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Peaches Geldof: People Against Same-sex Marriage Are Small-minded Bigots

10th October 2012

Peaches Geldof has branded people who oppose gay marriage ''small-minded bigots''.The blonde star - the daughter of Bob Geldof - has joined the campaign to legalise gay marriage in the UK and is astounded at...

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Christina Hendricks In Running For Anna Nicole Smith Role?

17th September 2012

Christina Hendricks and Jenny McCarthy are battling it out to land the role of Anna Nicole Smith in a ­Hollywood biopic.The 'Mad Men' actress and 'Scary Movie' star are favourites to portray the late Playboy...

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Singer Cole Engaged And Pregnant

6th January 2010

R&B singer KEYSHIA COLE has more than one reason to celebrate the New Year - she is engaged and expecting her first child with fiance, basketball star DANIEL 'BOOBIE' GIBSON.Cole, 28, and the Cleveland Cavaliers...

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Baldwin's Daughter Urged To Join The Acting Clan

14th May 2009

ALEC BALDWIN's daughter IRELAND should ditch her dreams to be a veterinarian and follow her famous family into showbiz - according to her actor uncle DANIEL. The 13 year old - Baldwin's daughter with actress Kim...

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Lohan Is Getting Baldwin Brother Help

17th March 2009

LINDSAY LOHAN is receiving Hollywood help in the form of Baldwin brothers DANIEL and STEPHEN as she battles to regain her former star power after rehab, according to her father. An arrest warrant for the Mean...

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The Things They Say 11167

10th February 2009

"I've never had to kiss anyone on screen before so I can't say I have any techniques. I am nervous about it, but apparently it gets quite boring after a couple of takes; that's what...

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The Things They Say 9982

23rd October 2008

"It changes on a six-month cycle. We all pick one member of our family and trash that person, and then it rotates. Right now my favourite Baldwin is probably my brother DANIEL." ALEC BALDWIN on...

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Baldwin Tells All About Brothers In New Script

1st September 2008

ALEC BALDWIN is holding on to a telling script about his famous brothers DANIEL, WILLIAM and STEPHEN. The foursome have become infamous in Hollywood for their antics both on and off the big screen. And...

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The Things They Say 9251

22nd August 2008

"After years of wanting to collaborate with ALICIA KEYS, it took JAMES BOND himself to finally make it happen... We wanted to push soul into those tapes, and join the family of (JOHN) BARRY, (SHIRLEY)...

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Bedingfield Bizarre Record Breaking Hopes

28th May 2008

NATASHA BEDINGFIELD was ecstatic after landing a place in the Guinness World Records with her pop star brother DANIEL - because she always harboured a dream to be listed in the famous book. The talented...

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Fascinating Fact 5303

10th May 2008

JOHNNY DEPP's brother DANIEL is to publish his debut novel next year (09). The book titled THRILLER LOSER'S TOWN is set in the Hollywood Hills....

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Anna Nicole Found Comfort In Judaism

2nd April 2008

ANNA NICOLE SMITH turned to Judaism in the months before her death - because the religion's rules gave her comfort as she mourned the loss of her son DANIEL. The model/actress' son died from an...

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Jury Rules Daniel Smith Died From Overdose

31st March 2008

LATEST: ANNA NICOLE SMITH's son DANIEL died from an accidental drug overdose, a jury looking into his death has ruled. Daniel died in the Bahamas in September 2006, just three days after his mother Anna...

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The Things They Say 7768

28th March 2008

"I think DANIEL is a terrific choice." SIR SEAN CONNERY praises JAMES BOND bosses for picking DANIEL CRAIG as the latest actor to play 007.

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Stern Takes The Stand At Anna Nicole's Son's Death Inquest

19th March 2008

LATEST: ANNA NICOLE SMITH's lawyer and companion HOWARD K. STERN was surprised to learn her son DANIEL had died of a drugs overdose, he told an inquest into the 20-year-old's death on Tuesday (18Mar08). Stern...

