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Fascinating Fact 1298

29th March 2006

Movie star HALLE BERRY once briefly dated NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK pop star DANNY WOOD.

Nkotb Knight Makes Bid For Comeback

11th April 2005

Former NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK heart-throb JORDAN KNIGHT is set to make a fresh bid for singing stardom in...

New Kids Snub Reunion Plans

8th September 2004

Plans to bring boyband superstars NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK back together have fallen flat - because DONNIE WAHLBERG, DANNY...

Robbie Williams Is Lisa Scott Lee's Guru

24th July 2003

Former STEPS singer LISA SCOTT-LEE is desperate to be the ROBBIE WILLIAMS of her band, now she's finally got creative...

New Kid Looks Up To Robbie

10th July 2003

Former NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK star DANNY WOOD is desperate to make it as a solo artist - just...