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At The Movies: Lincoln Review Roundup

By Jack de Aguilar | 6th November 2012

A busy month for movies has seen some big hitters, but perhaps none as big as Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, which tells the tale of America’s 16th president’s struggle to push through the...

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Spielberg Maintains Lincoln Has Nothing To Do With Barack Obama Or Mitt Romney

By Michael West | 5th November 2012

Steven Spielberg's forthcoming epic, Lincoln, starring Daniel Day-Lewis as the Republican President, hits cinemas on November 9, 2012, with plenty of Oscars buzz surrounding its release. However, the legendary filmmaker insists the timing of the...

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Denzel Washington Set For Oscar Success With ‘Flight’?

By Joe Wilde | 2nd November 2012

Denzel Washington’s latest film, Flight, has garnered much praise already – and for all the right reasons too – with Washington already tipped for Oscar glory for his staring role.The film itself, directed by Robert...

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Is George Clooney Related To Abraham Lincoln?

By Jack de Aguilar | 1st November 2012

There is a relation between George Clooney and Abraham Lincoln; according to, Clooney is the half-first cousin five times removed from Lincoln, the 16th president, Reuters reports.When they say "half", then mean that two...

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George Clooney Confirmed As Distant Cousin Of Abraham Lincoln

By Michael West | 1st November 2012

So that's where his political integrity comes from! George Clooney, the Oscar winning actor and noted Democrat, is a distant cousin of Abraham Lincoln, considered the greatest president in the history of the United States....

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Daniel Day Lewis (Almost) Convinced Himself He Was Lincoln, To Play 'Lincoln'

By Lorna Greville  | 31st October 2012

Daniel Day Lewis has been widely reported to be one of the most dedicated method actors in the business. According to the New York Times, while filming for Gangs of New York, he didn't break...

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Daniel Day Lewis Donates Poet Father's Papers To Oxford University

By Michael West | 30th October 2012

Daniel Day Lewis has donated papers from the archive of his poet father Cecil to Oxford University's Bodleian Libraries. The never seen before papers includes a letter from WH Auden, criticising one of Cecil's poems,...

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Joaquin Phoenix On The Oscars: I Don't Want To Be Part Of It

By Michael West | 19th October 2012

The bookmakers have Joaquin Phoenix as the second favorite to win the Oscar for Best Actor in February for his stunning turn as a drifter in John Paul Anderson's 'The Master.' Though there may be...

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Spielberg's 'Lincoln' Sets Up Daniel Day Lewis For Third Oscar

By Michael West | 10th October 2012

Steven Spielberg has finally arrived at the awards season party with 'Lincoln', a movie about the 16th President of the United States of America, touted as his best film in years. Though 2011's 'War Horse'...

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Steven Spielberg's New Abraham Lincoln Biopic Given Surprise Screening At New York Film Festival

By Contributor | 9th October 2012

There was a surprise for fans eagerly anticipating the premiere of Steven Spielberg's new biopic Lincoln when it was aired at an unannounced screening at the New York Film Festival last night (October 8, 2012)....

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'Lincoln Trailer': Wise Words Of The Past, Entering The Present

By Michael West | 4th October 2012

The trailer that cut between the two halves of last night's presidential debate was of Steven Spielberg's 'Lincoln', starring Daniel Day Lewis as the man himself. To say the trailer was 'timely' may be an...

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Lincoln Trailer Gets 2012 Presidential Debate Airtime

By Michael West | 4th October 2012

The Lincoln trailer debuted in-between the 2012 Presidential Debate, giving the film a great audience for its teasing premiere. Whether you were watching the debate unfold on ABC, CBS or CNN you will have struggled...

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Spielberg Head-hunting Anne Hathaway For New Film?

By Michael West | 26th September 2012

Reports suggest that Anne Hathaway will act alongside Chris Hemsworth in Steven Spielberg's new movie Robopocalypse, according to the NME. The sci-fi action flick sees the human race desperate for survival against a hoard of...

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