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Why Daniel Day-lewis Deserves His Knighthood

By George Percival | 23rd June 2014

Few actors impart an intensity and dedication to the process of characterization as relentlessly as Daniel Day-Lewis. The 57 year-old occupies a position in the acting world that accumulates esteem akin to the likes of...

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Angelina Jolie, Daniel Day Lewis & Dame Maggie Smith Receive Queen's Birthday Honours

By Elinor Cosgrave | 15th June 2014

The Queen's Birthday Honours List consists of 1149 people including Angelina Jolie and Daniel Day-Lewis. Day- Lewis has received a knighthood and Jolie has been made an honorary dame. Whilst Maggie Smith has received another...

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Daniel Day-lewis To Present An Oscar, But Who Is Most Likely To Win It?

By Victoria Pavlova | 18th February 2014

Daniel Day-Lewis is joining the presenters’ lineup at the coming Oscars. The 56-year-old actor has been announced to present an award, among other Hollywood big-timers like Jennifer Lawrence, who have already had a few moments...

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Daniel Day-lewis' Son Gabriel Releases Rap About Weed, Being Bipolar And His Father's Fame [Video]

By Lauren James | 20th November 2013

Daniel Day-Lewis's son, Gabriel, has released a rap under the name Gabe Day, entitled 'Green Auras.' The single is accompanied by a music video in which we see Gabe, who looks a lot like his...

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Daniel Day-lewis Will Not Play James Bond. And William Boyd Never Said It.

By Michael West | 26th September 2013

The internet went into overdrive yesterday with news that three-times Oscar winner and the greatest actor on the planet, Daniel Day-Lewis, would play 007 himself, James Bond. Ok, so there wasn't anything like confirmation, but...

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Daniel Day-lewis The Next Bond? 'Lincoln' Actor Is Hot Favourite After Being Hand-picked By Author

By Lauren James | 25th September 2013

Actor Daniel Day-Lewis is rumoured to succeed Daniel Craig as the new James Bond after the author of the latest Bond books picked him out as having the perfect look. The interesting choice for the...

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'Solo' Author William Boyd Touts Daniel Day-lewis For James Bond

By Michael West | 25th September 2013

British novelist William Boyd launched the latest James Bond novel at London's Dorchester Hotel on Wednesday (September 25, 2013). The book, called Solo, sees a 45-year-old Bond travel to worn-torn Africa in the late 1960s.William...

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Brits Take The Lead! 2013 Sees America Ship In Overseas Talent

By Holly Williams | 19th July 2013

It used to be that British actors were traditionally cast by Hollywood filmmakers as villains; in endless kids' Disney flicks we'd hear exaggeratedly posh English voices coming out of the most evil of witches ('Snow...

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Danny Dyer To Play Contract Killer In 'Brilliantly Slick' 'Assassin'

By Michael West | 5th July 2013

Danny Dyer has teamed up with noted action movie producers Jonathan Sothcott and J.K Amalou for the hitman thriller Assassin. Sothcott - a ridiculously prolific producer of action flicks - recently worked with Dyer on...

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Is Daniel Day-lewis In Method Training For The Herbie Franchise? Not Quite... [Pictures]

By Contributor | 16th May 2013

Well, well, well, if it isn't multiple Oscar best actor winner Daniel Day-Lewis getting up to ... whatever it is he does when he isn't putting in seminal acting performances on the silver screen. It...

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Martin Scorsese To Create A New Show, Based On His Own 'Gangs Of New York'

By Victoria Pavlova | 29th March 2013

TV Geeks everywhere will have something to look forward to, as Martin Scorsese is teaming up with Miramax to bring Gangs of New York to the small screen.The series will be based on the eponymous...

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Daniel Day-lewis Names His Acting Heroes In Magazine Project

12th March 2013

Daniel Day-Lewis has named his acting heroes as part of his role guest-editing a British men's magazine.The three-times Oscar winner took over Port magazine's editorial content for the upcoming March (13) issue, and for one...

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A Week In News: Seth Divides Oscars Viewers, Jennifer Lawrence Wins Big And It's Goodbye To Affleck's Beard

By Michael West | 27th February 2013

A Family Guy: Forget Ricky Gervais - who managed to insult MOST people during his stint as Golden Globes host - because Seth MacFarlane just about offended everyone at the Oscars on Sunday. Women, Jews,...

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"Don't Be Daft," Daniel Day-lewis Laughs Off 'World's Greatest Actor' Tag

By Michael West | 26th February 2013

After Daniel Day-Lewis picked up his third Oscar for Best Actor on Sunday (February 24, 2013) hundreds of articles on the 'Lincoln' star dubbed him the world's greatest actor. The 55-year-old is clearly amongst the...

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Zero Dark Thirty Wins Only One Oscar Through Rare Tied Award

By Jack de Aguilar | 26th February 2013

If there’s anything worse that winning just one Oscar after your film was nominated for five, it's winning Best Sound Editing, and if there’s anything more embarrassing that that, it’s winning Best Sound Editing in...

