel' and tries to jump a canyon in a rocket-powered...

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Affleck Swears Off Superheroes

1st November 2006

BEN AFFLECK will never play a superhero again, after being "humiliated" wearing a costume in DAREDEVIL three years ago (03). Speaking at the London premiere of HOLLYWOODLAND, which sees Affleck playing TV SUPERMAN actor GEORGE...

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Affleck Grateful For Garner

1st September 2006

Besotted new dad BEN AFFLECK is thrilled he found love with his stunning DAREDEVIL co-star JENNIFER GARNER - even though he's not sure why she loves him. After failed high-profile engagements with JENNIFER LOPEZ and...

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Affleck Shied Away From Media After Bennifer Madness

15th August 2006

BEN AFFLECK spent two years away from the media glare following the end of his relationship with JENNIFER LOPEZ, because he couldn't endure more negative press. Affleck appeared to be transformed from a serious actor...

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Garner 'Steps Down' From Dallas Casting

2nd June 2006

JENNIFER GARNER reportedly turned down the role of PAMELA EWING in the forthcoming DALLAS movie, after discovering her husband BEN AFFLECK's ex-fiancee JENNIFER LOPEZ had signed to star in the remake. The ALIAS beauty started...

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No Daredevil For Affleck?

27th February 2006

BEN AFFLECK has reportedly dropped out of the DAREDEVIL sequel because the film won't be as dark as he'd like it to be. Affleck was hoping best pal and comic book superfan KEVIN...

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Garner Changes Her Name To Affleck

23rd December 2005

ALIAS star JENNIFER GARNER has changed her name to JENNIFER AFFLECK, so she can share her surname with her baby daughter VIOLET. The stunning actress, 33, married her DAREDEVIL co-star BEN AFFLECK in June...

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Affleck And Garner Donate To Government Campaign

23rd December 2005

Hollywood couple BEN AFFLECK and JENNIFER GARNER have donated money to Massachusetts governor-hopeful DEVAL PATRICK's campaign. The DAREDEVIL co-stars, who welcomed their first child, VIOLET, earlier this month (01DEC05), have written $500 (GBP277) cheques...

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Amy Lee Too Dark For Narnia

22nd December 2005

EVANESCENCE frontwoman AMY LEE was kicked off the soundtrack for the movie THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE LION THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE because her music is too dark. The BRING ME TO LIFE...

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Affleck And Garner Wait To Buy New Family Home

12th December 2005

The birth of BEN AFFLECK and JENNIFER GARNER's daughter VIOLET on 1 December (05) has delayed the couple's plans to buy a new house together. The DAREDEVIL co-stars, both 33, exchanged vows in June...

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Lopez Sends Baby Gift To Affleck

9th December 2005

JENNIFER LOPEZ has sent her ex-fiance BEN AFFLECK and his wife JENNIFER GARNER a gift basket to celebrate the birth of their baby daughter. DAREDEVIL co-stars Affleck and Garner welcomed VIOLET into the world...

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Garner And Affleck Confirm Baby News

2nd December 2005

LATEST: Hollywood couple JENNIFER GARNER and BEN AFFLECK are celebrating after welcoming their first child into the world yesterday (01DEC05). Affleck's publicist KEN SUNSHINE and Garner's representative NICOLE KING confirmed press reports the ALIAS...

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Affleck And Garner Become Parents?

1st December 2005

Newlyweds BEN AFFLECK and JENNIFER GARNER are reportedly the proud parents of a bouncing baby girl. The ALIAS actress, 34, gave birth to the couple's first child in a Los Angeles area hospital this...

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Affleck And Garner Eye New York Estate

14th October 2005

Expectant parents BEN AFFLECK and JENNIFER GARNER are reportedly planning to quit Hollywood to raise their child on a sprawling estate in New York's upscale Westchester County. The DAREDEVIL co-stars were recently spotted touring...

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Garner Realises Her Stewart Dream

5th October 2005

JENNIFER GARNER's dream of appearing on her idol MARTHA STEWART's new chat show was realised yesterday (04OCT05), following fears her pregnancy would prevent her from making the journey. Lifestyle guru Stewart had recently expressed...

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Baby Girl For Affleck And Garner?

28th September 2005

BEN AFFLECK's new wife JENNIFER GARNER has accidentally announced they are expecting a baby girl on US TV show TONIGHT WITH JAY LENO. The DAREDEVIL actress was discussing her pregnancy experiences when she accidentally...

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Fatherhood Prompts Affleck To Ditch Parties

6th September 2005

BEN AFFLECK has ditched Hollywood parties for a more serene life since his wife JENNIFER GARNER became pregnant, according to his director pal KEVIN SMITH. DAREDEVIL co-stars Affleck and Garner, who wed at...

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Garner Calls Her Breasts 'Biscuits'

30th August 2005

ALIAS star JENNIFER GARNER has adopted a bizarre name for her breasts - she refers to them as biscuits. The pregnant brunette beauty, married to her DAREDEVIL co-star BEN AFFLECK, is proud of her...

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