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Birkhead: 'Anna Nicole's Son Stole Methadone'

17th March 2008

ANNA NICOLE SMITH's son DANIEL took drugs and stole Methadone from his mother, an inquest into his death heard on Monday (17Mar08). Larry Birkhead, the father of Anna Nicole's baby daughter Dannielynn, stunned the Bahamas...

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Anna Nicole's Mother Tries To Sell Her Grief

4th February 2008

ANNA NICOLE SMITH's estranged mother VIRGIE ARTHUR is attempting to cash in on the death of her grandson DANIEL, by offering footage and pictures of her grieving at his grave. Emails sent from a picture...

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The Things They Say 6926

26th January 2008

"The days of literally throwing haymakers at each other are long gone. But there are times when we throw verbal and emotional and psychological haymakers at each other for sport." WILLIAM BALDWIN analyses his violent...

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The Things They Say 6406

5th December 2007

"ALEC is outspoken and DANIEL has the rap sheet and STEPHEN is the holy roller and BILLY is the good boy. I always say they call me the white sheep of the family." BILLY BALDWIN...

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Tunstall: 'Deaf Brother Helped Me Deal With Adoption'

22nd November 2007

Scottish pop star KT TUNSTALL has heaped praise on her deaf brother DANIEL for helping her to come to terms with her adoption. The Suddenly I See singer admits her close relationship with her disabled...

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Baldwin Brothers Fight Left Mother Missing Two Teeth

30th October 2007

A fight between battling Baldwin brothers BILLY and DANIEL ended badly - when their mother accidentally had two teeth knocked out. Backdraft star Billy admits the hot-headed pair's arguments sometimes went too far when they...

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Inquest Into Death Of Anna Nicole's Son Delayed

30th October 2007

The inquest into the death of ANNA NICOLE SMITH's son DANIEL has been postponed because a tropical storm is approaching the Bahamas. The hearing was due to have begun in Nassau on Tuesday (30Oct07), but...

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Daniel Smith Inquest Finally Ordered

24th September 2007

An inquest into the death of ANNA NICOLE SMITH's son DANIEL will begin on 30 October and could run into 2008, a judge in the Bahamas has ruled. The 20-year-old died in hospital in Nassau...

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The Things They Say 5640

17th September 2007

"I really really like DAVID BECKHAM but there's a big thing in England about his voice. People say he has a strange-sounding voice." DANIEL RADCLIFFE is upset by suggestions he sounds like soccer stud Beckham....

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Anna Nicole's Mum Visits Gravesites

12th September 2007

ANNA NICOLE SMITH's mother VIRGIE ARTHUR made a pilgrimage to her daughter and grandson's graves in the Bahamas on Monday (10Sep07) to mark the anniversary of DANIEL's death While Smith's ex-boyfriend, Larry Birkhead, celebrated the...

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The Things They Say 5466

29th August 2007

"As far as I'm concerned, no news is good news." WILLIAM BALDWIN thinks his brothers ALEC, STEPHEN and DANIEL are all doing well....

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Daniel Smith Inquest To Reconvene Next Month

13th April 2007

An inquest into the death of ANNA NICOLE SMITH's son DANIEL will reconvene next month (22May07) in the Bahamas after officials agreed to allow the tragic model's companion, HOWARD K. STERN, to appeal the jury...

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Ford To Play Anna Nicole In New Indie Movie

11th April 2007

Reformed wild child WILLA FORD will play ANNA NICOLE SMITH in a new indie movie about the tragic model's life. The 26-year-old former PUSSYCAT DOLLS revue star will play Smith from the age of 17...

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Anna Nicole's Last Film To Debut At Cannes

11th April 2007

ANNA NICOLE SMITH's final movie ILLEGAL ALIENS will premiere at the Cannes Film Market next month (MAY07). The sci-fi spoof, directed by DAVID GIANCOLA, will be released on DVD in America on 1 May (07),...

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Anna Nicole's Bodyguard Pens Memoirs

5th April 2007

The bodyguard who attempted to revive ANNA NICOLE SMITH in her hotel suite is set to pen a new book about his friendship with the tragic star. MOE BRIGHTHAUPT, who was Smith's bodyguard from 2003...

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