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John Travolta Hit The Dancefloor At Madonna's Oscars Party

26th February 2013

John Travolta broke out his famous 'Saturday Night Fever' dance moves at Madonna's Oscars party.The 59-year-old actor - who earned an Oscar nomination for his role as disco lover Tony Manero in the 1977 film...

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Anne Hathaway: Hugh Jackman Was My 'Rock' On Les Miserables Set

25th February 2013

Anne Hathaway claims Hugh Jackman was everyone's ''rock'' on the 'Les Miserables' set.The 30-year-old star - who won the Best Supporting Actress trophy for her role as struggling prostitute Fantine at the Oscars last night...

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Daniel Day-lewis Etches Himself Into Oscar Folklore With Historic Third Best Actor Win

By Joe Wilde | 25th February 2013

Daniel Day-Lewis could now consider himself to be the greatest actor in the modern era as he became the first person to win three Best Actor Oscars for his role as President Abraham Lincoln in...

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The Oscars Shock Winners And Losers: How Argo Beat Lincoln To Best Picture

By Lorna Greville  | 25th February 2013

Very rarely has it been so clear that Oscar nominations and wins are a delicately calculated game of accumulated points and numbers, as the Academy panel want to keep everyone on side. While it comes...

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Oscar Winners 2013: Few Surprises As The Favourites Argo, Daniel Day-lewis And Jennifer Lawrence Take Away Glory

By Joe Wilde | 25th February 2013

There were few curve balls thrown at last night's Academy Awards ceremony, with the early favourites for the top prizes walking away from the show clutching a gold statuette.Jennifer Lawrence and Christoph Waltz celebrating their...

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The Inevitable Oscar Blunders: Meryl Streep And Jennifer Lawrence Awards Night Mistakes

By Lorna Greville  | 25th February 2013

Very few things in life go off without a hitch, and while last night's Oscar was an utter triumph there were a few blunder and trips (literally) along the way. Meryl Streep surprised everyone when...

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Oscars 2013: No Surprises As Daniel Day Lewis Takes Best Actor For Lincoln

By Jack de Aguilar | 25th February 2013

Anyone who bet against Daniel Day Lewis – you are a bad, bad person. Either that or the guy who hired to fix it didn’t do his job. Anyway, it’s DDL’s night for his turn...

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Argo And Lincoln – Two Oscars Favourites With Historical And Contextual Inaccuracies

By Jack de Aguilar | 23rd February 2013

Anyone bothered to check the Oscars 2013 news today – the day before the ceremony – has seen both Argo and Lincoln. We have, and we loved them both. But there’s an air of controversy...

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The Oscars 2013: Time For Daniel Day Lewis To Step Into Greatness

By Jack de Aguilar | 23rd February 2013

Never before has someone taken three Best Actor in a Leading Role awards. So for Daniel Day Lewis – a man with two, and a critically acclaimed performance as Abraham Lincoln under his belt -...

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Argo Or Lincoln? Oscar Voting Closes Amidst Multi-million Spending Campaigns

By Joe Wilde | 20th February 2013

Yesterday evening (Feb 19) the voting for the 85th Annual Academy Awards came to a close, with over 5,800 movie insiders and members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences casting their vote...

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Hey, Losing Oscar Nominees: You're All Getting $45,000 Gift Bags!

By Michael West | 20th February 2013

Academy Award invites who don't end up taking an Oscar home on Sunday evening (February 24, 2013) shouldn't despair, for nobody will be going home empty handed! Los Angeles-based marketing firm Distinctive Assets will once...

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Maureen Dowd Tells Spielberg To 'Fix' Flawed Oscar Nominated Lincoln

By Michael West | 19th February 2013

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd rips into Lincoln director Steven Spielberg and writer Tony Kushner in her latest article for what she deems a blatant historical fabrication in their epic drama, which is tipped...

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Accurate Or Not, 'Lincoln' Will Win At Least One Oscar On Sunday

By Michael West | 19th February 2013

As has been speculated time and time again over the past month, the one sure bet at the Oscars on Sunday (February 24, 2014) is that Daniel Day-Lewis will take home the award for Best...

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The Pulp Fiction Cast That Never Was: Daniel Day-lewis, Matt Dillon, Meg Ryan!

By Michael West | 18th February 2013

Daniel Day-Lewis was sounded out to play lead character Vincent Vega in Quentin Tarantino's classic 1994 crime-thriller Pulp Fiction, though Michael Madsen was eventually favored, who himself had to give way for John Travolta due...

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Daniel Day-lewis Came Close To Landing Pulp Fiction Lead

17th February 2013

Quentin Tarantino's cult film Pulp Fiction could have been a very different movie if original stars Daniel Day-Lewis and Matt Dillon had signed on.Long before John Travolta revived his film career in the 1994 crime...

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